What’s On TV Tonight? – 2/27/2013

Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

8:00 PM EST

American Idol (“Semifinalist Round, Part 3”) – Ten more singers perform in Las Vegas. (FOX)

Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites (“There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”) – Malcolm and Corinne’s special bond leads to a discovery that livens up the game; unrest ensues after alliances shift. (CBS)

The Middle (“Wheel of Pain”) – When Axl, Sue and Brick accidentally break the family room window, they decide to blame the Glossner children — the bad seeds of the neighborhood; Frankie tries to land a prime dental rotation spot. (ABC)

Whitney (“Slow Ride”) – Whitney is not enthused when Alex tries to bring his former motorcycle days back to life; Lily orders new beer for the bar without Mark’s approval. (NBC)

Arrow (“Dead to Rights”) – Oliver and Diggle learn that Deadshot is alive and targeting Malcom; Tommy refuses to attend a benefit honoring Malcom; Oliver tries to balance his relationship with McKenna and his duties at Arrow. (The CW)

8:30 PM EST

The Neighbors (“Camping”) – When the Weavers and Bird-Kersees go camping, Marty tries to prove that he is manly like his dad; the families have an encounter with an animal. (ABC)

Guys With Kids (“Divorce Party”) [SEASON FINALE] – When Chris and Sheila think about having another baby together, Nick and Emily plan a divorce party to remind Chris about his past with Sheila; Marny’s younger sister is hired as Gary’s assistant. (NBC)

9:00 PM EST

Modern Family (“Best Men”) – Mitch and Cam’s friend Sal announces she’s getting married the next day and they are in the wedding; Gloria doesn’t trust her new nanny; Claire bonds with Haley; Phil helps Luke with a girl. (ABC)

Criminal Minds (“Carbon Copy”) – Victims of the Replicator, the BAU’s stalker, turn up in Philadelphia; the members of the team think they are getting close to apprehending their suspect. (CBS)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (“Funny Valentine”) – A promising singer is beaten by her boyfriend, a famous hip-hop star, but she refuses to help ADA Barba build his case; the defendant and his attorney turn the case into a media circus. (NBC)

Supernatural (“Remember the Titans”) – Sam and Dean investigate a possible zombie case where an amnesiac man dies and revives himself once a day. (The CW)

Parade’s End (“Part 3”) – Christopher recovers from shell shock in France; Sylvia finds a new admirer; Edith and Macmaster plan a new life together; Valentine secures a teaching job in London. (HBO)

Kimora: House of Fab (“Getting the Boot”) – Kimora feels the company should branch out into dresses; Lianca’s poor job performance is noticed; the company sells shoes to benefit breast cancer awareness. (Style)

Boston’s Finest (“Everything Is Personal”) [SERIES PREMIERE] – After a short time in Afghanistan, Officer Jenn Penton patrols Boston with intensity and a sense of purpose, particularly when it comes to getting drugs off the street; Greg Dankers and the Fugitive Unit search for a drug dealer. (TNT)

9:30 PM EST

Suburgatory (“Leaving Chatswin”) – George is deeply affected when Marty passes away; after learning that Ryan has been dishonest, Tessa considers the future of their relationship and her plans for college. (ABC)

10:00 PM EST

NICK’S PICK: Psych (“Santabarbaratown 2”) [SEASON PREMIERE] – Henry fights for his life after being shot; Shawn seeks revenge on everyone involved in the scandal. (USA)

Nashville (“Dear Brother”) – Juliette plans a surprise birthday party for Deacon; as Teddy and Rayna’s divorce moves forward, speculation about Rayna’s fidelity ramps up; Scarlett is charmed by Gunnar’s brother. (ABC)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (“Last Woman Standing”) – The team investigates the deaths of several prominent poker players. (CBS)

Chicago Fire (“Better to Lie”) – When Severide’s father (Treat Williams) visits, he clashes with Chief Boden over a former colleague’s death; Shay makes a decision about Clarice; the mystery about Herrmann, Otis and Dawson’s bar is revealed. (NBC)

The Americans (“COMINT”) – A crucial agent crumbles under emotional distress and threatens to topple a valuable network of KGB informants; Philip and Elizabeth are tasked with infiltrating the FBI’s new communications encryption system. (FX)

Parade’s End (“Part 4”) – Christopher prepares recruits for battle; Sylvia decides to visit her husband in France; the chief of military police is angered by Christopher’s leniency; Christopher is ordered to leave Campion’s training unit. (HBO)

Southland (“Babel”) – LAPD’s dispatch system breaks down; Lydia reaches out to an old flame; John is assigned a new partner; Ben and Sammy’s partnership is strained. (TNT)

Top Chef: Seattle (“Finale, Part 2”) [SEASON FINALE] – Part 2 of the two-part season finale. (Bravo)

Workaholics (“The Worst Generation”) – The guys visit a retirement home and meet Adam’s grandfather. (Comedy Central)

10:30 PM EST

Kroll Show (“Ice Dating”) – Pretty Liz and C-Czar fall in love on Ice Dating; Rich Dicks crash their car; radio host El Chupacabra talks a rock star out of suicide. (Comedy Central)

11:00 PM EST

Washington Heights – Frankie agrees to a date with Taylor’s friend; Reyna wants to fix her relationship with her father; Rico’s final acting class performance. (MTV)

Late Night

Chelsea Lately is joined by Eli Roth, promoting The Last Exorcism Part II; Brad Wollack; Morgan Murphy; Matt Braunger. (11:00 PM, E!)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart welcomes Filmmaker R.J. Cutler. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

Conan features John Galecki; WWE Superstar “The Miz.” (11:00 PM, TBS)

The Colbert Report has Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. (11:30 PM, Comedy Central)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno features Actor David Duchovny; actor J.B. Smoove; Father John Misty performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman is joined by Actress Tina Fey; actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson; Solange performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Jimmy Kimmel Live welcomes Chef Gordon Ramsay; actor Stanley Tucci; Gold Fields perform. (11:35 PM, ABC)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has Actor Christian Slater; actress Mia Wasikowska; Jason Aldean performs. (12:35 AM, NBC)

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson features Actor Tom Lennon; boxer Mike Tyson. (12:35 AM, CBS)

Last Call With Carson Daly welcomes Actor Jim Jefferies; comic Nathan Fielder; Tomahawk performs. (1:35 AM, NBC)

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