Wizards of Waverly Place – Recap and Review – The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex

Selena Gomez & Wizards of Waverly Place returned in the form of a TV special last night. Could a surprising plot twist they were moving towards been too drastic, or was it sufficient?

Recap & review of Wizards of Waverly Place – The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex. Selena Gomez (Alex), Gregg Sulkin (Mason), Jake T. Austin (Max), Maria Canals Barrera (Theresa), David DeLuise (Jerry), and Jennifer Stone (Harper) all reprise their roles with Beau Mirchoff as Dominic. 

Photo: Disney Channel

Photo: Disney Channel

Jerry gets and indication from his family in Italy inviting the Russos to Italy for a family reunion, and gets tickets for all of them, Harper, and Mason. Alex creates a portal for them to go through, and Jerry gets mad because he feels like Alex isn’t responsible and they should take a normal trip to Italy. However Max jumps through and they end up going to Italy before coming back home. Alex doesn’t know how to undo the spell and Jerry says that Justin wouldn’t have done that. Alex gets upset thinking he doesn’t want her as the family wizard and disappears.

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

She transports to a jumbotron and Dominic, and sketchy wizard that she has met, finds her. He flirts, but Alex says he has a boyfriend, and anyway she wouldn’t be good company. Dominic inquires her about joining the Wizard Council, because she has the potential to be the most powerful wizard of her generation. Alex thinks she’s not capable of doing anything, but Dominic says they are mortals and don’t understand. Dominic encourages her that she can make a spell to smooth out her edges, and then begins to flirt with her even more. Mason finds them up there, and reminds Dominic that he is a werewolf before he disappears. Mason asks Alex should he be worried about anything, and she says no as they have a picnic. She casts a spell to turn what he made into a feast, and Mason gets upset saying that she uses her magic selfishly no matter what it hurts. Alex said she just did it for them and he said so did he.

Alex still hasn’t figured out to get rid of the portal. Max keeps going back and forth to Italy. Jerry begins to berate Alex but she interjects – saying that she knows he’s going to say grow up. As Jerry and Theresa go to get Max, Alex vents to Harper saying that once she was the Family Wizard people would stop wanting her to change but it hasn’t. She thinks that growing up would make her a better person but Harper says people should appreciate her for who they are. Alex says she just wants to change the parts of her people don’t like. Her bad parts have retreated to a mirror and hurls insults at she and Harper. Alex puts a cover over her. Evil Alex says she has no idea what she was started.

Back in Italy, Jerry and Theresa meet his relatives and two young wizards. The reunion isn’t for one month but they family wants them to eat. Jerry says they got through the Wizard Pass and they say that only the most powerful wizards can do that and remember that Alex Russo is their family wizard and is powerful. Jerry just points out how irresponsible she is.

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

Without her bad parts, Alex wears Harper’s clothes with no problem, but Harper says she’d rather her be herself even though it is nice. They hear a smash and Evil Alex has escaped from the mirror. Alex and Harper go through the portal to Italy. Alex informs her parents that he part of her that was bad is gone and she promises to be the responsible grown-up that they want. Once they ask her why she is wearing Harper’s outfit, Jerry and Theresa think she’s joking. They introduce Alex to the family as the family wizard.

Max meets the girl he was looking for and she speaks Italian but he can’t understand her and tries to kiss her and he slaps her. Evil Alex then uses magic to trap him in her jewel bracelet. Jerry and Theresa get into a mud fight after Jerry gets jealous of Theresa and the handsome vineyard guy. Nice Alex isn’t laughing at them but appreciating it. However in the midst of the mud fight Evil Alex uses magic to trap them in her jewel bracelet as well. It is revealed that she is working with Dominic. Mason comes through the portal and sees Evil Alex and Dominic hugging from behind and thinks they are together. Mason rushes out and Evil Alex and Dominic disappear to the leaning Tower of Pisa.

Dominic has a contraption on the tower in order to rid the world of mortals. It replicates spells and can replicate a spell across Earth. Dominic says this will pave a way for a wizard world which we will rule before Alex corrects him and say they will be we. He needs the generations most powerful wizard – but needs both Alex’s. He plans to use her family to lure them there.

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

Photo By Eric McCandless/Disney Channel

Alex and Harper are at the tower now and see them. Harper gets dizzy and falls and they encounter Evil Alex and Dominic. Evil Alex uses her magic and traps Harper in the jewels. She then disappears to go find Mason, but Alex best there before her. Alex tries to convince Mason what is going on, but Evil Alex comes too and tries to convince him that Alex is the bad one. He Mason ends up getting trapped as well. Alex goes back home and doesn’t know what to do. She calls Justin but it goes to voicemail. She ends up dropping her family presents – and remembers what Harper said. She isn’t perfect and people should accept her for who she is.

She goes back to the tower and finds Dominic and Evil Alex – who thinks she has a plan up. They work out a deal and casts spells at the same time so she can get her family back and the world is rid of mortals. Non-wizards around the world begin to disappear, and everyone is imprisoned in beads. Alex gets there bracelet back and Dominc tries to get Alex to join them. However, Alex reminds them that she can undo any spell she can create.

She tries to fix everything but the Magic Crystals takes her. Dominic takes her and says that Alex and says that all of this was her fault beginning with casting her evil parts out. They find guilty and order her death! Alex keeps explaining that it is Dominic, but she is incarcerated until her sentence is to be carried out. Dominic now has the jewels and tells the Russos he has gotten away with it. Dominic arrives back at Pisa where Evil Alex – who tells him Mason’s charm broke and he fell out. Mason finds Alex in prison. He goes into werewolf mode and busts her out.

They get back at the Russo house and Alex and Evil Alex battle and break out in casting spells but keep countering each other. They end up back on the jumbotron and Alex gets he jewel bracelet back. They go back to the Tower of Pisa Dominic and Mason are fighting and then Alex finally casts a spell which gets rid of Evil Alex, but now Dominic has the jewels. Alex is able to release them. Dominic says he can’t defeat the great Alex Russo, but says that the world he is creating needs her! Mason comes from behind and throws Dominic off the balcony. However, Evil Alex is still not gone yet and reappears. She can’t defeat herself and has no choice but to cast a spell getting rid of her magic, which gets rid of Evil Alex for good. Her family tries to get her not to, but she does it anyway and all of Alex is back together again.

The Wizard Crystals say that she was brave in saving the world and her guilty verdict is overturned. They can’t forget the fact that she almost destroyed the world again, and cannot restore her magic – and shouldn’t be the family wizard. Jerry vouches for her and to give her another chance, but Alex says that she is tired of everyone wanting her to grow up and change – no one is happy for who she is but Harper. She says that its okay if she doesn’t get her magic back, her best friend is her magic. Jerry is proud of her and says although she has no powers, she still deserves to be the family wizard. The Wizard Crystals reward Alex’s appreciation for others and says she has other qualities that will make her the family wizard. They grant her one more chance and her powers are restored.

Wizards of Waverly Place - Recap and Review - The Wizards Return- Alex vs. Alex

Photo: Disney Channel

Back in Italy Alex tells the young Italian wizards that there is a long road ahead of them and only one will become family wizard. She tells them in the time being to have as much fun with magic as they can. The Russos return home but Alex and Harper stay back as Alex is about to get int trouble for the mess she made during the fight.

Review: All in all this was a good special. It was very typical of what I thought would go down though. At first I was mad that they did this special and would end up undoing Alex as the family wizard – but that would have been a nice, unexpected twist. The whole premise was Alex vs. Alex, and maybe this would be undertaken in another reunion special, but we could see more of Max Russo in the future. The plot also could have been more that everyone steaming mad because of irresponsible Alex. We also didn’t really get much motivation behind Dominic’s actions, which would have been a good detail as well. This was a very good project though and it’s good to have seen it!

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