What’s On TV Tonight? – 6/28/2013

Credit: Showtime

Credit: Showtime

8:00 PM ET

Dateline NBC – An accident traps a woman and her young daughters inside a car; investigating the murder of a professor. (NBC)

Cult (“The Devil You Know”) – Skye and Jeff search for evidence against Sakelik; Stuart invites Roger to his estate in Santa Barbara. (The CW)

9:00 PM ET

What Would You Do? – Hidden cameras capture reactions to a person removing coins from a casino fountain, people discovering a wallet full of cash and credit cards, a pastor refusing to marry an interracial couple, and a woman taking her young son for a manicure. (ABC)

Cult (“Off to See the Wizard”) – Jeff and Skye try to infiltrate a True Believers meeting, but Jeff accidentally follows a decoy vehicle. (The CW)

Annie: It’s the Hard-Knock Life, From Script to Stage – The staging of the song “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” from the musical “Annie.” (PBS)

Magic City (“Adapt or Die”) – Ike goes to Cuba to retrieve Maria’s ashes and begin his plan to oust Ben; Stevie is pulled closer toward Ben’s world; Stevie offers a chemical solution to a physically exhausted Vera. (Starz)

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids [SEASON PREMIERE] (“Cold Feet and Hot Tempers”) – Renee deals with her friends jealousy; Kirstie must choose if she will change the vision of her wedding to comfort a friend. (TLC)

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas (“Dance With the Devil”) – Boot camp for former Bridezillas continues. (WE TV)

Ultimate Animal Countdown (“Survivors”) – Animals that can withstand grueling climates and deprivation to survive. (NatGeoWild)

9:30 PM ET

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids (“Girl Power”) – Amy brings her fiance as back up against her bullying sister; Vilma wants a green dress to match her emerald engagement ring; one bridesmaid’s dress has a zipper malfunction. (TLC)

10:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Shaquille O’Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam – Live From Atlanta – Performers include Red Grant, Finesse Mitchell, Gina Yashere, Robert Powell and Lavar Walker; from the Atlanta Symphony Hall. (Showtime)

20/20 – The durable newsmagazine series presents investigative journalism and stories of the moment. (ABC)

Ann Curry Reports: A Face in the Crowd – A groundbreaking face transplant procedure gives a second chance at a normal life to Richard Norris — who lived 15 years as a recluse after being severely disfigured by an accidental shotgun blast to his face. (NBC)

Lidia Celebrates America (“Freedom and Independence”) – Celebrating different cultures across America with Anna Deavere Smith, Renée Fleming, Martha Wainwright, Jacques Pépin and Alec Mapa. (PBS)

Treehouse Masters (“Spirit House Retreat”) – Pete transforms an old cedar tree into an uplifting, gold-leafed retreat for a writer in Rhinebeck, N.Y. (Animal Planet)

Self Defense or Murder? The George Zimmerman Trial – Continuing coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. (CNN)

Fashion Police – Guests Eve, Kevin Hart and Zanna Roberts Rassi. (E!)

Mystery Diners (“Boss Hog”) – After noticing a drop in revenue at his Dallas restaurant, Stroker’s Ice House, a man tries to convince his retired mother to return as the manager. (Food Network)

Real Time With Bill Maher – Anthony Leiserowitz, director of Yale Project on Climate Change Communication; actor Adrian Grenier; political strategist Hogan Gidley; journalist Dan Neil; political consultant Kristen Soltis. (HBO)

Maron (“Projection”) – Marc has lunch with a flashy filmmaker friend who offers him a part in his upcoming movie. Humbled and a bit humiliated, Marc pictures how his life might look had he made different choices. (IFC)

Ultimate Animal Countdown (“Defenders”) – Animals that have armor, bodyguards, barricades or bombs to protect themselves from predators. (NatGeoWild)

Continuum (“Second Skin”) – Kiera races to track down what she thinks is another time traveler while fending against interference from factions of Liber8 and a determined Agent Gardiner. (Syfy)

Randy to the Rescue (“Seattle”) – Petite bride Tonie wants a sexy dress that makes a statement; full-figured bride Ashley hopes to find a gown to show off her curves; Gina has trouble making a decision. (TLC)

72 Hours (“Flinders Island, Tasmania”) – The teams must navigate through jagged beaches, brush-covered mountains and swamp-like lagoons on a remote Tasmanian island. (TNT)

Stevie TV – Stevie stars in a ’90s sitcom; Katrina returns. (VH1)

10:30 PM ET

Maron (“Mexican Angel”) – When Jen moves in on Marc’s domain, he seeks advice from podcast guest Adam Scott. As tensions mount, a stranger puts things in perspective. (IFC)

11:00 PM ET

Anderson Cooper Special Report (“The Madman in My Life”) – Interviews with the families of notorious murderers – or would-be killers including the daughter and brothers of Ariel Castro, the father of cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the widow of Joe Stack, and the brother of Ted Kaczynski. (CNN)


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno is joined by Comic Wanda Sykes; TV personality Kris Jenner; India.Arie performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

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