What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘The Affair’, ‘Once Upon A Time’ on Sunday

The Walking Dead is all-new! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for 10/25/2015:

7:00 PM ET

Football Night in America [LIVE] – Bob Costas and others recap the day’s NFL highlights. (NBC)

America’s Funniest Home Videos – Amateur videographers in the U.S. submit ones of their kids, pets, friends and families in funny situations — often embarrassing — with the hope of winning thousands in prize money. Each week, the studio audience determines a winner by voting for the one they find most-hilarious. (ABC)

60 Minutes – The television magazine series covers a broad spectrum of modern life. (CBS)

8:00 PM ET

Once Upon a Time (“Dreamcatcher”) – Henry asks Violet out; those searching for Gold break into Emma’s house, where they find a glimpse of Emma’s end game; Merida tackles her mission. (ABC)

The Simpsons (“Treehouse of Horror XXVI”) – Sideshow Bob kills Bart; Homer has short-term memory loss; radiation exposure gives Lisa, Bart and Milhouse superpowers. (FOX)

Madam Secretary (“Waiting for Taleju”) – When Elizabeth disagrees with the president’s response to tension with Russia, she is pushed out of the inner circle; incriminating photos of Harrison and Stevie come to light. (CBS)

8:20 PM ET

NFL Football [LIVE] (“Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers”) – Cam Newton and the undefeated Panthers look to keep the momentum going, following a big win over Seattle, when they host Chip Kelly’s Eagles in a matchup of NFC playoff hopefuls. (NBC)

8:30 PM ET

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (“Halloween, Part III”) – Holt and Peralta compete for the title of “amazing detective slash genius” in their third annual Halloween heist. (FOX)

What's On TV Tonight - 'The Walking Dead', 'The Affair', 'Once Upon A Time' on Sunday

Credit: AMC

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The Walking Dead (“Thank You”) – Rick leads his group through an unruly pack of walkers. (AMC)

The Good Wife (“Taxed”) – When Alicia agrees to support a client’s plea of innocence in a shoplifting case, she clashes with the bond court judge; Diane is coerced into arguing against her own beliefs in a case about assisted suicide. (CBS)

Family Guy (“Peternormal Activity”) – When the guys go to an abandoned asylum to gain inspiration for a new horror movie, they accidentally kill a man who they think is keeping them hostage; annoyed with Brian’s perceived pretension, Stewie endeavors to destroy his glasses. (FOX)

The Leftovers (“Orange Sticker”) – Nora awakens in the midst of an earthquake to find Kevin missing; the Murphys are left reeling after Evie’s disappearance; Kevin returns home with no memory of the night before; an old enemy returns. (HBO)

Homeland (“Why Is This Night Different?”) – Carrie cannot find answers; Saul and Allison run an operation. (Showtime)

Blood & Oil (“Rocks and Hard Places”) – Lacey officially joins the family business making Wick’s shortcomings more glaring; Billy tries to blackmail Hap; Sheriff Tip reveals to Hap that Wick may know more about the robbery than he’s let on. (ABC)

9:30 PM ET

The Last Man on Earth (“Crickets”) – Dark and sizeable secrets exist despite the population’s miniscule size. (FOX)

10:00 PM ET

CSI: Cyber (“Red Crone”) – A kidnapping seems to be based on an online myth in which the abductor lures children through a cellphone app; Avery benches Elijah after he behaves aggressively; D.B. finds romance. (CBS)

Talking Dead – Guests discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Thank You”. (AMC)

Project Greenlight (“Accident Waiting to Happen”) – The production team grows increasingly frustrated that Jason has not chosen a location for the car-crash scene; Jason meets with the stunt coordinator to map out the crash logistics; Jason receives words of encouragement from a surprise visitor. (HBO)

The Affair – Pressures mount in Helen’s life; Noah and Alison face a setback. (Showtime)

Quantico (“Found”) – Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their first undercover assignment; Alex tells her side of the story in a public interview. (ABC)

90 Day Fiancé (“Questions & Answers”) – Mark’s daughter is older than Nikki; Melanie’s sister confronts Devar about his intentions; Noon is unimpressed with Kyle’s house; Loren and Alexei discuss his visa status; new couple Fernando and Carolina. (TLC)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Model Amber Rose; author Iyanla Vanzant. (Bravo)

StarTalk [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Bill Clinton”) – Discussing the importance of science education, the Human Genome Project and artificial intelligence; former President Bill Clinton, comic Chuck Nice and genomics expert Juan Enriquez. (NatGeo)


Robot Chicken [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Garbage Sushi”) – The season premiere of the popular comedy series. (Cartoon Network)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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