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The X Factor USA – Results, Recap and Live Blog – Live Show #3 – 11/13/2013 – Video

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Join us for the live blog and recap of The X Factor USA Live Show #3! We will lose THREE acts in total this week!

Who do y’all think will be the first act voted off of the season? I think that Tim, Carlito, and Carlos are automatically on the chopping block. I could be wrong though. My favorites remain to be Sweet Suspense and Josh Levi!

First up are the RESULTS! One act is going home!


The act with the lowest amount of votes..going home now…is…….CARLOS GUEVERRA!
– PauCharo said he had the hearts of all of America. I don’t think she realized he is going home…

The X Factor USA – Results, Recap and Live Blog – Live Show #3 – 11:13:2013 - Video

The X Factor USA – Results, Recap and Live Blog – Live Show #3 – 11:13:2013 – Video

First up is LILLIE MCCLOUD (view performance)

– She talks about her career in the 80s and being Nicole McCloud and how it didn’t go anywhere. She is singing “Can’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan this week.

– They are giving Lillie and upbeat song! She better work. Her voice style suits this song to a T, I think. This is a very good time to bring Lillie in with a different vibe and I’m liking it! Although we aren’t hearing her belted vocals as usual this is just such a refreshing change of pace for me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still singing the heck out it though

– PauCharo says she is a goddess even with the 80s. Demi wonders why she didn’t take off in the 80s and said it must be because hr time is now! Simon calls her a naughty little thing! LOL. I love Lillie. Simon says he liked that she made an attempt to be current. Kelly wants her to continue to be more free! Lillie says she is a chameleon and can turn into whatever they want.

CARLITO OLIVERO is next! (view performance)

– He feels like last week wasn’t his best after doing so well the first week (I actually think its the other way around). Carlito sings “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You.” He has reverted back to a fast-paced performance than when he toned down last week. And as expected, I’m not feeling it. He is singing pretty good though, I’ll give him that. I just don’t think there is such a big gap in the market for him like the judges keep trying to make us believe.

– Kelly wants him to be more suave. Demi says he only problem is that she was paying attention to the dancers more than him. She said it wasn’t for her. Simon says if he stays (which is doubtful. BLOOP) he needs to take more control of what he does. He thinks Carlito is going home. PauCharo says he needs to work on his face……WHAT THE HECK.

RION PAIGE is up next! (view performance)

– She is singing “We Belong.” Demi wants her to work more on “performing” this week. It is kind odd for little ole Rion to be doing an 80s song. She’s doing good but its kind of blah because the performance really isn’t going too far…I blame the song. I love her though! Such an old soul!

– Kelly said she soared and delivered. PauCharo “loves how she feels the music.” Simon says he thought she was sensational last week, but says no matter what song she is given, she performs it 100%. I completely agree! Simon still doesn’t think Demi is connecting the right song with her and Demi needs to give her more input.

SWEET SUSPENSE is up next (view performance)

– They said last week was humbling and allowed them to look at what they could improve on. They are singing “Mickey.” They better come with it! Summer loves the 80s! Simon has them thinking their “Save Me” ballad was bad when it wasn’t.

– Their harmonies are so tight! They’re dancing is on point. They better get it. I love Sweet Suspense. They should definitely make the finals. Sweet Suspense is the epitome of a girl group.

– Kelly wants them to make sure their vocals are super tight. PauCharo says something that I don’t understand. Demi says they need to work the stage more and needs to click more. The are focusing on the dance moves too much. Simon disagrees and says it was their best performance so far, Kelly and Demi think that their best performance was two weeks ago. Simon even says it was the best of the night. Demi says they are no Fifth Harmony.

TIM OLSTAD is next (view performance)

– Tim Olstad is singing “Against All Odds.” Booooooooringggggg. He sounds good though! I’m surprised I haven’t heard this song lately on these competitions. It was overplayed at one point.

– Kelly says it still fell flat for her this week. PauCharo doesn’t agree and says he has given it his all. Demi says he has a wonderful voice, but their is no X Factor. If it were up to her he’d be going home because that just wasn’t it. Simon says the dancer stole the show. Simon says he’s got to do something outside of his comfort zone.

KHAYA COHEN is next (view performance)

– She singing “Borderline” by Madonna. She wants to go for a more relaxed vibe. Yesssss to her tone already! Khaya is the ultimate dark horse. I’ve told y’all to watch out for ha’!  She is belting like I don’t know what. Demi is loving it!

– Kelly says from that performance she is feeling like Khaya is ready for the whole music thing! PauCharo says she is better than last week and that is almost impossible. Simon says that she is showing more personality and confidence and they shouldn’t under estimate how good she is. He says they have discovered someone special who is getting better and better.

RESTLESS ROAD is next (view performance)

– Time for them to deliver a mediocre performance and the judges to go wild. Simon says that they have to go uptempo this week. The song they are performing is “Footloose” Without a country vibe they are just off all the way. Not feeling it at all.  I mean they are still country-fying it for them but still. One of the dudes (Oh God, I sound like Paulina) is really good and I think he could have possibly been a solo pop singer.

– Kelly loves them. PauCharo says she loves the concept and says they did great. Eh. I still just don’t get this act.

RACHEL POTTER is next (view performance)

– She’s singing “Alone.” This song is a bit over done on these type of shows, but I love hearing it every time it is performed (good, that is.) Since she’s a wannabe country act, I’m going to still compare her to Carrie Underwood’s version. Unfortunately, I’m not getting the chills that I did from when Carrie performed the song. I’m not going to knock Rachel though! She belts this big note which starts of kind of bad but kind of ends good for the most part.

– PauCharo calls her an amazing entertainer and she was sassy and screaming. Demi says she makes her so proud every week and she’s not in her category. Demi says she can win this as a mix between Martina McBride and Shania Twain. Simon also points out the big note (good, because I thought I was crazy). Simon says he didn’t get country from the performance though. I agree. Kelly says no one in Simon’s category hits those notes so he wouldn’t know anyway!


– I really like her styling tonight. She’s singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” I’m not really liking the arrangement but she is doing well. She is working the state.

– Kelly loves it and said that she has so much to give them. PauCharo says she is a perfectionist and that is why she is here! Simon says the first 2/3 of the song was literally “mad” and erratic, but the last 30 seconds with the big note and medley was great. He wants her to do less choreography next week because she needs to show off her voice.

JOSH LEVI is next (view performance)

– He says his performance needs to be flawless. He doesn’t want to go home again. I’m so glad they brought Josh back. He is singing “Straight Up” by Madonna. PERFECT SONG CHOICE. This arrangement is everything and he is killing it. I hope the judges don’t give him backlash.

– Kelly says that that Josh has just arrived! YES! Demi has no idea how he was let go of the competition! She says he is already on fire at 15. Simon says at one moment they are listening to karaoke singers then they are listening to future stars. However, Simon says that he controlled the stage and didn’t need backup dancers. He calls him sensational and someone serious to watch in the competition.  I’m so glad!

JEFF GUTT is next (view performance)

– He needs ideas on how to sleep better! He tries doing yoga and meditating. He’s doing good. His performances are a bit of a bore to me though. I just don’t get into them.

– PauCharo loves it and says that every week he is giving more and she understands “his thing.” Demi says he did so great and is so happy he is here to represent rock in the competition. Simon says week after week he does good but every week it is “I wanna be a rockstar” and wants to see him outside of his comfort zone.

with the pimp spot to end the night..ALEX & SIERRA


– Sierra has a mystic voice! I like the 80s backdrop that they are performing in front of. I prefer their previous performances this season but this one is good as well! PauCharo calls them bohemian and vintage. Demi agrees with Kelly and like stem together and thinks they could have worked the set-up better. She calls out some pithiness! LOL. She says when it is more organic it comes together. True.

– Simon calls it originality and says they don’t like to do the same thing week after week. Demi calls it a miss!! Simon (their mentor, mind you) says it wasn’t their best and says they lost the melody. Bloop. He says he’s frustrated. Alex says he personally didn’t hear it but next week they will bring it and make him proud.

Thanks for joining me guys for the usual #PauCharoWednesdays. Too bad Kelly Diana Ross-Rowland couldn’t join us this week! Tune into the results live blog with Nick tomorrow!

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