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Who will win American Idol Season 8?

Adam Lambert will win American Idol, and with that comes a couple of firsts:

He will be the first openly gay winner. Adam has not discussed this during the show, but there are pictures and videos on YouTube floating around that reveal he is not afraid to show his sexuality. When Clay Aiken came out, he got a lot of backlash from his fans who vigorously defended his non-gay status. With Adam however most of his fans at this point in time “don’t care that he is gay”.

He will be the first winner the judges never criticized for being “too Broadway”. Adam auditioned on American Idol straight from his stint on “Wicked” in Los Angeles, and the show did not blink an eye that he might be too showtunes for pop music.

Adam breaks the trend of what we would consider a traditional Idol winner. He wears more guyliner than David Cook, wears blue nail polish and dyes his hair blue. He also likes to end his performances with an over the top falsetto. It might be a bit too radical for some — but after 10 weeks, he has emerged as the most popular contestant by a mile and the mainstream media loves him.

If American Idol indeed picks the most popular contestant as the winner every year, then Adam Lambert has already won.

According to Google Trends, Adam will win over Kris Allen:


And according to my own stats on since January 2009, Adam Lambert is the most popular contestant this season. His performances have even outpaced most of the individual posts last year.

Adam Lambert – Mad World 311,835
Adam Lambert – Tracks of my Tears 109,759
Danny Gokey – Audition 109,065
Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire 80,827
Anoop Desai – Audition 71,076
Adam Lambert – Satisfaction 64,573
Adam Lambert – Audition 57,596
Adam Lambert – Born to Be Wild 54,730
Adam Lambert – If I Can’t Have You 52,578
Kris Allen – Apologize and Heartless 49,855
Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love 49,219
Adam Lambert – Black or White 48,523
Adam Lambert – One and Cryin’ 43,985
Danny Gokey – Hero 39,072
Adam Lambert – Play That Funky Music 35,794
Adam Lambert – Open-Mouth Kissing Another Guy 35,615
Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta – Slow Ride 34,228
Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshine – 32,971
Adam Lambert – Believe – 30,814
Kris Allen – Falling Slowly 26,207
Allison Iraheta – Alone 26,061
Anoop Desai – Always On My Mind 25,679

So can Kris Allen still be saved? All signs say no, but we will still try!

Notes: was the #1 result on Google for “Danny Gokey” and “Anoop Desai” for a few months, which explains the high traffic for their auditions. We were also the #1 result for “Adam Lambert Mad World” for a couple of days which made it our most popular post ever.

David Cook’s audition was the most popular post last year, along with the David Archuleta category page.

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