What’s On TV Tonight? – Bruce Jenner Interview, ‘Lost Girl’, ‘Blue Bloods’ on Friday

Bruce Jenner breaks his silence as Diane Sawyer conducts Bruce Jenner — The Interview! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Friday 04/24/2015:

8:00 PM ET

Shark Tank – Collectibles for super fans of celebrities; a mobile app for reserving a barstool on busy nights; a classic line of men’s clothing made in America; a high-tech shoe insole. (ABC)

The Amazing Race (“Can I Get a Hot Tub!”) – The competition rages on. (CBS)

Grimm (“Iron Hans”) – Nick and Hank investigate a homicide they discover is linked to a wesen rite of passage; Juliette makes an unexpected ally; Captain Renard battles a darkness within; Nick finds hope for Juliette in Adalind. (NBC)

Cedric’s Barber Battle (“San Antonio”) – Featured barbers include Rob Ferrel, Janarius Harris and Nick Castellanos, who create hair sculptures featuring elaborate designs. (The CW)

Preachers of Detroit – An all-new episode of the reality series. (Oxygen)

Cold Justice (“Lying in Wait (Greenville, OH)”) – Kelly and Yolanda search for answers in the double homicide of a middle-aged man and woman who were shot inside the man’s house. (TNT)

8:30 PM ET

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (“Adelaide Kane”) – Actress Adelaide Kane; comic Jeff Davis. (The CW)

What's On TV Tonight - Bruce Jenner Interview, 'Lost Girl', 'Blue Bloods' on Friday

Credit: ABC

9:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Bruce Jenner — The Interview – Olympian and reality-TV star Bruce Jenner shares an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Diane Sawyer. (ABC)

Hawaii Five-0 (“Ho’amoano”) – When a dead woman is found in a hotel suite belonging to three married, hungover men, the team must help them retrace their steps as they try to remember what happened — and find the killer. (CBS)

The Messengers (“Strange Magic”) – The mysterious Rose meets with Vera, Erin, Joshua, Raul and Peter and tells them they are angels who must stop the Rapture from happening; Vera is tempted with clues about her son. (The CW)

Bitten (“Hell’s Teeth”) – When a new threat proves to be more powerful than anticipated, both the pack and coven suffer heavy losses in the confrontation.

Dateline NBC – Investigative journalism. (NBC)

America’s Ballroom Challenge [SEASON PREMIERE] – Six finalists in the American Smooth and American Rhythm divisions compete as a group before performing Showdance solos. (PBS)

Bring It! (“Battle Royale 2015”) – The Dancing Dolls face off against their three biggest rivals in the final competition of the season; the girls get an opportunity to audition for a full scholarship to the prestigious dance program at DeSales University in Pennsylvania. (Lifetime)

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse (“Keisha’s Corner”) – Keisha adds a segment to the guys’ show called “Keisha’s Corner.” (OWN)

Meet the Smiths (“Letting Go”) – Kenny is having trouble with Monique’s newfound college freedom; London struggles to let go of her pacifier. (TBS)

Say Yes to the Dress (“Worth the Wait”) – A bride who has always been the bridesmaid; a bride determined to make her second wedding perfect; a bride who bought her dress four years ago. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

Bride by Design (“Absolute Perfection”) – Former intern Molly has high expectations for a perfect custom dress she has been planning for years; a bride is torn between a dress that is sweet or sassy. (TLC)

10:00 PM ET

Blue Bloods (“New Rules”) – Frank orders everyone to help investigate when NYPD Deputy Chief Donald Kent and his wife are gunned down in what appears to be a gang hit. (CBS)

Lost Girl (“Like Hell”) – Bo needs help from a family member; Lauren encounters a spirit. (Syfy)

The Soup [LIVE] – With guest Lil Jon. (E!)

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (“To Bakersfield and Beyond”) – In Bakersfield, Calif., outrageous oxtail and garlic fried chicken; across town, Greek specialties like cabbage dolmades and braised beef over pasta; in Taft, Calif., pad Thai and tom yum kung. (Food Network)

Real Time With Bill Maher [LIVE] – Roundtable political discussion and comedy with a panel of guests. (HBO)

Jump! (“Double Trouble”) – When coach Laila decides to sign the team up for something new, it causes a rift between the Floyd-Little coaches; the team struggles in practice. (Lifetime)

Bride by Design [SEASON FINALE] (“Celebrities and Princesses”) – Bride Laura Beth keeps changing her mind about a simple dress or a dramatic one; a bride creates a dress inspired by her fiance. (TLC)

10:30 PM ET

The Grace Helbig Show (“Paul Scheer & Abby Lee”) – Guests Paul Scheer and Abby Lee. (E!)

11:00 PM ET

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)

VICE (“Sweet Home Alabama & Haitian Money Pit”) – In 2011, Alabama passes a harsh anti-immigrant law, aiming to cause illegal immigrants to leave the state on their own; after a massive earthquake in 2010, Haiti receives nearly 10 billion dollars in relief and reconstruction money. (HBO)

Comedy Bang! Bang! (“Lil Jon Wears a Baseball Cap and Sunglasses”) – Rapper Lil Jon discusses his retirement plans; spokesperson Shandy Williams gives Scott a gift from her new hair extension line; the Quizzler is running loose in the studio and it’s up to Scott and Reggie to solve his quizzles. (IFC)

Bama State Style (“Shaking the Tree”) – After walking off the field in front of the whole school, a former drum major pleads his case to stay in the band; Dr. Oliver holds a “tree shake” to make cuts before the first game of the season. (Lifetime)

Andrew Dice Clay Presents the Blue Show – Controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay presents a riotous stand up special featuring his favorite blue comics, Eleanor Kerrigan, Steve Wilson, Erik Myers, Jason Rouse, Michael Wheels Paris, Colin Kane and The Smash Brothers. (Showtime)


The Wendy Williams Show (“Hot Topics”) – The latest celebrity news; Suzanne Somers (“Dancing With the Stars”). (BET)


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is joined by Actor Chris Pratt; actress Elizabeth Olsen; “Fallonventions.” (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman welcomes Comic Jerry Seinfeld; Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires perform. (11:35 PM, CBS)

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