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X Factor UK finalist Christopher Maloney admits voting for himself to avoid elimination

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The X Factor UK finalist Christopher Maloney is alleged to have spent thousands of pounds voting to keep himself out of the bottom two each week.

An inside source is quoted as saying, “I’ve seen him dialing and redialing his own number over and over again,” adding, “It’s sad, really, but he wants it that much that he is spending a fortune.”

Christopher himself has gone on record, admitting to having voted for himself before, stating, “I have voted for myself a few times.” However, as Maloney goes on to insist, “So has everyone else. I doubt my calls have made much of a difference.” Ultimately, the 34 year-old singer and sole remaining act from Gary Barlow’s Over 28s category, has proven monstrously popular among his fanbase in his home of Liverpool, with a Daily Star report several weeks ago proclaiming that Maloney tops the public vote by a wide margin. For his part, Maloney would happily add to his own totals, adding, “If I had more credit on my phone, I’d vote more.”

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