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The X Factor UK – Recap and Results – Live Show 4 – 11/03/2013 – Video

Here is the recap and results for The X Factor UK Live Show 4 on November 3, 2013. Keep refreshing, as I’ll be adding video and results as the night goes on!

A shocking bottom 2 appearance for one of Nicole’s girls!

The X Factor UK – Recap and Results – Live Show 4 – 11/03/2013 – Video

The X Factor UK – Recap and Results – Live Show 4 – 11/03/2013 – Video

Group Performance

The Top 9 sing “A Night to Remember” by Shalamar

X Factor 2013 – X Factor Live Shows, Week 4 group performance ‘A Night To Remember’ on MUZU.TV.


Bottom 2

Kingsland Road and Tamera Foster (WTF?!)

Kingsland Road Tamera Foster Bottom 2

Kingsland Road Bottom 2

tamera foster bottom 2

Final Showdown

Kingsland Road sings “I Won’t Let You Go” by James Morrison

Kingsland Road – X Factor Live Shows, Week 4 survival song ‘I Won’t Let You Go’ on MUZU.TV.

Tamera Foster sings “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Tamera Foster – X Factor Live Shows, Week 4 survival song ‘I Have Nothing’ on MUZU.TV.


Judges Vote

Nicole Scherzinger sends home Kingsland Road
Gary Barlow sends home Tamera Foster
Sharon Osbourne sends home Kingsland Road
Louis Walsh sends home Kingsland Road

KINGSLAND ROAD is eliminated from The X Factor UK!

Kingsland Road eliminated

Kingsland Road eliminated

The boys talk about their experience, and fight back tears in the process. Super sad situation, but the minute Abi was declared safe and it was down to the guys and Tamera, nothing they could have done would have changed the result.

X Factor 2013 – X Factor Live Shows, Week 4, Who’s going home? on MUZU.TV.


And on the subject of Abi Alton, I’m not entirely sure what’s keeping her here. Her performance of “I Will Survive” was perfectly acceptable, but not much more than that. Maybe it’s that her hometown of Guisborough is roughly 100 miles outside Liverpool, a notoriously loyal voting bloc that was able to carry Christopher Maloney to last season’s finale. But even then, that doesn’t really explain the continued presence of Sam Callahan, who has little else to recommend himself but his idol looks and an endearing work ethic. And hey, he’s am immensely likable guy who has real passion about this competition. But I have to keep reminding myself every week that Sam is here while Paul Akister and Ryan Mathie are sitting at home.

It’s kind of ridiculous, particularly since Sam doesn’t strike me as a solo artist in any measurable respect whatsoever. He seems like the heartthrob in a Boot Camp-assembled boy band. I’m not sure how much longer he can possibly last, but he hasn’t so much as made a bottom 2 appearance yet, nor has Abi (whom I adore as a person far more than I enjoy as a musical artist). It’s to the point where the only entertaining thing about either one is their reactions to being declared safe every Sunday. I genuinely wonder how many more such Sundays we’ll have.

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