What’s On TV Tonight? – 2/7/2013

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

8:00 PM EST

American Idol (“Hollywood Week, Part 1”) – Male contestants compete in the Hollywood Round in hope of making it to the semifinals. (FOX)

Community (“History 101”) [SEASON PREMIERE] – Dean Pelton devises a way for students to compete for class space; Abed stresses over the thought of the study group breaking up after graduation. (NBC)

The Big Bang Theory (“The Spoiler Alert Segmentation”) – A fight between Sheldon and Leonard impacts Amy and Penny’s living arrangements; while Howard is away, Raj helps Mrs. Wolowitz out. (CBS)

The Vampire Diaries (“Into the Wild”) – Shane leads an expedition to an island where he believes the secret of the cure is hidden; Elena and Rebekah’s rivalry continues; when Tyler confronts Klaus, Caroline is dragged into the violence that follows. (The CW)

Guinness World Records Gone Wild (“Leaps and Bounds”) [SERIES PREMIERE] – Ordinary people attempt to get into the record book; a mother shatters light tubes with her body; a man hammers nails with his forehead; a human garbage compacter swallows lit candles; a man risks his life in a collision course. (truTV)

8:30 PM EST

Two and a Half Men (“Paint It, Pierce It or Plug It”) – When Jake brings his 36-year-old girlfriend home for a visit, Alan is concerned; Walden tries to hide something from Alan. (CBS)

Parks and Recreation (“Ann’s Decision”) – After a series of unsuccessful relationships, Ann makes a decision; Ben asks Tom, Chris and Ron to help him select a caterer for the wedding; April has to complete one of Leslie’s tasks. (NBC)

9:00 PM EST

NICK’S PICK: Glee (“Diva”) – The glee club members must find their inner powerhouses for diva week; Kurt confronts Rachel about her arrogant attitude. (FOX)

Grey’s Anatomy (“The Face of Change”) – Several of the doctors compete to be the new face of Seattle Grace; April brings an emergency case to the hospital; Alex and Jackson work with a transgender teen couple; new policies test the patience of the staff. (ABC)

Person of Interest (“One Percent”) – Finch and Reese meet their match: a tech billionaire whose curiosity and endless resources could expose their identities and ruin their efforts to save his life. (CBS)

The Office (“Couples Discount”) – The staff pairs off into pretend couples so they can take advantage of a Valentine’s Day discount at a minimall; Erin claims she will break up with Andy when he returns, but Pete has his doubts. (NBC)

Beauty and the Beast (“Cold Turkey”) – Cat is forced to interrupt Vincent’s romantic getaway with Alex when she fears their lives may be in danger; Evan becomes even more suspicious of J.T. after finding a bug. (The CW)

Project Runway (“Surprise Me”) – The designers must create garments for Heidi Klum to wear for the launch of her new fragrance. (Lifetime)

9:30 PM EST

Anger Management (“Charlie & Jen Together Again”) – Jennifer moves in with Charlie temporarily and Kate gets jealous. (FX)

1600 Penn (“Frosting/Nixon”) – After Skip’s attempt to calm a group of protestors goes awry, President Gilchrist must step in; Emily tries to get closer to Xander by helping him campaign for student body president; Becca has a difficult time facing the future. (NBC)

10:00 PM EST

Scandal (“Nobody Likes Babies”) – David learns the truth about the Cytron case; Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Hollis and Verna go to extremes to protect themselves. (ABC)

Elementary (“A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs”) – Sherlock helps Rhys, a former drug dealer, search for his kidnapped daughter; when Rhys suggests that Sherlock was a better detective when he was using drugs, Watson fears for his sobriety. (CBS)

Suits (“He’s Back”) – Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica. (USA)

Do No Harm (“Don’t Answer the Phone”) – After cutting off Ian’s cash flow, Jason wakes up at the wheel of a “borrowed” car with an angry drug dealer in the rearview mirror; Dr. Kenneth Jordan becomes suspicious of Jason’s behavior. (NBC)

Archer (“Midnight Ron”) – Archer and his new stepfather are chased by gangsters. (FX)

Buckwild (“Fast & the Curious”; “Ramped Up”) – Katie introduces Tyler to her mother; Ashly interferes in a relationship; Joey and Shae make it official; Shain tries to win over Cara. (MTV)

10:30 PM EST

Legit (“Anger”) – Jim invites Steve to a gig in Omaha; Jim gets in a battle with another airplane passenger about plane etiquette. (FX)


Conan welcomes Actor Chris Tucker; Brian Posehn; comedian Darryl Lenox. (11:00 PM, TBS)

Chelsea Lately has Tenacious D; James Davis; Natasha Leggero; Josh Wolf. (11:00 PM, E!)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart features Author Neil Barofsky. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report welcomes Director Benh Zeitlin. (11:30 PM, Comedy Central)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno features Actress Amy Adams; comic Adam Carolla; Hunter Hayes performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman has Actress Sally Field; coach John Harbaugh; Shawn Klush performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Jimmy Kimmel Live welcomes Dr. Phil McGraw; professional football player Jacoby Jones; Tim McGraw performs. (11:35 PM, ABC)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has Actor Joel McHale; TV weatherman Al Roker; Matt Pond performs. (12:35 AM, NBC)

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson features Actress Amanda Peet; musician Paul Williams. (12:35 AM, CBS)

Last Call With Carson Daly welcomes Actor Adrian Grenier; Joshua James performs.

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