What’s On TV Tonight? – 4/28/2013

Credit: CBS

Credit: CBS

7:00 PM ET

America’s Funniest Home Videos – A soldier surprises his girlfriend; a Marine with an unusual way of cutting cake at his wedding; dogs eating with human hands. (ABC)

60 Minutes – Convicted serial killer Charles Cullen; jockey Rosie Napravnik’s plans to ride in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. (CBS)

7:30 PM ET

The Cleveland Show (“Grave Danger”) – During a weekend at Robert’s apartment in East Stoolbend, Rallo befriends tough kids in the neighborhood; Cleveland and his friends enjoy spending time at the lush Stoolbend cemetery. (FOX)

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: The Amazing Race (“Working Our Barrels Off”) – A double U-turn in Scotland puts two of the final five teams at risk. (CBS)

Once Upon A Time (“The Evil Queen”) – Hook helps Regina with a plan to transport her and Henry back to Fairytale land; Emma grows increasingly suspicious of Tamara; the queen asks Rumpelstiltskin to transform her so that she can kill Snow White. (ABC)

The Simpsons (“Pulpit Friction”) – A trendy new pastor (Edward Norton) asks Homer to be a church deacon, but when Homer starts to get a little too fervent, Bart asks Flanders for help finding their former pastor. (FOX)

Call the Midwife – The whole community prepares for the annual summer fete; Jenny meets a distraught mother of eight. (PBS)

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (“The Fourth Doctor”) – The fourth Doctor is portrayed by Tom Baker. (BBC America)

The Sheards (“Legacy”) – Kierra wants her own place; the bishop tries pushing J. Drew away from music. (BET)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (“Secrets Revealed”) – Never-before-seen footage, including Phaedra’s pet funerals, and the return of Kim Zolciak. (Bravo)

Dog and Beth: On the Hunt (“Big Trouble in Little Clovis”) – The Chapmans head to a dusty railroad town in New Mexico to help an aging bail bondsman. (CMT)

Cupcake Wars (“Tiffani Thiessen’s Birthday Bash”) – A chance to serve their cupcakes at a birthday party for celebrity and guest judge Tiffani Thiessen. (Food Network)

Jerseylicious (“NotSorry”) – Olivia begins her new job, but struggles with her on-camera appearance; the guest list for Tracy’s 25th birthday party causes a stir; Frankie evaluates his relationship with his new girlfriend, Brooklyn. (Style)

8:30 PM ET

Bob’s Burgers (“Boyz 4 Now”) – When Louise and Tina go to a Boyz 4 Now concert, Louise develops a crush on one of the singers; Gene enters a table-setting competition. (FOX)

9:00 PM ET

The Good Wife [SEASON FINALE] (“What’s in the Box?”) – When Zach thinks he has witnessed vote tampering, Will, Alicia and Diane race to a series of emergency court proceedings on the night of the gubernatorial election; an unexpected source offers to help Cary start his own firm. (CBS)

Revenge (“Identity”) – Emily, Aiden and Nolan work to uncover the Fa1c0n’s true identity and stop the Initiative; Emily struggles with her future; Victoria deals with issues after a revealing interview. (ABC)

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (“Ahab’s in Charge, and He’s Gone Mad”) – The teams put together promotional videos to demonstrate home automation and entertainment systems. (NBC)

Family Guy (“Total Recall”) – When teddy bear Rupert is recalled, Stewie is determined to get his best friend back; when Peter is sick and can’t compete in a bowling tournament, Lois fills in for him. (FOX)

Masterpiece Classic (“Mr. Selfridge: Part 5”) – Mr. Grove faces many challenges when he takes over in Harry’s absence; Agnes befriends Henri. (PBS)

Game of Thrones (“Kissed by Fire”) – The Hound is judged by the gods; Jaime is judged; Jon proves himself; Robb is betrayed; Tyrion learns the cost of weddings. (HBO)

Army Wives (“Jackpot”) – The group falls short of their fundraising goal for Claudia Joy’s garden; Gloria discovers Holly’s hidden talent; Hector finds out about Gloria and Patrick; Michael unwittingly encourages Kat’s daughter to switch from the Air Force to the Army. (Lifetime)

Oprah’s Lifeclass (“Oprah & Dr. Phil: How to Spot and Stop the Bad Guys in Your Life”) – Oprah and Dr. Phil discuss finding bad guys within your life. (OWN)

Nurse Jackie (“Smile”) – Jackie rear-ends Kevin, wakes up as a patient in her own ER and is prescribed Oxy. (Showtime)

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding (“Feuding Families and Broken Hearts”) – Two notorious gypsy families, the Boswells and the Smalls have been feuding with each other for years; one decides to crash the other’s party. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

American Dad (“The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith”) – Stan is shocked when he is told that Deputy Director Bullock is showing early signs of dementia and needs his memory erased; Roger hires an old friend to help Steve with a bully at school. (FOX)

10:00 PM ET

Red Widow (“The Coke”) – Marta learns new information about Natalie’s kidnapper and her husband’s murder; Gabriel decides to deal with a dangerous problem himself; Kat and Ramos restart their relationship. (ABC)

The Mentalist (“Red and Itchy”) – When J.J. LaRoche’s mysterious container is stolen from his home, he asks Jane for assistance. (CBS)

Mad Men (“The Flood”) – Peggy makes plans for the future; Roger courts a potential client. (AMC)

The Kandi Factory (“Hoodwinked, Bamboozled, and Ambushed”) – Lizzy, a talented 22-year-old singer/songwriter who is emotionally repressed from her music goes against Brandon, a 23-year-old Disney parade performer who needs to break out of his shell. (Bravo)

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (“What Would Ryan Lochte Do… in Washington D.C.?”) – While on a trip to Washington, D.C., Ryan and his mother bond; Ryan takes a stab at politics. (E!)

Naked Castaway (“Swimming With Sharks”) – Adventurer Ed Stafford attempts his biggest adventure yet, surviving on an uninhabited Fijian island for 60 days. (Discovery)

Restaurant: Impossible (“Creepy In Clearwater”) – Smitty’s Restaurant in Clearwater, Fla., needs an exterminator and its a struggle to finish before deadline. (Food Network)

Veep (“Hostages”) – Selina clashes with the Secretary of Defense during a joint appearance at a Marine Corps Base; Sue testifies at a Congressional hearing. (HBO)

Vikings [SEASON FINALE] (“All Change”) – Ragnar assembles a small party to travel to Gotaland to resolve a land dispute with Jarl Borg; a plague takes a toll on the village of Kattegat. (History Channel)

The Client List (“Heaven’s Just a Sin Away”) – Riley and Lacey decide to attend church with Georgia and Harold; Kyle prepares to testify against his former employer; Selena warns Derek about his overzealous client; Evan and Shelby have their first date. (Lifetime)

Oprah: Where Are They Now? (“Heidi Fleiss, Bow Wow All Grown Up, & Tribute to Roger Ebert”) – Heidi Fleiss discusses life today; rapper Bow Wow discusses fatherhood; a tribute to film critic Roger Ebert. (OWN)

The Borgias (“Siblings”) – The purged Cardinals are stripped of their titles and wealth; King Ferdinand refuses to accept Giovanni; Cesare considers an alliance with the old enemy; Alexander sticks to his plan; Lucrezia is abandoned on her wedding night. (Showtime)

Welcome to Myrtle Manor (“Where There’s Smoke, There’s Jared”) – Cecil gets serious about selling Myrtle Manor; Jared decides Chelsey is the love of his life; Taylor invites Bandit back to the park. (TLC)

I’m Married To A… – A quadriplegic man may not be able to sire a child; a professional dominatrix must keep her work at work. (VH1)

10:30 PM ET

Married to Jonas (“Pom Pom’s and Circumstance”) – Kevin, Nick and Joe go to Louisiana; Dani juggles family issues and a fashion photo shoot. (E!)

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