What’s On TV Tonight? – 2/22/2013

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

8:00 PM EST

Last Man Standing (“Buffalo Bill Day”) – The Outdoor Man puts on a skit based on a Wild West Show starring Ed and Eve and directed by Mike; Mandy tries flirting with an oblivious Kyle. (ABC)

Undercover Boss (“O’Neill Clothing”) – While he is undercover, O’Neill Clothing CEO Toby Bost is in a difficult position when an employee crosses the line. (CBS)

Dateline NBC – A young beauty queen is murdered; authorities open a cold case of the disappearance of Carol Lubahn. (NBC)

Kitchen Nightmares (“Nino’s Italian Restaurant”) – A well-liked, retired couple ask Ramsay to help their son, who has taken over their restaurant, Nino’s, in Long Beach, Calif. (FOX)

Nikita (“Black Badge”) – Amanda frames Sean for the assassination of the CIA director; Nikita comes up with a dangerous plan to help Sean. (The CW)

Four Weddings (“…and a Russian Cabaret”) – Geysell’s Parisian wedding is complete with the tastes of France; Kimberly’s big day is filled with romance; Santa attends Dana’s party; Irina’s special guest participates in her lavish Russian cabaret. (TLC)

E! News Special (“Mindy McCready: A Country Music Tragedy”) – Inside the country star’s tragic life. (E!)

8:30 PM EST

Malibu Country (“Bowling for Mama”) – Cash, Reba and June try to give Lillie Mae the best birthday gift ever. (ABC)

9:00 PM EST

NICK’S PICK: Spartacus: War of the Damned (“Decimation”) – The existence of a possible spy causes tension between Spartacus and his men; Crassus uses a long-abandoned form of Roman punishment to teach his soldiers a brutal lesson. (Starz)

CSI: NY (“Today Is Life”) [SEASON FINALE] – When an unarmed man is shot by police, community uproar forces Mac and the team to resolve the case quickly. (CBS)

Touch (“Perfect Storm”) – Unforeseen developments force Martin to make a decision and form a deal; Lucy goes to the police with new information about Amelia’s kidnapping; Avram sees Guillermo in New York. (FOX)

Shark Tank – Unique eyewear made of sustainable wood; a camouflage clothing line for duck hunters; a premium denim line; high-end bedding for girls. (ABC)

American Masters (“Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock & Roll”) – The life, career and influence of gospel singer and guitarist Sister Rosetta Tharpe. (PBS)

Say Yes to the Dress (“Picky Brides”) – Violet wants a tight and sexy gown to wear at her Dominican Republic wedding; Rachel hopes Kleinfelds will be her last stop; Leighanns first dress did not meet her standards. (TLC)

9:30 PM EST

Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour – On a mission to save relationships one joke at a time, this special brings together some of today’s hottest male comics to showcase to the ladies of America. (Showtime)

10:00 PM EST

20/20 (“Robin’s Journey”) – Robin Roberts’ experience with myelodysplastic syndrome, from her bone marrow transplant and time in the hospital to her return to “Good Morning America”; people who have inspired Robin, and those who were inspired by her determination. (ABC)

Banshee (“Behold a Pale Rider”) – Lucas’ cover is threatened; a drugstore robbery escalates into a hostage crisis at the high school. (Cinemax)

Blue Bloods (“Quid Pro Quo”) – Danny and Erin investigate a cold case in which a rich and powerful man allegedly attacked his girlfriend; an injury during a pick-up game leads to a lawsuit. (CBS)

Merlin (“The Hollow Queen”) – Merlin has to leave Camelot to help a young Druid boy. (SyFy)

Rock Center With Brian Williams – Marines who believe their male breast cancer was caused by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune; Giant Panda breeding at the Chengdu Research Base in China; author Judy Blume; top news stories. (NBC)

Fashion Police – Kathie Lee Gifford; Hoda Kotb; Redfoo; Zanna Roberts Rassi. (E!)

Something Borrowed, Something New (“A Blogger’s Bridal Bliss”) – Bridgette is a popular bridal blogger and has many to impress with her gown; to honor the father she lost as a teen, Bridgette’s mother would love for her to wear the dress and coat she wore to their wedding. (TLC)

10:30 PM EST

Something Borrowed, Something New (“Dad’s Bride and Joy”) – Med Student Gina wants to look and feel perfect on her wedding day. Her Dad suggests she wear a modest heirloom passed down from generations. Gina appreciates the sentimental value but craves modern options. It’s a tough call for this analytical bride. (TLC)


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno has TV personality Meredith Vieira; film critic Richard Roeper; Thenewno2 performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman welcomes Actor Luke Wilson; comic Dan Mintz; Imagine Dragons perform. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is joined by First Lady Michelle Obama; actress Scarlett Johansson; The Avett Brothers perform. (12:35 AM, NBC)

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson features Actor William Shatner; actress Alona Tal. (12:35 AM, CBS)

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