What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Once Upon A Time’, ‘Agent X’ on Sunday

Tensions rise in Alexandria on an all-new episode of The Walking Dead! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for 11/07/2015:

7:00 PM ET

Football Night in America [LIVE] – Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and Peter King recap the day’s NFL highlights. (NBC)

America’s Funniest Home Videos – Alfonso’s famous Carlton dance; a couple taking a photograph by the ocean are surprised by a wave; a man accidentally records video footage of himself; a man falls asleep with popcorn in his mouth; a giraffe eats too many carrots. (ABC)

The Great British Baking Show [SEASON FINALE] (“The Final”) – The finalists tackle three challenges — a picnic pie, 12 perfectly shaped pretzels and a three-tiered wedding cake. (PBS)

60 Minutes – The television magazine series covers a broad spectrum of modern life. (CBS)

7:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”) – Thanksgiving festivities are put in jeopardy when a snowstorm derails Bob’s trip home with an injured Gayle (Megan Mullally). (FOX)

8:00 PM ET

Once Upon a Time (“Nimue”) – Emma puts her plan into motion. (ABC)

The Simpsons (“Friend With Benefit”) – Lisa makes a new friend named Harper (Kristen Bell), who comes from a wealthy family; Homer befriends Harper’s dad and enjoys the benefits of having a rich pal. (FOX)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta [SEASON PREMIERE] (“The Shades of It All”) – Kandi and Todd get exciting news during a visit with Dr. Jackie; Cynthia discovers a viral video of Peter in a compromising position; Cynthia throws an event to celebrate the launch of her eyewear line; Shereè’s return causes a stir. (Bravo)

The Librarians (“And What Lies Beneath the Stones”) – Stone, Cassandra and Ezekiel team up to investigate a cave-in at an oil rig site which has unleashed a shape-shifting god who grows in strength when lies are told. (TNT)

Flesh and Bone [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Bulling Through”) – Claire escapes her troubled past by joining the prestigious American Ballet Company in New York City, where she finds new opportunities and new enemies. (Starz)

8:20 PM ET

NFL Football [LIVE] (“Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys”) – The Cowboys have struggled without injured quarterback Tony Romo, dropping five straight. They look to turn it around against an old rival when they host the 3-4 Eagles in a huge NFC East showdown. (NBC)

8:30 PM ET

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (“Into the Woods”) – Jake and Charles talk Terry into going camping; Rosa receives relationship advice from Holt; Gina helps Amy prepare for a presentation. (FOX)

Madam Secretary (“Catch and Release”) – Elizabeth is determined to seek justice when an American aid worker is killed in Syria; Dmitri asks Henry for help saving Ivan. (CBS)

What's On TV Tonight - 'The Walking Dead', 'Once Upon A Time', 'Agent X' on Sunday

Credit: AMC

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The Walking Dead (“Now”) – Following a number of setbacks, the mood in Alexandria grows grim for the sheltered citizens. (AMC)

The Leftovers (“Lens”) – Nora is irritated by unexpected visitors; Kevin’s predicament becomes impossible to ignore; Erika finds an unlikely ally and reveals haunting secrets. (HBO)

Homeland (“Parabiosis”) – Saul orders a sweep; Carrie seeks support from Düring. (Showtime)

Family Guy (“Peter, Chris & Brian”) – When Peter goes to his mother’s home to retrieve his stash of porn, he finds a “To Peter From Peter” tape that makes him feel like a failure. (FOX)

Blood & Oil (“Fight or Flight”) – Billy and Wick form an alliance after leaving Gary for dead; federal agents trying to build a case against Hap approach Wick; Carla tries to expose her husband’s affair. (ABC)

Agent X [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Pilot”) – Vice President Natalie Maccabee is initiated into a covert world of danger; a secret version of the Constitution endows Natalie with her own secret agent to be deployed in times of crisis; the daughter of FBI Director Stanton is kidnapped. (TNT)

9:30 PM ET

The Good Wife (“Lies”) – Alicia and Lucca defend a former technology firm employee who was fired after failing a polygraph test; Eli wants to leak information that would damage Peter’s campaign — but could also impact Alicia. (CBS)

The Last Man on Earth (“A Real Live Wire”) – Todd and Tandy make an attempt to solve their problem finding power. (FOX)

10:00 PM ET

Talking Dead – Guests discuss the episode, “Now.” (AMC)

The Affair – Helen makes a long-overdue decision; there is a shift in Noah and Alison’s relationship. (Showtime)

Getting On [SEASON PREMIERE] (“This Is About Vomit, People”) – Dr. Jenna James finds her job threatened by a handsome new doctor; DiDi is inspired to fight for her union rights; Patsy is forced to return to floor duty; Dawn questions her marriage. (HBO)

Quantico (“Go”) – An explosive assignment results in some new agent trainees being sent home; as Alex continues working to clear her name, she encounters Raina and Nimah, who provide more questions than answers. (ABC)

Agent X (“The Enemy of My Enemy”) – One of John’s former nemeses steals an arsenal of nuclear warheads; John must work with an old enemy to rescue a scientist; Natalie and Malcolm try to protect John’s identity. (TNT)

10:30 PM ET

CSI: Cyber (“Gone in 6 Seconds”) – During a competition with street racer Carmen Lopez (Jessica Szohr), a man is killed by a driverless car that was hijacked by a hacker. (CBS)

11:00 PM ET

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – News, politics and current events. (HBO)


Comic Book Men (“Stash-pocalypse”) – The guys are prompted to reconsider their preparations for the apocalypse by a zombie comic; an eccentric collector wants Walt’s help. (AMC)

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