10 More Young TV Actors with the Potential to Become Massive Movie Stars

Several weeks ago, we had some fun discussing an article that featured 10 Young TV Actors with the Potential to Become Massive Movie Stars. Why not add 10 more to the list of actors who have showcased talent that has kept us entertained from the comfort of our own couches? Do you have any young stars from your favorite television series whom you want to see impressing audiences everywhere on the silver screen someday? Be sure to add yours to the list below!

(First, check out the Original Article for an explanation as to what this list is actually about! Remember, not everybody covets blockbuster movie stardom. This is more so about sharing our favorite young stars with a bigger viewing audience.)

Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead

Grant Gustin (Arrow/ The Flash)

The CW "Arrow"

The CW “Arrow”

Grant Gustin’s interpretation of the dorky and lovable Barry Allen on the hit CW action-drama Arrow proved not only that he has the potential to lead a spinoff series, but that he has the ability to impress and captivate an audience that has loved The Flash for decades. Props to Arrow for finding someone to musically score Gustin’s debut so well.

Holland Roden and Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf)

MTV "Teen Wolf"

MTV “Teen Wolf”

MTV "Teen Wolf"

MTV “Teen Wolf”

The ladies of Teen Wolf are criminally underrated. Granted, it’s hard to compete with the chemistry between Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey that drives the MTV series, but both Roden and Reed are gems. As Lydia Martin, Holland Roden goes from sassy and spunky, to trembling and terrified, to the ultimate confidant with ease. Meanwhile, Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent transformed from female romantic lead, to super baddie, to ultimate badass over the course of three seasons. Both girls would give the boys something to fight for if they weren’t doing such a great job of fighting themselves.

Hunter Parris (Weeds)

Showtime "Weeds"

Showtime “Weeds”

Hunter Parrish might be laying low strictly when it comes to TV exposure since the end of Weeds, but on a series that oscillated between stellar and lackluster as a whole on occasion, the evolution of Silas Botwin and his relationship with his mother, Nancy, consistently gave us a reason to tune in. Parrish also spent time on Broadway, replacing Jonathan Groff as the lead in Spring Awakening for a time. I can attest firsthand that he was great.

Ashley Rickards (Awkward.)

MTV "Awkward."

MTV “Awkward.”

Jenna Hamilton might have had a rough third season, but there is no Awkward. without the smash comedy’s leading lady portrayed by Rickards. She’s funny and endearing in a relatable sort of way, and so much of that is do to Ashley Rickards’ natural talent. During a time where it seems like every show targeting a young audience is grounded in the supernatural, it’s nice to kick back and watch Ashley Rickards entertain as Jenna Hamilton on Awkward. at least once a week.

Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars)

ABC Family "Pretty Little Liars"

ABC Family “Pretty Little Liars”

Ashley Benson beams with star quality on Pretty Little Liars. It’s not easy to bring a little comic relief to a show that’s about four girls who’re stalked by a madman and in search of their allegedly dead bff. Taking into account Ashley Benson’s part in the Harmony Korine cult hit Spring Breakers, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to translate that star quality into major motion pictures.

Zach Roerig (The Vampire Diaries)

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.59.25 PM

The CW “The Vampire Diaries”

If you’ve followed The Vampire Diaries since its start, you know that resident Mystic Falls quarterback and busboy Matt Donovan seemed to have an expiration date stamped on his forehead form the get-go, yet season after season he’s not only managed to survive, he’s become a staple to our TVD viewing pleasure. Matt Donovan is the town token human, and the reason why he’s become so important is because he’s all heart. So much of this is grounded in Zach Roerig’s work on the show.

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones)

HBO "Game of Thrones"

HBO “Game of Thrones”

As one of the youngest stars of the incredible and epic HBO drama, Maisie Williams is surrounded by some pretty substantially amazing talents. The funny thing is, however, that most of them could probably stand to learn a thing or two from her! It’s a shame that her impressive work as Arya Stark hasn’t yet been honored with at least an Emmy nomination. As long as George R. R. Martin continues to crank out books in his series, however, there will always be next season… if the scrappy Arya can manage to survive!

Grey Damon (Star-Crossed, Friday Night Lights, AHS: Coven, The Secret Circle, Everything?)

Grey Damon is one of those young actors who seems to pop up everywhere because he’s very good at what he does. He has mastered the role of the quintessential town bad boy with a twist, yet he’s no one-trick pony. His latest turn as Grayson on the new CW series Star-Crossed will only serve to expose more people to his talents. He has an allure and x-factor to him that commands attention.

Claire Holt (The Originals)

The CW "The Originals"

The CW “The Originals”

With news abruptly breaking that Holt is leaving the Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, as a series regular, one can only hope that her next step in Hollywood is towards something potentially bigger. Allegedly, those behind the series, including Holt, seemed to have felt that Rebekah Mikaelson had run her course on The Originals, though that’s hard to believe when you think about how this young actress will be sorely missed as the show moves forward.

What about you? Do you have any favorite young actors that you think can break out to become massive movie stars?

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