Whodunnit? – Results and Full Video – Season Finale – Episode 9 – Golden Cuffs

Someone unmasked the killer! Who was behind Whodunnit?and who won the game to win $250,000! Find out what went down:

Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

Although Lindsey Anderson pegged her as the killer from the very beginning, US homeland security attorney Kam Perez was able to unveil beauty queen and former Miss Nevada, Cris Crotz, as the Whodunnit killer and won $250,000.

If you remember Cris never received a scare card and a review of the series gives away numerous instances in which she was hinted at to be the killer. She did super well during the course of the competition and appeared to be either super relaxed or super anxious. Lindsey was the last person killed, eliminated just before Cris cornered Kam.

This was a great season! However I’m salty Kam walked by the Southern Belles, Sasha and Dana at the end!

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Klope62 moderator

The acting was so bad in this show ...that sadly its probably what made me keep tuning in. D:

I have to say that result was BS though. ...his closest ally in the game, and the main person he swapped clues, hints, tips with was the one who committed the crimes? ---how did anyone else even have a chance?

Dirty Wang
Dirty Wang

Love this show.. there are a few kinks to work out but I'm glad the ratings ended on a high and hope it'll be picked up for a second season!