What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘The Amazing Race’ Premiere, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ on Friday

The Amazing Race returns for an all-new season! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 02/13/2016:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The Amazing Race [SEASON PREMIERE] (“I Should’ve Been a Boy Scout”) – Teams of social media stars travel to Mexico City, where they find an archaeological roadblock and set off fireworks. (CBS)

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Valentine – When Sally sees the box of candy Linus brought for his teacher, she thinks it’s for her and gives him a card; Lucy wants affection from Schroeder; Charlie waits for a card; Charlie tries to invite a girl to a dance but doesn’t have her phone number. (ABC)

Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon (“High Energy”) – Videos include “Nature’s Wrath,” “Humans Are Awesome” and “Dash Cam Drama.” (NBC)

Sleepy Hollow (“Incident at Stone Manor”) – Crane and Sophie battle a supernatural force targeting Sleepy Hollow residents as Pandora and the Hidden One grow stronger; Jenny investigates Abbie’s disappearance, and has an encounter with her father. (FOX)

The Vampire Diaries (“Postcards From the Edge”) – When Stefan tries to reason with an increasingly reckless Damon, he learns the devastating reason for his brother’s behavior; Caroline turns to Valerie when she begins suffering dangerous side effects of her pregnancy. (The CW)

8:30 PM ET

Girl Meets World (“Girl Meets Commonism”) – Auggie experiences an existential crisis while trying to figure out what he wants to be; Farkle and Maya are caught cheating on a test and must face the school honor board. (Disney Channel)

9:00 PM ET

Shark Tank – A smart plate with food-recognition technology that could help dieters; a sweetener that tastes like honey, but isn’t made by bees; a spa business for babies; checking in with Ilumi; guest shark Chris Sacca. (ABC)

Hawaii Five-0 (“Hoa ‘inea”) – A double homicide occurs that involves infidelity; McGarrett and the team share disastrous Valentine’s Day experiences. (CBS)

Grimm (“Star-Crossed”) – After a barbaric ritual takes place, Monroe goes under cover to help Nick, Hank and Wu track a serial killer; Eve uses her skills in an interrogation. (NBC)

Second Chance (“Scratch That Glitch”) – A dead pool predicts Mary will die on the same day as the launch of an important Lookinglass product; a near-fatal brawl sends Pritchard to the hospital; Otto discovers glitches in Pritchard’s code. (FOX)

The Originals (“Dead Angels”) – Klaus finds himself in a standoff with an unlikely foe when a weapon that could take down his family ends up in the wrong hands; Elijah’s efforts to reclaim the Strix result in a violent showdown; a new coven tries to elicit Davina’s help. (The CW)

Love Thy Neighbor (“Second Thoughts”) – Troy discusses her marriage troubles with Hattie. (OWN)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (“Poly-Wrath”) – The couples are ambushed by a surprise lie detector test; Sugar Bear goes ballistic; Catherine unleashes her wild side. (WE TV)

Gold Rush (“Klondike Legend”) – Tony Beets travels to his roots in the Netherlands, where he talks about his transformation from a farm boy to a Klondike mining legend. (Discovery)

Bring It! (“Bucking Bride”) – Dianna prepares an ambitious gospel duet with an unlikely pair; Tina prepares for her wedding; Selena finds out she has not been invited to Tina’s wedding. (Lifetime)

10:00 PM ET

Blue Bloods (“The Road to Hell”) – Multiple women take credit for murdering the man they worked for; Frank and his priest clash over how to deal with a boy who has been stealing from the church; Nicky gets into trouble. (CBS)

David Bowie: Five Years – Exploring the five key years of David Bowie’s career; featuring previously unseen videos. (PBS)

Real Time With Bill Maher [LIVE] – Acerbic comic Bill Maher welcomes a panel of three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of current events. Also usually included as part of the show are a comedic monologue and an interview with a newsmaker or political figure. (HBO)

11:00 PM ET

VICE (“Escape to Europe; Cycle of Terror”) – Following the refugee trail from the Syrian border to Europe; the global reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris impacts the fight against terrorism. (HBO)

Ex Isle (“Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve”) – John goes in hysterics after revealing his past; one ex couple rekindles their relationship; Brittney spies on her ex. (WE TV)

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)

What's On TV Tonight - 'The Amazing Race' Premiere, 'The Vampire Diaries' on Friday

Credit: CBS

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