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Vonzell Solomon – If I Tell You – MP3 Listen

Vonzell Solomon  If I Tell You  MP3 Listen

Baby V is back! American Idol’s Vonzell Solomon has a new original song called ‘If I Tell You’ which she posted on YouTube.

What a talent! Black diva never dies! Baby V!

Watch the video here:

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American Idol If I Tell YouMP3Vonzell Solomon

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Vonzell is so much better than this. It's not the worst thing ever but it's far from the material she should have.

She's so frickin talented and beautiful. I wish I had connections...I could make her huge.


this is generic sounding and auto tuned...


I was thinking the same thing. She is so talented! She should be singing real quality songs. Same thing with Paris Bennett!!!!! What a waste of talent! Listen to her sing When You Tell Me That You Love Me. sigh...... What could've been......