What’s On TV Tonight? – Listings for 01/18/2015

Revenge is all-new! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the listings for 01/18/2015:

6:30 PM ET

NFL Football [LIVE] (“AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots”) – Tom Brady looks to expand on his record for most touchdown passes in NFL Playoff history as the New England Patriots host Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in a contest to determine who will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. (CBS)

7:00 PM ET

America’s Funniest Home Videos – A boy gets angry when his toy ATV gets stuck on a curb; a mom catches two little kids kissing; parents prank their daughter with a beat-up car as a Christmas gift; a little boy is sad to learn his baby sitter is getting married. (ABC)

Mulaney (“French Roast”) – John is faced with a dilemma when he is asked to roast Lou; Oscar tries to show Jane how to be more ladylike. (FOX)

8:00 PM ET

Galavant (“Completely Mad … Alena; Dungeons and Dragon Lady”) – The trio finally nears Valencia and finds shelter with a group of local monks who have taken a vow of singing; King Richard embarks on a journey of self-discovery. (ABC)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (“Divide and Ki-Ki”) – Nene and Claudia’s differences come to a head at the dinner table, dividing the group; Kandi hosts a beach party to unite the women, but the peace is short lived. (Bravo)

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge (“The Last Face You See”) – Eight challengers try to get through Snatch, Loaded and Cranked and the last man standing earns the right to take on the Skullbuster for a chance to win $10,000 if they can beat the benchmark time. (CMT)

Guy’s Grocery Games (“Family Style: Food Feud”) – The pasta shelves are off-limits in the first challenge; fresh ideas for making dessert from non-perishable items. (Food Network)

The Librarians (“And the City of Light”) – An investigation into a missing person uncovers what appears to be an alien invasion in a small town. (TNT)

9:00 PM ET

Resurrection (“Steal Away”) – Some inexplicable events cause Bellamy to fear for Rachel and her unborn child; Preacher James thinks the baby’s arrival will unleash an ancient evil; an uneasy alliance forms. (ABC)

Downton Abbey – Mary and Lord Gillingham’s love is tested; Bates faces a trial; Cora finds a new friend while Violet reunites with an old one. (PBS)

Girls (“Triggering”) – Hannah discovers she can get more for her money in Iowa; during a video chat, Hannah prods Marnie for information about Adam; Hannah warns her fellow workshop writers that her piece might trigger some intense emotions. (HBO)

Shameless (“I’m the Liver”) – Frank tries to talk Sheila out of an offer; Lip has his first day of work; Kev and Svetlana bond; Debbie struggles with friends and boys; Ian plots revenge; Fiona’s house arrest ends. (Showtime)

Total Divas (“Twin Leaks”) – Eva faces a life-threatening medical issue; Paige gets a tad too close to Nattie in the ring, and a friendly competition between Nikki and John turns into a serious throw-down. (E!)

Worst Cooks in America (“Spice Up Your Life”) – The recruits try their hand at experimenting with flavor combinations and are tasked with creating their own international tacos. (Food Network)

Sister Wives (“Courting Another Wife”) – The Browns meet another polygamist family, the Colliers, and discuss the Colliers courting another wife. (TLC)

The Librarians [SEASON FINALE] (“And the Loom of Fate”) – When Dulaque changes the course of fate, Baird begins moving through alternate timelines that reveal the changing destinies of the librarians. (TNT)

9:30 PM ET

Togetherness (“Handcuffs”) – Tina tries to get Alex out of his funk by enlisting him to help with her business; Brett gets in trouble at work; Tina convinces Michelle to spice things up in the bedroom. (HBO)

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10:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Revenge (“Abduction”) – Victoria and Emily must set aside their differences in order to survive — as David and Jack race to save them. (ABC)

Scorpion (“Charades”) – The team searches for a CIA mole who has been coerced into stealing deadly chemicals; Paige shows Walter how to flirt. (CBS)

Masterpiece Mystery! (“Grantchester, Episode 1”) – The Rev. Sidney Chambers asks police for help when he suspects one of his parishioners was murdered. (PBS)

Looking (“Looking for Results”) – Patrick and Kevin decide to develop a gay game app; Patrick discovers a small rash; Dom checks out a location in the Tenderloin; a political aide chats up Doris; Agustin plans to meet up with Eddie. (HBO)

House of Lies (“I’m a Motherf… Scorpion, That’s Why”) – Marty proves his business savvy in a meeting with an electric-car mogul; Jeannie orchestrates a chance encounter; Marty accuses Jeannie of being dishonest. (Showtime)

Nicki Minaj: My Time Again – The artist prepares to release her most introspective album so far in her career, “The Pinkprint.” (MTV)

Christina Milian Turned Up [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Meet the Milians”) – Christina searches for style inspiration at New York fashion week; Danielle and Richard fight at Carmen’s birthday party; Christina adjusts to life with Lizzy. (E!)

Cutthroat Kitchen (“Baby Got Backpack”) – One chef is forced to make grilled cheese and tomato soup while in a giant high chair; cooking orange chicken in oranges; a chef must make granola using only the tools from the hiker’s backpack that they must wear during the preparation. (Food Network)

Fat and Back (“Part 1”) – Katie deals with the physical and psychological changes of weight gain and sits down to speak with others about their experiences with weight gain and responses to her outspoken views. (TLC)

10:30 PM ET

Episodes (“Episode 402”) – Matt tries to solve his financial troubles; networks compete for Sean and Beverly’s new show; Carol must make amends to a woman she scorned. (Showtime)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – TV personality Cynthia Bailey (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”); actress Christina Milian. (Bravo)

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