What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘True Detective’ Finale, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ on Sunday

True Detective airs its super-sized, 90-minute season finale! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Sunday 08/09/2015:

7:00 PM ET

60 Minutes – The television magazine series covers a broad spectrum of modern life. (CBS)

8:00 PM ET

Bachelor In Paradise – One woman reveals she has a boyfriend back home; John and Tenley share a romantic outing; the new bachelor’s abrasive behavior puts everyone off. (ABC)

Big Brother – The new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition. (CBS)

NFL Football [LIVE] – Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings. (NBC)

Sunday Best – GeoffreyGolden, Dewayne Woods Jr., Anthony Hamilton, and Dave Hollister perform; the heat is on as the six all-stars attempt to make it into the top five. (BET)

I Am Cait (“The Road Trip: Part 2”) – Cait wants to give her new friends the trip of a lifetime and they challenge her to break down her walls and get personal; Cait must find a way to balance her old friendships with her new ones. (E!)

Food Network Star (“Star Salvation”) – Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Jeff Mauro serve up a battleground where one ousted finalist can fight all the way back for a second chance at his or her own show. (Food Network)

What's On TV Tonight - 'True Detective' Finale, 'Bachelor In Paradise' on Sunday

Credit: HBO

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: True Detective [SEASON FINALE] (“Omega Station”) – Ray, Ani and Frank face their destiny. (HBO)

Ray Donovan (“Handshake Deal”) – A rift forms between Finney and Paige because of Ray’s new mission. (Showtime)

Food Network Star (“Dish of a Lifetime and Pilots”) – The winner of Star Salvation rejoins the competition; the remaining finalists each choose a sous chef from the eliminated contestants; the winners get to film pilots directed by Rachael Ray. (Food Network)

Humans – Karen desperately hunts down Niska; George hopes to save Niska from Karen; the synths stay with the Hawkins’. (AMC)

Who Do You Think You Are? (“Alfre Woodard”) – Actress Alfre Woodard researches her grandfather’s roots; discovering a relative who endured a horrifying period in American history, but managed to accomplish an extraordinary feat. (TLC)

The Last Ship (“Uneasy Lies the Head”) – With Dr. Scott on the verge of a breakthrough, Chandler and his team head out to land in search of supplies and materials for her lab; Burk stumbles upon a gang of children; Rachel’s efforts to produce a cure depend on Niels. (TNT)

Basketball Wives LA – Brandi and Malaysia see a new side to Draya when they see she is out for herself; a game of Q and A turns physical. (VH1)

10:00 PM ET

Masters of Sex (“Matters of Gravity”) – Virginia’s parents arrive unannounced; Masters takes on a promising patient. (Showtime)

The Strain (“Quick and Painless”) – Eph changes his appearance to leave the city; Nora is left as the reluctant parent for Zack; Dutch and Nora make a deal with Justine to secure Fet’s release from jail. (FX)

Falling Skies (“Everybody Has Their Reasons”) – The 2nd Mass arrives at a functional military base run by Weaver’s former flame; the two groups make plans for the final assault on the Espheni. (TNT)

Save My Life: Boston Trauma – A car hits a medical student who is out biking; a woman with a latex allergy has a reaction after eating food prepared by workers wearing rubber gloves; an ER doctor keeps his cool when a patient becomes aggressive. (ABC)

Cutthroat Kitchen (“Molasses, Mo’ Problems”) – One chef has to make vegetable soup in a kitchen sink; two chefs really get on a roll when they make Philly cheesesteak; a molasses cookie challenge slows the chefs down. (Food Network)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Actors Ice-T and Coco Austin. (Bravo)

The Brink (“Who’s Grover Cleveland?”) – Walter tries to convince the president to act with caution; Zeke is forced to deal with the women in his life; Alex tries to make amends with Rafiq and Fareeda. (HBO)

11:30 PM ET

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – News, politics and current events. (HBO)


Big Brother: After Dark – Live camera feeds from the “Big Brother” house. (Pop)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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