What’s On TV Tonight? – 11/20/2012

Credit: ABC

8:00 PM EST

Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars – Couples face elimination; The Wanted performs; Paula Abdul performs. (ABC)

The Voice (“Live Results Show”) – Two artists are eliminated; Rascal Flatts performs. (NBC)

Hart of Dixie (“Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me”) – Max, the guy Rose has a crush on, becomes infatuated with Zoe; Lemon asks AnnaBeth to start a catering business with her; Lavon tries to win over Ruby’s grandfather. (The CW)

NCIS (“Shell Shock, Part II”) – Capt. Wescott continues to help the team track a terrorist; Abby is excited about the NCIS Thanksgiving dinner; Tony is curious when he learns that Ziva is making special plans. (CBS)

Raising Hope (“Candy Wars”) – Jimmy tries to win a candy-selling contest so Hope can ride on a float in the Thanksgiving Day parade. (FOX)

8:30 PM EST

Ben and Kate (“Family Reunion”) – Will encourages Kate to go to her high school reunion and confront a bully; Ben worries he can’t keep his and B.J.’s secret from Kate much longer. (FOX)

9:00 PM EST

Emily Owens, M.D. (“Emily and the Tell-Tale Heart”) – A patient embarrasses Emily; when a teenager needs a liver transplant and neither parent is a match, a stunning secret is revealed; Cassandra tries to get info on Will; Tyra sets Emily up with her ex. (The CW)

Go On (“Dinner Takes All”) – When Amy (Lauren Graham), a friend from college, comes to town, Ryan and Steven find themselves competing for her affection; Ryan makes Thanksgiving plans with the support group. (NBC)

NICK’S PICK: Happy Endings (“More Like Stanksgiving”) – Dave decides to give his friends an authentic Navajo Thanksgiving; Max finds a copy of the lost season of “The Real World” he was on with Brad; the gang remembers how they all met. (ABC)

NCIS: Los Angeles (“Skin Deep”) – The team investigates potential links among a dead naval tech scientist, a surfer and an Internet video; Kensi and Deeks go under cover as they pursue suspects. (CBS)

New Girl (“Parents”) – Jess invites her divorced parents to Thanksgiving dinner and schemes to get them back together; Schmidt and his visiting cousin compete to prove their manhood. (FOX)

9:30 PM EST

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (“It’s a Miracle…”) – When June can’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving, Chloe invites her to her parents’ house; James tries to get a photo-op at a soup kitchen. (ABC)

The Mindy Project (“Thanksgiving”) – Mindy goes to Gwen’s to cook Thanksgiving dinner but is sidetracked when a guy she recently dated is there with another woman; Danny mans the office; Betsy and Jeremy visit Betsy’s family. (FOX)

The New Normal (“Pardon Me”) – Shania and Bryan adopt all the turkeys at the farm and decide to have a meat-free Thanksgiving; the family invites people that they need to make amends with to dinner. (NBC)

10:00 PM EST

Parenthood (“One More Weekend With You”) – Jasmine and Crosby organize an event for Jabbar’s school; during a spontaneous road trip, Amber learns more about Ryan’s past; Mark and Sarah encounter a dilemma. (NBC)

Private Practice (“Apron Strings”) – Addison’s role as a parent is challenged when Henry’s biological mother asks to be involved in his life; Addison’s mentor shares a difficult secret. (ABC)

Sons of Anarchy (“To Thine Own Self”) – Jax scrambles to put his affairs in order; Nero handles business with his old crew. (FX)

Underemployed (“The Tasting”) – Miles and Daphne host a party for their client; Jamel and Bekah put Lou and Raviva in an awkward situation; Sophia regrets letting Laura buy her a new phone. (MTV)

Vegas (“Bad Seeds”) – Sheriff Lamb has to protect Savino when a hit is put out on the mobster; the mayoral election results are revealed. (CBS)


Chelsea Lately has Pitbull; James Davis; Kerri Kenney-Silver; Ross Mathews. (11:00 PM EST, E!)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno welcomes Actress Lindsay Lohan; journalist David Gregory; Wanda Jackson performs. (11:35 PM EST, NBC)

Late Show with David Letterman features Actress Amy Poehler; actor Josh Hutcherson; racecar driver Brad Keselowski presents the Top Ten List; Tegan and Sara perform. (11:35 PM EST, CBS)

Jimmy Kimmel Live welcomes Actor Andy Garcia; “Dancing With the Stars” castoffs; Andy Allo performs. (12:00 AM EST, ABC)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has Sportscaster Bob Costas; actress Miranda Cosgrove; Pitbull performs. (12:35 AM EST, NBC)

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson features Actress Marion Cotillard; comic Kevin Pollack. (12:35 AM EST, CBS)

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