Whodunnit? – Results and Recap – Episode 7 – Party Crasher

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Killer Accusations

Lindsey – Cris

Cris – Lindsey

Ronnie – Kam

Kam – Melina

Melina – Kam

Episode Recap

Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

The episode opens with where the last picked off, with everyone at the luau as the chandelier fell on Geno. The killer leaves a note saying this will be the most difficult investigation yet and they cannot start until the morning. Ronnie realizes that the odds have been turned against him now that Geno is gone, but he had to do what ensured he stayed. He and Melina are the only ones left from their original alliance and he wants to take out one of the other team. Kam says he needs to find a new suspect since he thought Geno was the killer the whole time – but he doesn’t think his team members Cris and Lindsey are the killer. The bedroom, morgue and crime scene are the spots they can investigate. Kam and Ronnie go to the crime scene. Ronnie does this to not risk Kam going by himself. Lindsey goes to the last known whereabouts and Cris and Melina go to the morgue.

Kam and Ronnie see that the chandelier was lowered down.  They also noticed that the blood seems like it may have not come from Geno. Kam is looking at everything other than where it happened while Ronnie is concentrated on the dance floor. Kam finds a timer on the outlet, but as they finish up Ronnie doesn’t think Kam has anything he didn’t see. Ronnie definitely doesn’t think a chandelier killed Geno. In the bedroom, Lindsey finds a necklace with a cord and key rings on his bed. He also finds a notepad with a note ripped off, and a pencil. The note says “steal down the cell phone and you will be spared.” Lindsey says she may be able to find out who the killer is because of this.

Cris and Melina see a big gash on the side of Geno’s face, and it looked like something had been ripped out of his belly button.They find a bullet in his stomach and punctures in the back where the chandelier fell. Cris thinks that what Ronnie did to Geno was callous and invites Melina to her team. Cris thinks she should leave him out to dry since Ronnie was willing to kill a friend. Cris says that Lindsey or Ronnie could be the killer since they switch information. They hear Geno’s phone ringing in his pants in the morgue and answer it – it is Giles phone! He says to leave it there.

The groups eat outside and then split off. Melina feels like Ronnie has been running the show and she hasn’t been able to express herself. Melina says the person she doesn’t trust the most on the other side is Lindsey. Lindsey is protecting herself in her group and doesn’t tell them everything about the note. Melina says Ronnie is like a pet snake – you trust it because its your pet but any minute it could bite you. She doesn’t want to burn Ronnie but it’s hard not to. She wants to make it out alive though.

For the riddle for this week forces all of them to be blindfolded and led into a pitch black room. Everyone is searching and Ronnie and Kam find night vision goggles. Ronnie reads something on the wall that says follow the tunnel. He does, and is led into a room telling him to search for a lei in the morgue with the UV light. All of Ronnie’s team gets through as well while Melina is still stuck in the room until she finally finds goggles. Ronnie finds the lei made of beads and has to solve its word puzzle. Melina gets out and joins Ronnie while the other team heads outside but then come in soon. Lindsey is the first to solve it and it’s the hear no evil see no evil and they advance far ahead.

Everyone prepares to state their case. Melina goes and tries to get information from the other team but Cris says it can’t happen because all of the information is Kam’s and he doesn’t want to. Melina is upset because they invited them before and she’s confused why Cris is playing her. However Ronnie thinks that he’s solved the puzzle as close as he can. Cris isn’t 100% positive but knows she’s better than 2 people. Melina’s not confident but Ronnie has come through at the last minute with the puzzle solution.

While stating cases, Kam, Lindsey, Cris say that Geno had a different lei. They also mention the timer. They say he came behind him and strangled, and shot him in the stomach. Melina is struggling. Ronnie says the killer had a monkey who did it. Melina said he was dragged. Everyone sticks to their usual killer instincts this week except Melina and Kam suggesting each other.

At dinner, Ronnie tells them about his theory of the monkey. Kam doesn’t even think that’s his theory and that they are trying to throw him off his trail. Ronnie tells them he’s been lying for a long time and he has been a detective for 17 years and he is a bounty hunter! Melina is confused and thinks he may have been setting her up.

Lindsey is the strongest performer and the first spared. She thinks she is because she didn’t share all of the note. Giles says the killer said they are so bad that it may be a double murder! He reads the killer’s note and the killer wrote that he used a bobby pin to get inside Geno’s room, and wrote a note about stealing Giles’s cell and he’ll be safe. Earlier the killer plugged in the timer to go off shortly after the party started. They also left the special lei with ultraviolet paint, and painted the dance floor knowing where to drag Geno when the power went out. The plan was to strangle him with the lei but Geno never wore the lei so he improvised, and shot him in the stomach at point blank range. The killer then dragged Geno to the glow & dark crest and pulled the level to drop the chandelier to look like it was the cause of death.

Everyone looks confused. Ronnie doesn’t think anyone had a grasp on the murder. Cris and Kam get spared cards and Ronnie and Melina get scared cards. Melina says she knew it would probably happen since she and Ronnie didn’t have much information – they tried and lost. Ronnie is looking for booby traps. Melina breaks down and says she thinks she’s tried her best and just wants to hug someone but no one is there.

The next morning Cris, Melina and Ronnie arrive downstairs for breakfast and wonder who will come down next. Ronnie and Melina both come down. They hug and Melina thinks its another Don & Dana moment. Giles comes in and says the killer is treating them to a spa day. All of them receive their assignments for the spa. Melina is scared the most because she’s getting a facial. Ronnie has the hot tub. In the hot tub all of the water spouts out at once and Ronnie goes flying! Everyone goes out to see his body is floating on the water.

Has Melina emerged as a new prime suspect? Seeing as next week it seems as Melina vs. everybody, it would be pretty predictable for that to happen. But it would also be predictable to have Melina die next week. Who knows!?

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