10-Year-Old Autistic Girl Singing ‘Hallelujah’ Will Bring You To Tears (VIDEO)

“Hallelujah”, by the late, great Leonard Cohen, is an emotional enough song as it is, and we’ve heard any number of amazing covers that bear that out. But one little girl delivered one of the most moving renditions of the song we’ve had the privilege of hearing.

Kaylee Rodgers, a 10-year-old girl with autism and ADHD, performed “Hallelujah” alongside the Killard House Special School Choir in Northern Ireland in a video that has since gone viral, being viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, and shared across social media. However, in an interesting note, the video was only recorded and posted online because Kaylee was too sick to perform live at a church carol service. This video, from the school’s Christmas show, allowed Kaylee’s voice to be shared with those who didn’t have the opportunity to see her in person. The performance reportedly reduced the adults in the audience to tears, and we can definitely see why. This was a gorgeous rendition of the song, and Kaylee definitely deserves to be heard. Watch the video below:

10-Year-Old Autistic Girl Singing 'Hallelujah' Will Bring You To Tears (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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