What’s On TV Tonight? – 7/5/2013

Credit: REELZ

Credit: REELZ

8:00 PM ET

Cult (“The Prophecy of St. Clare”) – Skye tries to console Edie MacDonald after a spooky incident; Jeff and Skye visit Edie’s mother; Peter keeps spying on Skye. (The CW)

Washington Week With Gwen Ifill [SEASON PREMIERE] – The successes and challenges faced by Congress and President Barack Obama over the first half of 2013; economic outlook for the remainder of 2013. (PBS)

Tanked: Unfiltered (“Groovy Sarcophagus, Man”) – Brett and Wayde create a Cleopatra-inspired tank for a boutique hotel in New York’s Catskill Mountains and a lava-lamp tank for the New Jersey headquarters of Spencer’s Gifts. (Animal Planet)

Nancy Grace Mysteries (“George Zimmerman Explosive Testimony Day 10”) – The latest on the George Zimmerman trial. (HLN)

9:00 PM ET

What Would You Do? – A manager tells a woman he won’t hire her because of her gender; a waiter refuses to serve a homeless man; a teen throws a public fit over a dress; kids forced to wear sandwich boards as punishment; a pharmacist loudly relays personal information. (ABC)

Cult (“Flip the Script”) – Skye, Jeff and Dr. Kimble’s teaching assistant, Allegra, learn that Kimble’s lab has been ransacked; a surveillance room with hidden camera feeds is discovered. (The CW)

The Cleveland Orchestra in Performance: Boulez Counducts Mahler – Pierre Boulez conducts the orchestra’s performance celebrating the life of composer Gustav Mahler. Mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kozená and baritone Christian Gerhaher are the featured soloists. (PBS)

Warlocks Rising [SERIES PREMIERE] (“The Hard Life”) – Shotgun’s lifestyle threatens the safety of his family; the Warlocks throw a freedom party for Scooter. (Discovery)

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids (“PhD in Persuasion”) – Young bride Kelsey arrives at Lori’s with a crew full of teenage drama; Shadonna’s sister uses her psychology background to manipulate the bride; Melia’s feeling the pressure when her sister orders her dress four sizes too small. (TLC)

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas (“Sex, Lies & Cellphones”) – The show features five previous bridezillas who, with their husbands, are living together in a house to try to save their troubled marriages. The couples go through a two-week marriage boot camp run by Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, an experienced husband-and-wife counseling team. (WE tv)

9:30 PM ET

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids (“Jarring Politics”) – Angelina wants a simple country wedding but her sister has a different vision; Esther’s maid of honor dislikes every dress; one of Meghan’s bridesmaids lives in Switzerland and won’t be able to try on the dress until the big day. (TLC)

10:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: King [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Lori Gilbert”) – Detective Jess King must find a missing girl. (Reelz)

Continuum (“Second Opinion”) – Kiera has an emotional breakdown which activates a psychiatric program embedded in her CMR. (Syfy)

20/20 (“Losing It”) – A doctor is accused of violence against women; road rage; sports stars gone wild; courtroom shenanigans. (ABC)

Treehouse Masters (“Backyard Bungalow”) – Pete creates a guesthouse for his clients’ daughter, who is returning from college. (Animal Planet)

Imagine A Future – Examines the beauty and self-esteem issues that many African-American women and girls face. (BET)

Philly Throttle [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Lights Out”) – The shop faces a cut-off notice from the electric company; 1967 Norton Atlas; 1931 Matchless Model X. (Discovery)

Fashion Police – The week in fashion. (E!)

Life’s Too Short Special – Warwick Davis claims he is a changed man with an exciting film opportunity, while continuing to run the talent agency. (HBO)

Randy to the Rescue (“Savannah”) – Randy helps southern belles overcome obstacles; Brandi shops for a gown without her very sick mom; Brittnee recently lost 60 pounds but still can’t seem to find the right dress; Courtney starts to question her dress vision. (TLC)

Bridezillas (“Joraine and Amanda”) – An all-new episode. (WE tv)

10:30 PM ET

72 Hours (“American Southwest”) – Three teams head out on a 36-mile trek across red rock mesas and steep river canyons in order to find the briefcase hidden in the New Mexico desert. (TNT)

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