What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Finale, ‘Revenge’ Series Finale on Sunday

Once Upon A Time airs a special two-hour season finale on a night that includes the series finale of Revenge! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Sunday 05/10/2015:

7:00 PM ET

America’s Funniest Home Videos – Nine finalists — including a post-dental surgery teen talking about going to the moon and a little girl pretending to sleep so she doesn’t have to eat — vie for the $100,000 prize. (ABC)

60 Minutes – Jack Barsky talks about his days as a KGB spy and how he was able to remain in the U.S.; ballet dancer Misty Copeland discusses her childhood and her career. (CBS)

What's On TV Tonight - 'Once Upon A Time' Season Finale, 'Revenge' Series Finale on Sunday

Credit: ABC

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Once Upon a Time [SEASON FINALE] (“Operation Mongoose”) – The Author aligns with Gold, while Emma, her parents, Hook and Regina try to stop them; Henry steps up to save his family. (ABC)

The Simpsons (“Bull-E”) – When Bart is bullied at a dance, Marge gets the town to pass anti-bullying legislation; Homer is sent to rehab for bullying Flanders. (FOX)

Call the Midwife – Two school friends are reunited and their lives become intertwined in the most unexpected way. (PBS)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (“Reunion Part Three”) – NeNe and Cynthia discuss a possible reconciliation; when Dr. Jeff joins the women to rehash their group therapy session, NeNe breaks down in tears and opens up about her personal history. (Bravo)

Kate Plus 8 (“Mother’s Day Surprise”) – The children cook up a secret Mother’s Day breakfast for Kate; meanwhile, Kate looks back on her journey through motherhood. (TLC)

60 Minutes – Undercover informant Michael Blutrich; underwater explorer Robert Ballard; CrossFit CEO and founder Greg Glassman. (CBS)

Guy’s Grocery Games (“Mother’s Day Madness”) – Four moms must use their creativity to come up with an amazing breakfast; Guy Fieri’s wife, Lori, lends a helping hand in the Express Lane challenge; the finalists must use the sweet ingredients in tiramisu to make an indulgent dinner. (Food Network)

8:30 PM ET

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (“The Chopper”) – When Wuntch lets Peralta work his dream case, Holt worries she’s setting him up to fail; Amy, Rosa and Gina help Terry host a field trip. (FOX)

9:00 PM ET

The Good Wife [SEASON FINALE] (“Wanna Partner?”) – Alicia makes a decision about her professional future, and receives a call from a client who is being held in a secret police facility without being officially booked. (CBS)

Game of Thrones (“Kill the Boy”) – Daenerys makes a difficult decision; Jon recruits the help of an unexpected ally; Brienne searches for Sansa; Theon remains under Ramsay’s control. (HBO)

A.D. The Bible Continues (“The Persecution”) – After failing to silence the disciples, Caiaphas is challenged; Saul is authorized to go ahead with a bitter campaign of persecution. (NBC)

Masterpiece Classic (“Mr. Selfridge, Season 3: Episode 7”) – The store takes a gamble; Victor’s survival strategy; Gordon and Grace test the water. (PBS)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians (“Lip Service”) – The media starts poking into Kylie’s beauty secrets and she realizes she must address her new look; Scott is afraid he made a mistake when he hires Kourtney as an interior designer. (E!)

Nurse Jackie (“Coop Out”) – Jackie stirs up trouble when she rallies her co-workers against the developers; Coop prepares for his last day at All Saints; Coop’s replacement arrives and surprises everyone with his carpe diem attitude. (Showtime)

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative (“You Dropped a Mom on Me”) – Leah and her sisters do all they can to please their mother, Vicki, on Mother’s Day; re-enacting baby photos and a sleepover at Vicki’s. (TLC)

Spring Baking Championship (“Mother’s Day”) – The bakers take on a special treat, transforming coffee and cream into a delectable dessert; whipping up a festive mom-worthy brunch. (Food Network)

9:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Housetrap”) – When a terrible storm strands the Belchers in Craggy Neck, they must take shelter with the mysterious owner of a large beach house. (FOX)

Happyish (“Starring Vladimir Nabokov, Hippocrates and God”) – Thom receives differing ideas on the meaning of suffering after Julius gets ill; MGT departments begin downsizing. (Showtime)

Blood, Sweat & Heels (“Turned Up and Kicked Out”) – Mica goes on a date with someone new; Arzo has a difficult conversation with her boyfriend which results in tears; Chantelle’s bad behavior threatens to ruin Demetria’s book launch; a medical mix-up hampers Daisy’s recovery. (Bravo)

10:00 PM ET

Revenge [SERIES FINALE] (“Two Graves”) – Emily finds herself in a position where she must admit her guilt, but first she must decide how far she’ll go before admitting defeat. (ABC)

Mad Men (“The Milk and Honey Route”) – Don has a difficult time sleeping; a taxing friend blindsides Pete; Henry arranges a family reunion while facing a new challenge. (AMC)

Wolf Hall on Masterpiece [SERIES FINALE] – Anger and distrust take the place of Henry’s love for Anne Boleyn, so he instructs Cromwell to rid him of her. (PBS)

Silicon Valley (“Server Space”) – Gavin’s interference causes Pied Piper to struggle with securing their expansion; Gilfoyle is tasked with building servers; Richard takes in Jared as a roommate; Big Head’s management skills are questioned. (HBO)

Penny Dreadful (“Verbis Diablo”) – Vanessa seeks solace with Sir Malcolm; Dorian Gray meets an intriguing woman; Rusk seeks a survivor; Hecate hunts down a prize for her mother; Ferdinand Lyle reveals Verbis Diablo’s backstory. (Showtime)

Battle Creek (“Stockholm”) – When an escaped convict takes Russ hostage, Milt and the Battle Creek P.D. race to find and rescue him. (CBS)

American Odyssey (“Wingman”) – Odelle is reunited with her friend; Maya and Cameron’s relationship deepens, which leaves Peter feeling worried; Harrison asks about a story his father left unfinished. (NBC)

Intervention [SEASON FINALE] (“Bryceton”) – A singer/songwriter’s addiction to alcohol and synthetic marijuana leads to erratic behavior and angry outbursts. (A&E)

The Royals (“In My Heart There Was a Kind of Fighting”) – Prince Robert receives a visit from someone from his past; Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor must deal with their own demons. (E!)

Cutthroat Kitchen (“Moo-In’ on Up”) – Three chefs have to play musical stations while making sushi rolls; two chefs have to walk the fashion runway while making veal Milanese; pumpkin pie. (Food Network)

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (“Fugitive Kind”) – Lizzie devises a strategy that stops Siringo cold; Lizzie’s maneuvers challenge Emma’s trust in her; Siringo summons the last of his resources to manage a vengeful attempt on Lizzie. (Lifetime)

My Big Fat Fabulous Life (“Babs Knows Best”) – Whitney take us on a journey to get to know her mother, Babs; Whitney cheers her mother up after an event leaves her blue; a look back at some of their memories over the years. (TLC)

10:30 PM ET

Veep (“Convention”) – Selina and her staff scramble to avert a major internal crisis; Amy is angry with the president’s new advisor; Dan recruits Jonah and Richard to pose as influential Washington insiders. (HBO)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Rapper-entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs. (Bravo)

11:30 PM ET

Fashion Queens – Fashion maven Bevy Smith and celebrity hairstylists Derek J and Miss Lawrence cover all sorts of fashion-related topics, from high fashion to celebrity style and unusual outfits from around the world. (Bravo)

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