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Wesley Mountain – Wanted – The X Factor – Video

Wesley Mountain The X Factor

Wesley Mountain auditions with “A Thousand Years” on The X Factor season 3.

He likes Kelly “a lot.”

He grabs her hand and kisses it. He kind of looks like a serial killer while he’s doing this.

After all is said and done, his voice is pretty darn good.

The crowd loves him.


Simon Cowell: I once had a dog that watched me eat steak. It reminds me of the way you look at Kelly.

Demi Lovato: I thought you were so creepy at first. But, you actually have a really good voice.

Kelly Rowland: You have a great, beautiful voice.

Paulina Rubio: You need to keep your feelings apart.

4 Yes’s!

Watch the video:

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I think its ok what he did. He express his feeling to Kelly amd that is all it was. Many of us like famous artist and frezzes up but this young man has let Kelly know how elegant and beauties she really is. It's not kreepy but true