What’s On TV Tonight? – ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Dominion’ and ‘Rectify’ Premieres on Thursday

Beauty and the Beast puts Cat with a new partner! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Thursday 07/09/2015:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Beauty and the Beast (“The Most Dangerous Beast”) – Cat receives a new partner assignment, causing her to think that Carol and Bob have returned; J.T.’s healing ability comes at a terrible cost. (The CW)

BOOM! (“It’s the Wedding Cake Bomb!”) – Teams compete in a trivia challenge for a cash prize; wrong questions get contestants showered with a variety of substances. (FOX)

The Astronaut Wives Club (“Liftoff”) – Deke and Marge embrace new roles to accommodate his new status; things start to thaw between Gordo and Trudy. (ABC)

Food Fighters (“You’re in the Big Leagues Now”) – A web design manager from San Diego faces off against culinary professionals, including chef Eric Greenspan. (NBC)

9:00 PM ET

Mistresses (“Threesomes”) – Blair agrees to go on a date with April; Karen deals with the consequences of her encounter with Vivian and Alec; Calista tries to stay connected to Luca; Scott wants his engagement ring returned; issues strain Joss and Harry’s relationship. (ABC)

Big Brother [LIVE] – A vote determines who is evicted; the remaining house guests compete for the head of household position. (CBS)

Aquarius (“Sick City”) – Ken tries to clear all distractions from his life; Hodiak turns to two people from his past — a priest and a prostitute — for help. (NBC)

Party Down South (“Pie Fight!”) – Arriving home from the mud bogs, Bradley’s prank on Ashton backfires; a little chocolate in the face suddenly turns from a pie fight to a cat fight; the cast says its goodbyes and a memorable spring break comes to an end. (CMT)

Hoarders: Family Secrets (“Brian; Coral”) – A man serves as president of his condo HOA, but he lives in a hoard that would cause any other tenant to be evicted; a woman has been hoarding to deal with the death of her son. (Lifetime)

Braxton Family Values (“Divine Intervention”) – Tamar misses an important family event and defends herself; a major blowup splits the family; counseling session. (WE TV)

Wayward Pines (“The Friendliest Place on Earth”) – Ethan sets out to determine who is responsible for an explosion on Main Street that left two residents in critical condition; Harold bails on the covert operation; Nurse Pam tries to ascertain whether any workers have been making false reports. (FOX)

Dates [SERIES PREMIERE] (“David and Mia”) – Upon meeting David, Mia announces she’s changed her mind about the date; things take a surprising turn when David’s reaction isn’t what Mia expected. (The CW)

Complications (“Outbreak”) – When victims of a gang shootout show in the ER, John must navigate rival gang members and police; Gretchen tends to a young woman. (USA Network)

9:30 PM ET

Dates (“Jenny and Nick”) – A recently single teacher meets her Internet date, a flirt with a secret agenda; when the two give in to temptation, only one comes out on top. (The CW)

10:00 PM ET

Rookie Blue (“Uprising”) – A riot erupts at an over-capacity women’s correctional facility while Andy, Juliet, Nick and Gail are there to transfer inmates; a dangerous prisoner is desperate to prove her innocence to a trapped Andy and Juliet. (ABC)

Under the Dome (“The Kinship”) – New developments arise. (CBS)

Hannibal (“Dolce”) – Bedelia and Hannibal feel their time in Florence is coming to a close; Jack questions Will’s loyalty; Mason makes plans to apprehend Hannibal. (NBC)

Teen Mom 2 (“Keep It Moving”) – Javi blows up after finding something in Kailyn’s phone; Adam requests joint custody of Aubree, shocking Chelsea; Leah has to face Corey in court. (MTV)

Lip Sync Battle (“Alison Brie vs. Will Arnett”) – Actress Alison Brie lip syncs against actor Will Arnett. (Spike TV)

Dominion [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Heirs of Salvation”) – Alex and Noma head to New Delphi after an attack; Claire begins to understand her responsibilities; Michael discovers a quaint southern town. (Syfy)

Graceland (“Sense Memory”) – Mike’s visions and pain medication addiction begin to affect his ability to function in the field; Briggs coaxes a former FBI agent out of retirement. (USA Network)

Rectify [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Hoorah”) – The critically-acclaimed drama returns for a third season. (Sundance)

Cutting It: In the ATL (“Let Them Eat Cake”) – Maja celebrates her birthday and gets a surprise; Dedra leaves a lasting impression; Mushiya loses a bet. (WE TV)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Actress Taylor Schilling (“Orange Is the New Black”); actress Andie MacDowell (“Cedar Cove”). (Bravo)

3AM (“This One’s Just for the Stories”) – Excising demons at a voodoo ceremony; Sam has a risqué photography exhibit; Kirill celebrates his 30th birthday. (Showtime)

One Bad Choice (“Jessica Rasdall”) – A woman feels harassed by a club employee while out with her best friend and makes a fateful choice that sends her life into a tailspin. (MTV)

Sex On// [SERIES PREMIERE] – “VR Sex”; “The Humilitrix”; “Hot Stuff Hollie”; “Pixel Sex.” (HBO)

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)


The Wendy Williams Show (“Hot Talk”) – Don Lemon, Siggy Flicker and Lisa Evers debate the biggest headlines of the week. (BET)

What's On TV Tonight - 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Dominion' and 'Rectify' Premieres on Thursday

Credit: The CW

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