What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon’, ‘Grimm’, ‘Bring It!’ on Friday

Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon is back! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 02/05/2016:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon (“High Intensity”) – Videos include “Italy Car Crash,” “ Prank Masters,” “Woman Fights off Robber” and “Soldiers Returning Home”; Vine stars Brittany Furlan, Ian Padgham and Thomas Sanders. (NBC)

Last Man Standing (“Home Sweet Loan”) – After agreeing to buy a home with Kristin, Ryan changes his mind; Mandy wants Eve out of the basement. (ABC)

Sleepy Hollow (“One Life”) – Jenny and Crane are at a loss after Abbie’s sacrifice; Crane forms an unexpected partnership; Jenny faces off with a former enemy. (FOX)

The Vampire Diaries (“Things We Lost in the Fire”) – While Stefan secretly struggles with his own experience in the Phoenix stone, he tries to help Damon recover and regain his grip on reality; Matt spirals out of control; Tyler attends Alaric’s baby shower; Caroline makes an upsetting discovery. (The CW)

Undercover Boss (“4 Wheel Parts”) – Wheel Parts CEO Greg Adler is put under pressure when he must mount massive tires on a Jeep while he is undercover. (CBS)

8:30 PM ET

Dr. Ken (“Dave’s Valentine”) – Dave’s date to the Valentine’s Day dance turns out to be the daughter of a well-known, successful malpractice lawyer (Joel McHale), who doesn’t get along with Ken; Julie feels rejected by Topher (Danny Pudi). (ABC)

9:00 PM ET

Shark Tank – Active members of the military and veterans present their products, which include handbags made of upcycled military materials, gloves that work wirelessly with cellphones, and a personal organization business; checking in with the owner of Turbopup. (ABC)

Super Bowl’s Greatest Halftime Shows – Celebrating the best halftime performances in Super Bowl history, including U2, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Prince, Paul McCartney, and others. (CBS)

Grimm (“A Reptile Dysfunction”) – A mysterious sighting is connected to the death of a tourist at a local lake; Rosalee is haunted by her past; Renard supports a candidate for mayor; Nick witnesses the scope of the wesen uprising. (NBC)

Second Chance (“Admissions”) – A past case becomes relevant as Pritchard and Duval investigate murders involving young prodigies; Pritchard becomes a confidential informant for the FBI. (FOX)

The Originals (“Wild at Heart”) – Elijah learns that Aya might have knowledge about an elusive weapon; Davina receives a tempting offer that could bring her closer to reuniting with Kol. (The CW)

Love Thy Neighbor (“Hattie’s Uncle”) – Hattie has to once again face the consequences of not paying taxes. (OWN)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (“Love and Behold”) – Sean and Catherine fight dirty behind closed doors; Jim and Elizabeth confront them; tension ignites between the couples. (WE TV)

Live From Lincoln Center (“From Bocelli to Barton: Richard Tucker Opera Gala”) – Andrea Bocelli joins Renée Fleming, Jamie Barton and other opera singers for a night of music. (PBS)

Gold Rush (“Golden Bombshell”) – The sons of the Klondike return for more gold digging. (Discovery)

Bring It! (“The Wicked Witch of Jackson”) – Dianna has big plans for a spooky routine when the Dolls compete on Halloween; the Purple Diamonds await the Dolls with a new member in tow. (Lifetime)

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (“If I Feel Like A Penny, I Need to Look Like a Million”) – Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor who wants to show off her curves, but Mom prefers her mounds to be covered; Jasmine’s mom has always questioned her style, but Lori suspects that’s not the only reason she’s doubting this bride’s vision. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

Love Thy Neighbor (“Why’s Hattie Happy”) – Linda finds out why Hattie’s been unusually happy. (OWN)

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (“Gone With the Wind Fabulous”) – Raucous returning bride Stacy is back to find another dress to reflect her motorcycle-chic style; Jessica wants a modern dress for her beach wedding but her mother-in-law is set on tradition. (TLC)

10:00 PM ET

Real Time With Bill Maher [LIVE] – Acerbic comic Bill Maher welcomes a panel of three guests from diverse parts of the political spectrum for a lively discussion of current events. Also usually included as part of the show are a comedic monologue and an interview with a newsmaker or political figure. (HBO)

The Rap Game (“Shakin’ Things Up”) – Jermaine Dupri tests the managers’ skills in a marketing challenge with an unexpected twist; one manager struggles with the test. (Lifetime)

Love, Lust or Run (“Savannah”) – Savannah is a circus performer who wears the same clothes inside and outside the big top, creating a spectacle wherever she goes. (TLC)

Ex Isle (“Taking the Plunge”) – Brittney feels burned after the first island hookup leaves; the exes go on blind dates; Sean faces off with Dr. Ish. (WE TV)

10:30 PM ET

Love at First Swipe (“Sports, Sweats and Tears”) – Clinton and Devyn help Ryan bring out her femininity without losing her sporty side. (TLC)

11:00 PM ET

VICE [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Boko Haram; Unnatural Selection”) – The Nigerian government is determined to drive militants from a terrorist group out of the country; a new gene-editing method allows scientists to change the genetic traits of plants and animals. (HBO)

11:30 PM ET

Animals [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Rats.”) – A rat gets mating tips from his friend at a subterranean party; a pair of police horses complains about an old acquaintance; a bedbug has a midlife crisis. (HBO)


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is joined by Actress Rebel Wilson; actor Jack Huston; Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats perform. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With Stephen Colbert welcomes Actor Bobby Cannavale; advertising executive Donny Deutsch; Charles Kelley performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Late Night With Seth Meyers features Actress Leslie Mann; actor Joshua Jackson; actor Benjamin Walker; Russell Simins sits in with the 8G Band. (12:35 AM, NBC)

What's On TV Tonight - 'Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon', 'Grimm', 'Bring It!' on Friday

Credit: NBC

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