What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Premiere, 2016 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday

Fear the Walking Dead returns for Season 2 opposite the 2016 MTV Movie Awards! We also have the season premiere of House of Lies and the season finale of Billions! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Sunday 04/10/2016:

7:00 PM ET

America’s Funniest Home Videos – A dog obeys the sit and stay command but finds a clever way to get closer to a treat; a camel frightens a woman when it sticks its head through her car window; a family is shocked when an old chimney smashes against the house. (ABC)

60 Minutes – The television magazine series covers a broad spectrum of modern life. (CBS)

Bordertown (“Santa Ana Winds”) – Sanford travels to Mexico and gets hooked on a more potent elixer; Bud helps his Mexican look-alike sneak over the border; Ernesto struggles with an uncooperative leaf. (FOX)

7:30 PM ET

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life (“How to Survive Working With Friends”) – Cooper gets all the credit for Barry’s grandmother’s hangover cure, leaving Barry and Neil frustrated; the gang bands together to stop a rival CEO from stealing the hangover cure crown. (FOX)

8:00 PM ET

2016 MTV Movie Awards – From Burbank, Calif. (MTV)

Once Upon a Time (“Her Handsome Hero”) – Belle and Rumplestiltskin disagree over how to protect their child from Hades; Hades encourages Gaston to act against Rumplestiltskin; Emma has a nightmare that seems to be coming true. (ABC)

Little Big Shots (“The Karate Kid”) – Amazing kids featured include an incredible fiddler, a genius in math, a martial arts master, incredible dancers and a talented Motown performer. (NBC)

The Simpsons (“How Lisa Got Her Marge Back”) – When Marge takes Lisa to Capital City for a musical, the star tells Lisa how lucky she is to have a great mom; Bart comes up with a new plan to trick people. (FOX)

Call the Midwife – Nurse Crane meets a new friend who promises great adventure, but hides a surprising secret. (PBS)

Madam Secretary (“Desperate Remedies”) – After a member of the inner circle of a terrorist organization falls ill with a deadly virus, Elizabeth attempts to use his weakness to secure the release of a group of schoolgirls that are being held captive. (CBS)

The Girlfriend Experience [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Entry”) – A Chicago law-school student’s life takes a dramatic turn when a classmate introduces her to the world of transactional relationships. (Starz)

8:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Wag the Hog”) – The Belchers try to help Bob’s friend, Critter, after he lands in jail for unpaid parking tickets; Linda takes a job as a baby sitter. (FOX)

The Girlfriend Experience (“A Friend”) – Christine’s double life begins, as she balances her pursuit of a legal career with her work as a girlfriend experience. (Starz)

What's On TV Tonight - 'Fear the Walking Dead' Premiere, 2016 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday

Credit: AMC

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Fear the Walking Dead [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Monster”) – The families flee Los Angeles on Strand’s yacht and find yet more danger at sea. (AMC)

House of Lies [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Creative Destruction”) – Jeannie and Marty try to make co-parenting work; Doug and Clyde maneuver for position; Marty is approached with an intriguing offer. (Showtime)

Elementary (“All In”) – A woman claiming to be a former associate of Sherlock’s brother tells Holmes and Watson her life is in danger. (CBS)

I Am Cait (“Guess who’s coming to dinner? 2”) – Kris visits Cait in New Orleans, to try improve their relationship, but when old wounds arise between the exes, Cait’s friends must intervene. (E!)

The Family (“All the Livelong Day”) – Flashbacks reveal details of Adam’s return to Red Pines, playing out against the backdrop of Willa’s deceitful ways; John drops some major news on Claire, driving her to struggle with an agonizing decision. (ABC)

The Carmichael Show (“Ex Con”) – A friend of Jerrod’s release from prison has the Carmichaels considering their true opinions on the system, a person’s ability to change and community responsibility. (NBC)

A Woman Scorned: Doctor Foster [MINISERIES PREMIERE] (“Part 1 of 3”) – A talented family doctor’s life is torn apart when she suspects her husband of having an affair; Dr. Gemma Foster uncovers secrets that shock her to the core. (Lifetime)

9:30 PM ET

Crowded (“Nothing as It Seems”) – The family celebrates Bob and Alice’s anniversary by going to the movies, but things don’t go as planned when Mike and Martina find a positive pregnancy test. (NBC)

The Last Man on Earth (“Skidmark”) – Tandy attempts to throw a party for the entire group; Todd’s luck finally takes a turn for the better. (FOX)

Dice [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Elvis”) – When trying to buy a wedding gift for Carmen’s brother, Dice is distracted by the casino, then must rush around to make it to the ceremony on time. (Showtime)

10:00 PM ET

Elementary (“Art Imitates Art”) – Holmes and Watson discover a woman’s death is connected to a piece of artwork that has ties to a previous crime. (CBS)

Talking Dead (“Fear the Walking Dead 201″) – Chris Hardwick and guests discuss the “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 premiere, “Monster.” (AMC)

Girls (“Homeward Bound”) – Hannah becomes stranded after her road trip with Fran gets cut short; Adam stops by Laird’s place and stays to help with the baby; Shoshanna gets a wake up call; while recording a new song, Marnie receives parameters for her relationship with Desi. (HBO)

Billions [SEASON FINALE] (“The Conversation”) – Axe discovers that Chuck has new evidence against him; Lara makes plans for the family to flee; Axe accuses Wendy of leaking information; Chuck has an explosive confrontation with Axe. (Showtime)

Quantico (“Care”) – The NATS are challenged to cross the U.S./Canadian border without passports to learn about human trafficking; in the future, Simon puts his life at risk to continue helping Alex find the terrorist. (ABC)

10:30 PM ET

Togetherness [SERIES FINALE] (“For the Kids”) – The children inspire Michelle as the foursome makes a last-ditch effort to save her charter school plans. (HBO)

11:00 PM ET

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – News, politics and current events. (HBO)

Watch What Happens: Live – An all-new episode of the popular chat show hosted by former Bravo programming executive Andy Cohen. (Bravo)

What, if anything, do you plan on watching on TV tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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