What’s On TV Tonight? – 6/5/2013

Credit: CMT

Credit: CMT

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: CMT Music Awards 2013 – Performances by Carrie Underwood, George Strait, Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, and Florida Georgia Line. Hosted by Jason Aldean and Kristen Bell. (CMT)

The American Baking Competition (“Cookies”) – While one baker gets burned for lying to the judges, another baker’s cookies receive rave reviews; a baker crumbles under the pressure. (CBS)

Dateline NBC (“Against All Odds”) – Stacy and Jason Bingham discuss their children’s health issues as one child undergoes a heart transplant and another may be rejecting the donor heart she received years earlier. (NBC)

MasterChef (“Top 18 Compete; Top 17 Compete”) – The cooks must create a healthy meal for 300 school children; the cooks must prepare a dish using mystery box ingredients, which include cod. (FOX)

Melissa & Joey (“Toxic Parents”) – A custody battle erupts when Melissa dates the former husband of Joey’s girlfriend; Lennox wants to go against Zander’s wishes and get a tattoo; Ryder misses attending school. (ABC Family)

Breaking Amish: Brave New World – Secrets Revealed (“Flirting With Disaster”) – Lingering sexual tension between Sabrina and Jeremiah raises some eyebrows; unwanted guests show up in Fla. (TLC)

8:30 PM ET

Family Tools (“Waiting for Mrs. Bichette”) – As Stitch prepares to graduate from community college, Jack reaches out to Darren and Stitch’s estranged mother; Terry issues a challenge to Tony. (ABC)

Baby Daddy (“There’s Something Fitchy Going On”) – Ben tries to warn Riley that her new beau is too good to be true; Bonnie mistakenly sends a revealing message from Danny to Riley’s phone; Tucker attempts to impress his boss. (ABC Family)

9:00 PM ET

Dancing Fools (“Playing Dress Up”) – Guest appearance from members of the “Baby Daddy” cast; a Los Angeles mother-daughter duo competes in a dance-off against best friends “The Hot Steppers.” (ABC Family)

Million Dollar Listing: New York (“All The World’s a-Staging”) – Luis’ client needs to sell her apartment quickly; Ryan ties to calm his client; Frederik gets another listing. (Bravo)

Mythbusters (“Motorcycle Water Ski”) – Testing if a motorcycle can travel across water at high speeds; a parachute made from hotel room contents. (Discovery)

Love Thy Neighbor (“Love Thy Privacy”) – Sam learns that Danny has given Linda a key to the bachelor pad when she starts taking advantage of the access. (OWN)

Beverly Hills Pawn [SERIES PREMIERE] (“I Want To Buy An Island”) – Yossi and the team shop for movie memorabilia to expand their world-class collection; a woman trying to raise money for plastic surgery stops by to try to sell bed linens from the movie, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” (REELZ)

60 Minutes Sports – Controversial thoroughbred trainer Doug O’Neill; pitcher R.A. Dickey discusses the secret of the knuckleball; the World Darts Championship. (Showtime)

Haunted Collector (“House of Pain; Antique Spirits”) – John Zaffis and his team travel to Pensacola, look into alleged activity at an old Victorian house where famous socialite Wallis Simpson once lived. (Syfy)

Toddlers & Tiaras [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Disco Fever Pageant”) – Coffee loving Alexa goes up against diva Janeyah and her two moms as well as Brooke and her bodybuilder father. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) (“How to Have a Playdate”) – Polly arranges a play date for Natalie. (ABC)

Love Thy Neighbor (“Love Ain’t Opening This Door”) – Linda leans on her son after her divorce; Sam feels Danny’s clingy mother is visiting too much. (OWN)

Beverly Hills Pawn (“Models, Money and Michael Jackson”) – Cory is wowed by a relic from the psychedelic sixties in the shape of a vintage organ once played by Jim Morrison and The Doors; Aria deals with a blonde model who’s selling a pair of beautiful earrings to raise money for new head shots. (REELZ)

10:00 PM ET

ABC’s The Lookout (“Undercover House”) – The team investigates the promises of locksmiths, the work of a tv repairman and thread counts. (ABC)

Chef Roblé & Co. [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Georgia Peach in the Big Apple”) – Roblé and his crew move to a new kitchen; Jasmine returns as Event Designer, and Artie becomes the full-time Event Director; the first client of the season wants a classic Southern tea party. (Bravo)

Mile Wide Tornado: Storm Chasers Tribute – A tribute to the storm chasers who lost their lives during the Oklahoma storms. (Discovery)

Restaurant Stakeout (“The Place Is a Ghost Town!”) – Chef and co-owner of Roasted Peppers in Mamaroneck, N.Y., turns to Willie for help him in saving his restaurant. (Food Network)

The Real World (“Portland: Welcome to the S*** Show”) – Daisy causes a huge brawl even though things have been heading in a better direction with Nia, Johnny and Averey; Anastasia’s feelings for Jessica come to a head. (MTV)

Best Ink [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Full Body of Work”) – Old customers return to the chair; the final two artists ink masterpieces on celebrity guests Travie McCoy and AJ McLean. (Oxygen)

Beverly Hills Pawn (“Batman and A Blade”) – A fan of scary movies brings in the knife made famous in the movie “Scream,” and the customer wants a lot of cash for the knife but he cuts Yossi down to size with an arm wrestling bout; Ed Begley’s Jr.’s wife brings in jewelry to sell. (REELZ)

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (“When Does Life Begin?”) – New evidence shows that inside us are traces of cells from our relatives. (Science)

Paranormal Witness [SEASON PREMIERE] (“The Long Island Terror”) – A firefighter’s widow unwittingly buys the former home of devil-worshippers and battles with a demon to save her daughters’ lives. (Syfy)

The Good Buy Girls [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Tans and Tantrums”) – TV hosts Brook and Tara do whatever it takes to keep their struggling home shopping network afloat. (TLC)

R&B Divas (“Faith No More”) – Faith’s decision to move; the divas work to advance their careers; Angie gives a table read. (TVOne)

10:30 PM ET

Redneck Island [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Redneck Paradise”) – Fifteen new rednecks are welcomed to the island to battle for $100,000. (CMT)

The Good Buy Girls (“This Show Has Gone to the Dogs!”) – Brook and Tara decide that the next product they sell should cater to their pet loving audience; Boss Art is not too impressed with their idea. (TLC)

Beverly Hills Pawn (“Diamonds and Disco Balls”) – Yossi and Cory welcome a relative of fashion legend Tommy Hilfiger, who’s trying to off-load an exquisite family heirloom encrusted with diamonds; a walk-in customer looking for an investment falls in love with a vintage pearl and jewel necklace. (REELZ)

11:00 PM ET

The Real World (“Portland: The S*** They Should’ve Shown”) – Unseen footage from the season. (MTV)

Model Employee (“One Model Down, Six More to Go”) – The women set out for some fun in the sun, but learn they are at the beach for their next challenge. (VH1)


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is joined by Speechwriter Jon Favreau. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

Chelsea Lately has LeAnn Rimes; John Caparulo; Dan Finnerty; Gary Valentine. (11:00 PM, E!)

Conan welcomes Alexander Skarsgard; George R.R. Martin; Houndmouth. (11:00 PM, TBS)

The Colbert Report features Author Jonathan Alter. (11:30 PM, Comedy Central)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno welcomes Actor Danny McBride; reality-TV star Khloé Kardashian Odom; The Wanted performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman is joined by Actor Johnny Galecki; musician John Mellencamp; author Stephen King; Queens of the Stone Age performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon features Actress Glenn Close; actor Dolph Lundgren; Portugal. The Man performs. (12:35 AM, NBC)

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson has Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Gretchen Wilson performs. (12:35 AM, CBS)

Last Call With Carson Daly welcomes Comic Deon Cole; “Dirty Wars”; Kimbra performs. (1:35 AM, NBC)

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