What’s On TV Tonight? – 12/21/2012

Credit: Star News Online

Credit: Star News Online

The following is a transcript of an actual email between myself and Rickey:

Nick: Just a heads up. There will be no new installment of What’s On TV Tonight? because I checked and, well, there’s nothing on TV tonight.

Rickey: I KNOW! Although you know, this e-mail on its own deserves to be THE post for What’s On TV Tonight.

Nick (to myself): Challenge accepted! Also, hit up the grocery store later for more Shasta.

So in lieu of TV to plug, I leave you with my best wishes for a safe, Happy Fauxpocalypse!

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NickRoman1 moderator

@Mikhail XO Because my boss told me to! GOD, MIKHAIL!

Seriously though, I was thinking of making a silly post anyway, and initially thought I would be quick-witted enough to write something potentially funny. Then, as I sat in front of my computer to write it, I found that...well, no. I'm really not. 

So Shasta, it is! (People still drink Shasta, right?)

NickRoman1 moderator

@Mikhail XO @NickRoman1 Oh, I wouldn't say all that!

Anyone who uses "bon mots" in regular conversation is a man for all seasons, in my book.