What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘The Good Wife’ Finale, ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday

After seven seasons, The Good Wife comes to an end with a dramatic series finale! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Sunday 05/08/2016. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!

7:00 PM ET

Dateline: On Assignment [SERIES PREMIERE] – Lester Holt anchors this newsmagazine that delivers interviews with newsmakers, in-depth coverage of noteworthy events and investigates subjects of all kinds. NBC news correspondents — including Richard Engel, Cynthia McFadden, Kate Snow, Harry Smith, Matt Lauer, Josh Mankiewicz and Keith Morrison — probe crimes, trends and issues to present a series of short segments that deserve to be told, but don’t lend themselves to the long-form nature of sister series “Dateline NBC.” (NBC)

America’s Funniest Home Videos – Nine finalists compete; videos include a man’s frantic fear of spiders; a butterfly vs. a hungry bird; a boy’s science experiment gone awry; a surprised baboon. (ABC)

60 Minutes – The television magazine series covers a broad spectrum of modern life.

Bordertown (“La Fiesta Noche”) – When the Buckwalds and Gonzalezes attend the taping of a TV show being filmed in Mexifornia, Bud inadvertently becomes a big star. (FOX)

8:00 PM ET

Once Upon a Time (“Last Rites”) – Emma, David, Regina, Robin and Henry reunite with Snow in Storybrooke; Hades deceives Zelena as he works on his plan to take over the town using the Olympian Crystal; Regina and Robin’s efforts to defeat Hades lead to a showdown. (ABC)

Little Big Shots [SEASON FINALE] (“Little Big Shots: Top 10 Moments”) – Highlights of the show’s most popular performances, plus new acts and never before seen footage. (NBC)

The Simpsons (“To Courier with Love”) – Homer makes a deal with a travel agent to be the courier of a top secret briefcase to get a discount on a family vacation to Paris. (FOX)

Call the Midwife – A woman decides not to report a rape; a mother conceals her daughter’s pregnancy; Shelagh and Timothy arrange a family camping holiday. (PBS)

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (“Mother of All Problems”) – Everyone is at odds when a surprise guest arrives at Joseline’s party; Momma Dee’s marriage shows signs of stress; Scrappy learns about Bambi’s extracurricular activities; the King family is divided. (VH1)

Madam Secretary [SEASON FINALE] (“Vartius”) – Elizabeth gets shocking news about a political operative and learns President Dalton may be considering replacing her as Secretary of State; Stevie and Jareth get engaged. (CBS)

8:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Bye Bye Boo Boo”) – Louise enters a contest that could give Tina a chance to meet the exiting member of a boy band; an interesting piece of history about Bob’s restaurant leads to tension between Bob and Jimmy Pesto. (FOX)

What's On TV Tonight - 'The Good Wife' Finale, 'Game of Thrones' on Sunday

Credit: CBS

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The Good Wife [SERIES FINALE] (“End”) – After seven seasons, the series comes to an end. (CBS)

Game of Thrones (“Oathbreaker”) – Daenerys meets her future; Bran meets the past; Tommen confronts the High Sparrow; Arya trains to be No One; Varys finds an answer; Ramsay gets a gift. (HBO)

Fear the Walking Dead (“Captive”) – Alicia works toward reuniting with her family; Travis comes across a familiar face; Madison and Nick try to save their family against all odds. (AMC)

House of Lies (“Above Board Metrics”) – Marty reunites with a pair of obnoxious former clients to expand the business of a cruise line; Clyde hinders Doug’s high-seas fantasy; Jeannie gets emotional. (Showtime)

Family Guy (“The New Adventures of Old Tom”) – Peter is lost in a mall overnight after his family abandons him; to win over a girl, Brian pretends he’s a millionaire. (FOX)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians – The Kardashians stay determined to remember that family always comes first, despite unexpected changes. (E!)

The Family (“Election Day”) – As the election results come in, Willa divulges another terrible secret to Claire; time runs short for Nina to get her man. (ABC)

The Carmichael Show (“Man’s World”) – After Maxine challenges the Carmichael men to prove their masculinity by fixing the roof, she tries to show Cynthia that she can change a tire without a man’s help. (NBC)

Good Witch (“The Trouble With Love”) – Cassie learns after a talk with Grace that her magic isn’t the answer to everything; Sam’s ex-wife causes some issues. (Hallmark)

Dear Mama – Celebrities, including Queen Latifah, Trey, Jaden and Willow Smith, and Alicia Keys, honor their mothers; Alessia Cara performs. (VH1)

9:30 PM ET

The Last Man on Earth (“Smart and Stupid”) – As Tandy gets used to having his brother back on Earth, Todd begins feeling left out; Mike discovers more about Erica than the group has ever known. (FOX)

Crowded (“Daughter”) – Mike finds out Stella’s boyfriend is married and struggles with whether or not to tell her; Martina bonds with Bob at a shooting range; Alice mentors Shea about a guy she’s seeing. (NBC)

DICE (“Sal Maldonado”) – Milkshake uses an alias at a steakhouse to imply mob connections; a Hollywood agent replaces Dice as manager of his son’s band. (Showtime)

10:00 PM ET

Elementary [SEASON FINALE] (“A Difference in Kind”) – Holmes and Watson face retaliation from the perpetrator who wants Morland dead, and realize they underestimated the scope of their enemy’s influence. (CBS)

Talking Dead (“Fear the Walking Dead 205″) – Chris Hardwick and guests discuss the fifth episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” season two, “Captive.” (AMC)

Silicon Valley (“Meinertzhagen’s Haversack”) – Richard searches for a way around Jack; Gilfoyle opens himself up to recruiters; Dinesh’s recent purchase draws unwanted attention.

Quantico (“Right”) – The NATS look forward to graduation and heading to their real world assignments; Alex learns someone she cared about in the past isn’t who she thought. (ABC)

Dateline NBC – Investigative journalism. (NBC)

Motive (“Fallen”) – The team must balance law and justice in the murder of a street artist.

10:30 PM ET

Veep (“The Eagle”) – Mike must deal with the consequences of Selina’s tweet; Amy begins to be troubled by Bob’s behavior; Gary finds himself the belle of the ball at a museum gala. (HBO)

11:00 PM ET

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – News, politics and current events. (HBO)

Watch What Happens: Live – TV personalities Mercedes Javid and Vida Javid (“Shahs of Sunset”). (Bravo)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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