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X Factor Results – Live Show 6 – 11/14/2010

X Factor Results October 30 2010

Live blogging the X Factor Results Show for November 14, 2010

Which act is leaving tonight?

Results As They Happen:

Group lip sync performance:

JLS performs

Westlife performs

Take That with Robbie Williams performs


Cher Lloyd is safe! (YES!)
Matt Cardle is safe! (YES!)
Rebecca Ferguson is safe!
One Direction is safe! (YES!)
Wagner is safe! (YES!)
Mary Byrne is safe! (YES!)
Paije is safe!

Katie and Aiden in the Bottom 2 and to sing for their lives.

Aiden sings “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – and forgets most of the lyrics.

Katie sings “Save Me From Myself”

(Aside: What’s up with Cheryl Cole’s hair???)

Judges Vote:

Simon Cowell sends home Aiden
Cheryl Cole sends home Aiden
Danni Minogue sends home Katie
Louie Walsh sends home Katie

Deadlock! Public vote!

The act leaving the competition tonight is: Aiden Grimshaw! SHOCKER!

Katie is invincible!

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This might not agree with most people, but it was a good shocker for me tonight. I never really got Aiden and I can never watch his performances. He makes me uncomfortable. His voice is good though, but what's the point if I can't watch the singer too? So him going is okay with me.

BUT having said that, it's SO obvious the judges knew the results. Come on, you know they have to in order to prepare in advance, which isn't cool but that's the business. Katie would have for sure went home if she was last, but again, this creates more drama and discussion.

I do hope Katie and Wagner go next though cuz I like all the others left. I'd like One Direction, Matt, Cher and Rebecca as the final 4.


if rebecca leaves before katie and wagner. I'll be devastated. I hope she wins the show.


A conspiratorial person would find it conspicuous that the judges save her when she has the lowest public vote and let it go deadlock when they know she is safe

Gabriel Etienne
Gabriel Etienne

Compare his exit to Treyc's last week, and it's so..ugh.

As great as his "a beer" comment was, the whole thing was just so ungrateful and off-putting for me.

Could have at least shed a tear. ...you could tell he wanted to.


Matt Cardle
Matt Cardle


This tweet predicted Aiden was in the bottom HOURS before the result. If you fastforward to when Aiden says "You win some you lose some" he reveals that the results were leaked.

Bj Eco
Bj Eco

what will it take to boot Katie off the show??!?!

I can't believe Aiden left the show before acts like Katie Waissel and Wagner! hmph


I love this show.

Matt Cardle
Matt Cardle

Still crying....

I think because Katie Waissel is an illuminati, she managed to survive. :(