Zico Coconut Water sues Chad Ochocinco for bad reputation

Zico Coconut Water has formally sued Chad Ochocinco for having a bad reputation. The company signed Chad to be a spokesman but the footballer and reality TV personality got arrested for attacking his ex-wife.

I used to like Zico but then they changed their formula and is now using coconut concentrate in their drinks. I’m now drinking “raw” frozen stuff from Thailand.

From WENN:

Disgraced footballer and reality TV star CHAD JOHNSON’s alleged 2012 headbutting incident continues to cause him headaches – he has been sued by the bosses of a coconut water company over the way he made them look following his arrest.

The ex-Miami Dolphins star found himself in big trouble after allegedly attacking his then-wife Evelyn Lozada at their home.

Following his arrest the Dolphins let him go and he lost a lucrative reality TV deal after allowing cameras to film his life away from the football field.
Then his wife filed a restraining order and divorce papers.

And now bosses at Zico Beverages LLC want Johnson to cover costs of the cash they claim they lost because he was a paid spokesman for them at the time of the incident.

The company’s lawyers filed suit against Johnson in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday (01Feb13), claiming the agreement he struck with the firm was as a “positive spokesperson”.

Zico bosses claim that part of the deal prohibited Johnson from “engaging in any conduct that reflects unfavorably upon Zico”.

In legal papers, obtained by, they state the alleged headbutting incident and Johnson’s subsequent arrest brought “significant negative publicity” and damaged the company’s reputation.

The officials claim they asked Johnson to hand back the advance they gave him, but he refused.

The Zico bosses are suing for damages of over $40,000 (GBP25,000). (KL/WNWCZM/MC)

Zico Coconut Water sues Chad Ochocinco for bad reputation

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