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The X Factor USA – Results, Recap and Live Blog – Top 12 – 11/14/2013

Welcome to the results, recap and live blog of The X Factor USA Top 12 Results for November 14, 2013!

Last night, Carlos Guevara was eliminated, and now two more acts will join him. Who will it be? readers predict that the two acts facing elimination this week will be Carlito Olivero (with 30.95% of the vote) and Tim Olstad (with 27.08% of the vote). It’s looking pretty hopeless for Paulina’s boys, as the next closest act our readers have predicted for elimination is Lillie McCloud with 9.23% of the vote, followed by Jeff Gutt with 5.95% of the vote. There’s still time to vote though, so add your voice to the chorus!

Who will it be? Let’s get to it!

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

7:46 PM

Off-topic (okay, maybe not entirely off-topic), but have you ever had something that always gets you choked up 100% of the time you see it? I was watching The X Factor UK last weekend and saw this commercial, an advertisement for John Lewis retail.

Maybe it’s the story of the video, the beautiful Lily Allen cover of “Somewhere Only We Know,” or a combination of the two, but I watched this four separate times today and was reduced to a puddle of tears each time. I’m talking a full-on, Bon Bon-eating mess. I guess it just touched on an inherent nostalgia about Christmas that made me desperately miss being a kid, when everything was beautiful and gorgeously simplistic, almost irreducibly so. Whatever the reason, I transform into a lip-quivering mass of feelings. Check out the commercial below and see if you’re made of stronger stuff than I am (spoiler alert: you probably are):

8:00 PM

The Top 12 sing “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed, and it’s pretty good, although really brief. After the performance, Mario reminds us that Fifth Harmony is here, as well as Selena Gomez. I’d laugh if the show kept finding ways to delay Selena’s performance, pushing it back one week after the other. Maybe I’m just cold like that, or maybe it’s just the wind chill in Pennsylvania.

-We get a recap of last night’s show with backstage comments. We get Simon’s comments on Lillie, followed by his trashing of Carlito, which makes the singer upset since he felt he was giving Simon the kind of performance he was asking for. Paulina tells him not to worry about it. Rion, meanwhile, feels she rocked it despite not having been born in the 80s. Sweet Suspense feel that going home isn’t an option, and Tim echoes that sentiment following the harsh criticism he received.

Demi is incredibly proud of Khaya, Restless Road is stoked that their performance went well, and Rachel says her new goal is to prove Simon wrong. Meanwhile, Ellona talks about the challenge of singing a Whitney Houstn song, and how relieved she is to have pulled it off. Josh says he doesn’t want to leave again, and states he wants to sing in front of America every week. Jeff talks about sacrificing his entire life to be here, saying that he refuses to let go of this opportunity. Alex and Sierra weren’t expecting a negative comment from Simon, and Alex hopes America votes based on the last two weeks.

8:11 PM

-We’re back from break with yet another makeover video like the one from last week. Lillie puts on “Me and My Girls” by Fifth Harmony on the jukebox, and this turns into a weird music video, with all the female contestants singing the song backstage and girling out like they’re at the world’s most public sleep over and they’re waiting for the popcorn to finish in the microwave. Aaaaand here are the guys popping, locking, and twerking for no discernible reason. This is corny as hell but also kind of endearing.

-And we’re on to results. I don’t like that the judges aren’t onstage with their acts as is traditional for The X Factor, but I’ve kind of given up on The X Factor USA ever being a proper translation of the classic X Factor format.


-One act is leaving the competition right now based on America’s vote, and it is…


Sweet Suspense Eliminated from The X Factor

No one tell Trey! He’s going to be DEVASTATED!

The crowd is NOT happy, nor are the girls (or Simon, for that matter). The girls take it far better than I’d have ever expected them to. They’re shocked, but grateful to the judges for putting them together. Simon has no idea what happened, saying he thought they were fantastic last night. “Without being rude,” Simon says, “there were worse people last night.” Paulina chimes in and agrees with Simon, saying that the girls were great.

But that’s it for Sweet Suspense, the first of Simon’s groups to go.

8:21 PM

-We’re back to lighten the mood somewhat with Selena Gomez, although I can’t say I’m in the mood for this right now. Seriously, America! You let the one fun pop act in the competition go? THIS early? Whatever, USA. I don’t think this relationship is going to work for me anymore.

Selena Gomez sings her new single, “Slow Down”. She’s flanked by a small army of dancers, and she lip-syncs her way through the verses, which further highlights just how good Ellona Santiago is at what she does. With that said, I found myself liking this song despite myself. I have no idea what’s happening to my taste in music, which was admittedly suspect to begin with (my dream woman would ideally share my appreciation for Hall and Oates).

8:28 PM

-And we’re back with results! And hey, the judges are standing with their acts. Nice. The first act through to the final 10 is…CARLITO OLIVERO! (OH COME ON! Really?!)

-The second act through to the top 10 is…JOSH LEVI! (Good call, America)

-The third act through on the public vote is…RION PAIGE!

-Also returning next week is…JEFF GUTT!

-The fifth act sailing through is…RESTLESS ROAD!

-The sixth act through is…TIM OLSTAD! (is Paulina seriously going to win this thing?)

-The seventh act coming back is…ELLONA SANTIAGO!

-The eighth act in the top 10 is…LILLIE MCCLOUD!

-The ninth and final act guaranteed a place in next week’s top 10 is…ALEX AND SIERRA!

That means the bottom 2 are…


The X Factor Final Showdown

-I could kind of buy how Khaya might have landed in the bottom 2, although I’m more than a little surprised to see Rachel there so early, given her country leanings. Granted, a lot of viewers seem to have a hard time connecting with her, from things I’ve read online. It’s sort of the same problem I notice people are having with Khaya. In that sense, this is one of the most evenly-matched final two sing-offs yet, since I’m genuinely unsure who the judges will send home. I’d argue just sending it to deadlock to let the chips fall where they may.

8:37 PM

-We’re back from break with Fifth Harmony, and flashbacks to getting put together at Boot Camp last year and going all the way to the final. Just seeing clips of their “Anything Could Happen” performance from last year makes me all kinds of nostalgic for a season I wasn’t even all that crazy about last year. Ally fights tears when talking about how The X Factor changed her life, and it leads to a group hug with all the girls as the hype video reminds us that they’re top 10 in 41 countries, including America (since their “Better Together” EP debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200).

Fifth Harmony performs “Me and My Girls”, and it’s kind of an adorable production as they start off in PJs like they’re at a slumber party before revealing their outfits underneath. Of course, the grinding is a bit much for me, but I really enjoyed this. If The X Factor USA has one thing worth crediting, it’s putting these five girls together.

8:45 PM

-Back from break with the sing-off for survival. It’s time for…

Final Showdown

-Demi says neither vocalist deserves to be in the bottom 2, and Kelly agrees, saying “Come on, America!” I know, right?

KHAYA Cohen sings “Don’t Give Up On Me” by Joe Cocker

This is easily (EASILY!) her best performance so far, in my opinion. I get why Khaya is in the bottom 2, but it’s still kind of criminal that she’s landed here. She has tons more to offer than we’ve seen so far, I believe.

Mario asks her how she felt after the performance and she smiles and says she really wanted to sing that song, but it sucks to have to land in the bottom 2 to do it. (Again, I feel like the contestants frequently make better song choices than their mentors ever could, and it’s kind of a flaw in the system if the show doesn’t incorporate the contestant’s opinion into the process more often. But I suppose it’s kind of late for that argument.)

-After a short commercial break, we get into the second competitor in the showdown. I love Kelly’s intro: “Americaaaa! Let’s get it together, guys!” Really, it’s the complete and utter exasperation in her voice that seals it for me. Priceless. And I don’t blame her one bit for being weary of America’s choices.

Rachel Potter sings “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain

-Eh, I’m kind of over the performance a minute in. She does sing the hell out of it (save for a cracked note towards the end that kind of took me out of it, although not at the level of the similarly botched note at the end of “Alone” last night), but this is the kind of played-out song choice that gives me no hope for her as a contestant if she sticks around. It’s great that she knows who she is as an artist, but Khaya is infinitely more interesting.


Judges’ Vote

Kelly Rowland votes to send home…herself? She doesn’t want to send anyone home, but Mario pleads with her to hurry, prompting Demi to get upset (“Can you let her talk?”), because she apparently has no idea how TV works.

Kelly Rowland ultimately decides to send home Khaya Cohen.
Paulina Rubio votes to send home Rachel Potter.
Demi Lovato votes to send home Rachel Potter.
Simon Cowell votes to send home Rachel Potter.

RACHEL POTTER is eliminated from The X Factor USA!

This was such a weird vote, with Mario having to rush everyone through the vote due to time constraints, only for Kelly to get mad when Mario gets to Simon, passive-aggressively saying he’d better hurry up since they don’t have time, to which Simon responds that she already took up all the time. And honestly, he’s not wrong. I don’t know why Kelly and Demi were hemming and hawing about their choices as if they were actually going to vote against their own acts. This panel has a weird sort of anti-chemistry that makes the entire process uncomfortable. I still like Mario though, as he at least nudged them along gently, which is more than could be said for poor, put-upon Steve Jones (the handsome Welsh robot).

With that said, between these two acts, this was the right choice. Khaya has tons more potential than Rachel. Hopefully, the song choices next week will allow her to realize that potential. With the theme being UK Artists, there’s absolutely no reason Khaya shouldn’t knock it out of the ballpark.

So what do you think of these results? Did the right acts go home? And what should the contestants sing for next week’s UK theme? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks for hanging out, everyone!


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