What’s On TV Tonight? – Listings for 01/25/2015

The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant premieres! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the listings for 01/25/2015:

6:00 PM ET

Live From the Red Carpet (“The 2015 SAG Awards”) – The stars arrive for the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles; hosted by Maria Menounos, Ross Mathews & Kelly Osbourne. (E!)

7:00 PM ET

America’s Funniest Home Videos – A man crashes his motorized scooter into a grocery store display; a man’s car rolls away; a little dog chases a shadow; a little girl denies eating cake — despite the evidence on her face. (ABC)

60 Minutes – House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.); Calvin Williams, chief of the Cleveland Division of Police; tennis champion Li Na. (CBS)

Dateline NBC (“The Mystery Man”) – A woman seeks the truth when her whirlwind romance turns into a mystery with government agents, cryptic messages and international spies. (NBC)

Mulaney (“Power Moves”) – Lou gives John advice on how to control his roommates; Motif tries to help Jane and her new cat get acquainted. (FOX)

What's On TV Tonight - Listings for 01252015

Credit: Miss Universe Organization

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant [LIVE] – Women vie for the crown in the annual pageant; Nick Jonas and Prince Royce perform; Natalie Morales and Thomas Roberts host. (NBC)

21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards [LIVE] – Actors honor their peers in the annual ceremony at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center. (TNT)

Galavant [SEASON FINALE] (“My Cousin Izzy; It’s All in the Executions”) – Isabella wants Galavant to impress her parents; King Richard needs a champion to take part in a duel; a plot to kill Kingsley doesn’t go as planned. (ABC)

The Simpsons (“The Musk Who Fell to Earth”) – Homer and his new friend, an inventor named Elon Musk, revolutionize Springfield’s nuclear plant; Mr. Burns wants to get rid of Musk after the inventor goes too far. (FOX)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (“Beauties in the Fast Lane”) – NeNe mulls over the division in the group; Cynthia comes to the realization that her friendship with NeNe is over; Kandi and Todd visit a doctor to discuss the possibility of infertility; Phaedra faces up to the reality of Apollo’s return to prison. (Bravo)

Undercover Boss (“Forman Mills”) – Forman Mills Inc. CEO Rick Forman finds defects in his organization — and exasperates employees — while he is under cover. (CBS)

Guy’s Grocery Games (“Family Style: Kids’ Choice”) – Four families face off in a breakfast competition; making a comfort meal on a very uncomfortable budget; the final contestants play Station Swap, a twisty new game that forces the families to trade kitchens and groceries. (Food Network)

8:30 PM ET

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (“Defense Rests”) – When Sophia’s relationship with Jake conflicts with her job, Jake tries to make things right with her boss (Chris Parnell); Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) asks Holt for help. (FOX)

9:00 PM ET

Resurrection (“Loved in Return”) – Preacher James and his congregation head to the Langston house to stop the birth of Rachael’s baby; Henry, Bellamy and Fred get ready for a fight. (ABC)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (“Merchants of Menace”) – When a homicide takes place at a convention for people who collect macabre murder memorabilia, the CSI team members investigate. (CBS)

Family Guy (“This Little Piggy”) – Meg is happy when she is asked to be a model but finds the job isn’t what she was expecting; when Stewie decides he wants to experience life outside of preschool, Brian tags along. (FOX)

Downton Abbey – Lord Merton and Mary deliver bombshells to Isobel and Tony; an unexplained death arouses police suspicions; Robert and Sarah disagree. (PBS)

Girls (“Female Author”) – Hannah’s one class a week leaves her with a lot of free time; a visiting Elijah becomes the social butterfly of Iowa; Ray warns Marnie about Desi’s true intentions; Shoshanna has a job interview; Adam is unwittingly drawn into Jessa’s web. (HBO)

Shameless (“The Two Lisas”) – Frank asks Carl to discourage lesbians from buying property; Ian goes on a cleaning spree; Fiona agrees to attend a concert with Davis; Carl finds a hidden talent; Debbie throws a party. (Showtime)

Thicker Than Water (“Daddy Issues”) – When Britney confronts Marcus about her feelings, she gets to hear his side of the story; Marcus opens up to Ben about the pain he and his siblings felt as children when Ben was away; Benji and Shanira search for the ideal home. (Bravo)

Total Divas (“Insecurity Breach 3”) – Ariane goes behind Eva’s back and gets together with Jonathan to confront Eva Marie about a major issue; Brie is afraid of retaliation after her house is broken into; Paige faces the consequences of sending mixed signals. (E!)

Worst Cooks in America (“Scared Straight Into the Kitchen”) – The recruits tackle game day dishes and must break down a raw squid to prepare squid ink pasta with calamari. (Food Network)

Sister Wives (“One More Woman in Kody’s Life”) – Christine’s two oldest daughters are moving out and her mother Annie is moving in; Meri comforts Robyn about her struggles with her ex-husband. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise”) – In order to become a member of the community garden, Bob must give Louise’s enemy a job at the restaurant. (FOX)

Togetherness (“Insanity”) – Brett’s invite to a movie premiere leads to a night on the town; Brett tries to mend a work relationship; Michelle meets a divorced father who wants to start a new charter school; Brett finds a way to cheer up Alex. (HBO)

10:00 PM ET

Revenge (“Kindred”) – Emily helps Nolan’s bride deal with her secrets; Victoria faces a mysterious new socialite. (ABC)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (“Hero to Zero”) – CSI team members search for the villain responsible when a young person dressed as a superhero is found murdered. (CBS)

Masterpiece Mystery! (“Grantchester, Episode 2”) – Sidney and Geordie must break a code of silence when an engagement party leads to murder. (PBS)

Christina Milian Turned Up (“Apologies Are in Order”) – Danielle hits a turning point in her marriage; Lizzy wants Christina to invest in a food truck; Richard tries to gain forgiveness. (E!)

Looking (“Looking Top to Bottom”) – Patrick prepares for his first official overnight stay with Kevin; Kevin does not want Patrick’s friends to know they are dating; Agustin visits Richie to make amends; Dom questions whether Lynn fully supports his dream. (HBO)

House of Lies (“Entropy Is Contagious”) – Marty and Jeannie pitch opposite strategies to a skin-care company; Doug puts his foot down with Sarah; Clyde discusses a business idea with an unlikely partner. (Showtime)

Cutthroat Kitchen (“The Supper Bowl”) – Two chefs must wear tailgates on their backs; chefs are forced to cook in bleachers; one chef must make brownies while kneeling. (Food Network)

Fat and Back (“Part 2”) – Katie attempts to lose the weight she has put on and puts her controversial opinions to the test while exploring society’s issues with body image. (TLC)

10:30 PM ET

Episodes (“Episode 403”) – Sean’s former writing partner shows up; Merc’s career is revived; Matt and Carol find unexpected romances. (Showtime)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Singer Ne-Yo; TV personality Kandi Burruss (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”). (Bravo)

Duff Till Dawn [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Ready, Set, Luau!”) – Decorator Liz Marek and artist Kim Simons face off in an after-hours Hawaiian-themed luau challenge, held at Duff Goldman’s bakery; Geof Manthorne and Catherine McCord help judge the results. (Food Network)

11:30 PM ET

Fashion Queens – Fashion maven Bevy Smith and celebrity hairstylists Derek J and Miss Lawrence discuss fashion. (Bravo)


The Hotwives of Orlando (“Meet the Hotwives”) – Tawny invites all the ladies to her charity party that raises money to provide dogs with high heels; Crystal worries that her Amanda will relapse if she goes to the party; Tawny finds out that her personal trainer also trains Veronica. (TV Guide)

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