What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church’, ‘Bring It!’, ‘All Access’ on Friday

Not many new shows tonight! Just a lot of reruns. But hey, Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church premieres! What else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 09/04/2015:

8:00 PM ET

Cold Justice (“Justice Served (Los Angeles, CA)”) – John Walsh interviews the investigative team, which provides insights into the investigations and gives updates on past cases. (TNT)

Bring It! (“Fan Chat: Saturday Night Fights”) – Coach D takes the Dancing Dolls onto a football field for a field show and stand battle competition; the girls struggle to learn their routines with a full marching band and severe weather looming; Dianna faces her loudest rival of the season. (Lifetime)

What's On TV Tonight - 'Jimi Hendrix Electric Church', 'Bring It!', 'All Access' on Friday

Credit: Showtime

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church – Chronicling the artist’s largest U.S. performance at the Atlanta Pop Music Festival in July 1970; songs include “Hey Joe,” “Voodoo Child,” “Purple Haze,” “Room Full of Mirrors,” “Freedom,” and “The Star Spangled Banner.” (Showtime)

Kendra On Top (“Homeward Boundage”) – Kendra returns home from her solo trip to the UK after partying with an NFL player; Hank is hurt by Kendra. (WE TV)

American Masters (“Althea”) – Althea Gibson becomes the first black person to play and win at Wimbledon and Forest Hills, a decade before Arthur Ashe. (PBS)

Ancient Aliens (“Creatures of the Deep”) – In August of 2014, Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station discover living sea plankton covering parts of the windows; there might be alien life forms that inhabit the seas. (History)

Bring It! (“Who You Callin’ Cookie?”) – Miss D feels the pressure as new teams travel to take on the Dancing Dolls; the mothers confront Miss D about her coaching style; for the first time in Dancing Dolls history, only three girls will compete in the stand battle. (Lifetime)

Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (“The Darkest Night (Lake Charles, LA)”) – In Lake Charles, La., Casey and Alicia must build a case against an uncooperative suspect and try to locate a witness who can confirm the story of a young woman who was raped 23 years ago. (TNT)

10:00 PM ET

The Soup [LIVE] – Guest James Corden. (E!)

Atlantic Plastic (“Surgery Sisters”) – Dr. Jones meets a Michael Jackson impersonator whose nose is a painful reminder of a difficult father; sisters decide to have the same surgery on the same day. (Lifetime)

10:30 PM ET

All Access (“Mayweather vs. Berto, Episode 2”) – Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto prepare for their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. (Showtime)

The Comment Section (“Brittany Furlan”) – Featuring guest Brittany Furlan. (E!)

11:00 PM ET

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)

Uncommon Sense With Charlamagne tha God – Charlamagne and guests discuss current issues in pop culture. (MTV 2)


Big Brother: After Dark – Live camera feeds from the “Big Brother” house. (Pop)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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