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The X Factor UK – Results – 12/01/2013

The X Factor UK results, recap and live blog for December 1, 2013. Who got eliminated on Live Show 8 Jukebox week?

It’s the quarterfinals and the competition is getting tougher as the contestants sang two songs this weekend.

Musical guests: Rebecca Ferguson and James Arthur.

Who’s going home?

The X Factor UK - Results - 12:01:2013

The X Factor UK - Results

The X Factor UK Judges

(Updates throughout the show)


Lines are still open! Please vote for Nicholas McDonald!

Vote for Nicholas

Group Performance: Final 5 sing “Burn” by Ellie Goulding

The X Factor UK Final 5 Burn

I love how Dermot O’Leary referred to Sharon’s animal anologies last night. Lions! Gazelles! Eagles! LOL

The show recap from last night just made it clear that song choice is so important on these shows. Luke Friend was clearly a head above the rest last night.

Guest Performance: Rebecca Ferguson sings “I Hope”

Zayn Malik’s ex. :)

Rebecca Fergusson The X Factor UK


Please save Nicholas McDonald!!!


(Gary Barlow debuted behind One Direction this week)

Guest Performance: James Arthur sings “Recovery”

Janes Arthur The X Factor Recovery

While talking to Dermot, James Arthur apologizes for “abusing” his position as an X Factor winner over the past year.

Wow, non-stop damage control from this dude.


(I’m so nervous!)

Rough Copy are safe!

Sam Bailey is safe!

Nicholas McDonald is safe! OMG OMG OMG

Tamera Foster and Luke Friend are in the sing-off! OMG! WOW. I love this show so much!!!

Thank you everyone for saving Nicholas! I love you all!

Final Showdown Sing-Off

The X Factor UK Bottom 2

Tamera Foster sings “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera

She forgot the words again! (Or at least she looked like it) #Tamnesia But she lays it all out in the end. Nothing to lose now.

Luke Friend sings “Run” by Snow Patrol

He dropped his guitar to sing at the end of the song. Woohoo! An amazing save me performance!

The X Factor UK – Sing Off

The X Factor UK – Sing Off – The X Factor UK – Video

Final Results


Nicole Scherzinger votes to send home Luke
Louis Walsh votes to send home Tamera
Sharon Osbourne votes to send home Tamera
Gary Barlow votes to send home Luke (on purpose to bring it to deadlock!)


It’s now up to the public vote!

Tamera Foster is eliminated from The X Factor UK!

Tamera Foster is eliminated from The X Factor UK

So will Tamera really be the most successful contestant to come out of this show in 5 years? Really Gary and Nicole?

Next Week: Beyonce vs. Elton John week

Go Nicholas McDonald!

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How the hell do you send it to deadlock after those two performances? Not a fan of either one, but Luke kicked some ass in that sing off. 

By the way, that group song was silly bad. Someone went a line ahead in the beginning and I think it was Sam XD


Uuuuggghhhhh.... I hope Luke or rough copy wins

Klope62 moderator

WAIT ... Nicole is out!


Klope62 moderator

Aw... how is Rough Copy still here? :(


Ok, Tamera and Caroline (the Voice US) gone within a week of eachother.......I am NOT  happy!!!! :(


Luke should never have been in that bottom 2. Nich is booring. Luke is actually and original


I have to agree with you Neste...Luke has such a unique raspy voice that I love hearing.Nick and Sam are great, but I wouldn't purchase any of their records.


Those are some frackle-nackle bull results! Luke should never have been in that bottom 2. Rickey, I love you and I know that you love Nich (how could I not love you, Rickey? You're too adorable.)  :) That being said, Nich is totally old-fashioned cabaret. He doesn't have an artistic identity like Luke Friend and Rough Copy do. Like, what album would he release, what genre, and who would buy it? Those w/n record labels would scratch their heads trying to figure it out, and his performances from last night exposed him as a musical theater performer. Nich & Sam would do well in the West End, but as recording artists? Never. 


Well Rickey I think Nicole and Gary have a point. She does have star quality about her that Nicholas obviously doesn't and he is just so bland but it's the public vote and they were probably gonna save him. I just knew once they called Rough Copy first that Tamera was gonna be in that sing off which sucks because she had a good week.

Jay Styles
Jay Styles

do any of you know how I can vote from here in the US?

Jay Styles
Jay Styles

AH LUKE is SAFE! I was almost crying, he shouldn't have been in the bottom at ALL

NickRoman1 moderator

The right result.

Although I suppose it's a bit of a shame when an act goes out the week before a theme that would have been perfect for them. Tamera leaving right before Beyonce Week is like John Stevens leaving right before Big Band Week on AI3. 

NickRoman1 moderator

Rebecca Ferguson is really burning through the "Shirtless Dudes and Fire" budget with this performance. 

Great stuff.


@JavisAnthonyPerezUnlike in the US voting in the UK is not free and costs 35p per call. If you vote from outside the uk it's considerably higher

Klope62 moderator

@NickRoman1 Dang. Beyonce week huh.

 It is not too much of a loss, though. Simon has already said he's signing Tamera and Sam no matter where they place.


@Klope62 @chiccaandwee lol  yep they will, not indicating that I dislike their voices, it's just that Luke is upbeat and most of Sam and Nick's songs are melancholy :(