What’s On TV Tonight? – 3/28/2013

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

8:00 PM EST

American Idol (“Results Show”) – The contestants face elimination; Performances from Colton Dixon, Keith Urban, OneRepublic with Katharine McPhee. (FOX)

Wife Swap (“Envy/Loudon”) – A conservative Tea Party activist trades places with a woman in a polyamorous relationship. (ABC)

The Vampire Diaries (“American Gothic”) – As Elena and Rebekah pursue Katherine, Elena runs into Elijah; Damon is unsure how to react when Stefan reveals his plan for the future; Caroline reluctantly helps Klaus. (The CW)

8:30 PM EST

1600 Penn (“Bursting the Bubble”) – When Princess Abigail of Andorra comes to the White House for a peace gala, she asks that Skip be her escort; Emily discovers that things aren’t the way they used to be when she gets together with some friends. (NBC)

9:00 PM EST

Grey’s Anatomy (“Can’t Fight This Feeling”) – A gas tanker explodes on a highway, resulting in multiple injuries; Jo and Meredith try to help a frantic woman, whose child has a mysterious illness; Alex is forced to work with Jo’s boyfriend. (ABC)

Raising Hope [SEASON FINALE] (“Burt-Mitzvah: The Musical”; “Mother’s Day”) – After learning that he is Jewish, Burt prepares for the bar mitzvah he never had; when Burt and Barney travel to Maw Maw’s childhood home, they learn that her mother may still be alive. (FOX)

Beauty and the Beast (“Partners in Crime”) – In an attempt to salvage her relationship with Tess, Cat is forced to reveal secrets; Evan witnesses something that changes his opinion of Cat and fuels his determination to find the beast. (The CW)

Project Runway (“The Art of Fashion”) – The designers visit the Guggenheim to get inspiration for the creation of their own print textiles to be used in their garments; a designer is driven to tears. (Lifetime)

Braxton Family Values (“Tamar-vention”) – Toni honors Barry Manilow; Tamar promotes her new single and shoots a music video; the sisters have an emergency therapy session. (WE TV)

9:30 PM EST

Freakshow (“Freaks of Nature”) – Jesse the Half Man and Jim the Armless Wonder show off their abilities; Todd must make a difficult decision. (AMC)

1600 Penn [SEASON FINALE] (“Marry Me, Baby”) – While being interviewed by Larry King, President Gilchrist reveals information that puts the legitimacy of his marriage to Emily in question; surprising news is revealed. (NBC)

10:00 PM EST

NICK’S PICK: Scandal (“Snake in the Garden”) – Hollis Doyle’s daughter is kidnapped; Jake and Olivia take their relationship to the next level; Cyrus is determined to get back into the president’s good graces; Mellie tells Fitz that he needs to make some changes. (ABC)

Comic Book Men (“Comic Charades”) – The guys play charades with a comic book twist; Walt has the chance to buy original artwork. (AMC)

The Millionaire Matchmaker (“The Red-Headed Mixer”) – Patti holds an all-redhead mixer. (Bravo)

The Ben Show With Ben Hoffman (“Ben Has a Blind Date”) – Sketches include: “The Retweeter”; “Obscene Spelling Bee”; “YoBitchuaries”; “Barbershop Quartet”; a return appearance by Norm MacDonald. (Comedy Central)

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell (“Meat Me in Cincinnati”) – Four candidates must create a signature dish to add to Precinct’s menu. (Food Network)

Archer (“The Papal Chase”) – Archer must rescue the Pope from an assassination plot using Woodhouse as a decoy; Operation Bad Habit is a go. (FX)

Ridiculousness (“Ryan Sheckler”) – Ryan Sheckler; sibling rivalries; “Bro Beef”; “Skateboard Missiles.” (MTV)

What Not to Wear (“Liz W.”) – Elizabeth may be a loving wife and mother but her matronly style of floral shirts and mom jeans is embarrassing her family. (TLC)

10:30 PM EST

Failosophy – Mike Cannon; Pete Davidson; Joselyn Hughes; the misuse of acronyms. (MTV)

Legit (“Hat Hair”) – Jim, Steve, Billy and Rodney go to a minor league baseball game; Jim refuses to remove his hat for a patriotic anthem. (FX)

Nathan For You (“Haunted House; The Hunk”) – Nathan tries to help a struggling haunted house; Nathan attempts to overcome his fear of the opposite sex by dating 10 women at once. (Comedy Central)

11:00 PM EST

Immortalized (“First Love”) – Dave Houser and Erich Carter compete in “First Love.” (AMC)

Late Night

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is joined by Author Denise Kiernan. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report welcomes Author Dr. Robert Lustig. (11:30 PM, Comedy Central)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno has Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian; TV personality Willie Geist; Imagine Dragons perform. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Jimmy Kimmel Live features Actor Dwayne Johnson; actress Saoirse Ronan; Kendrick Lamar performs. (11:35 PM, ABC)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon welcomes Director Tyler Perry; actor Nick Offerman; interior designer Thom Filicia; Blake Shelton performs. (12:35 AM, NBC)

Last Call With Carson Daly is joined by Actor David Duchovny; director Derek Cianfrance; Gold Fields perform. (1:35 AM, NBC)

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