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The Voice 5 – Winner – Finale Results – 12/17/2013 – Video

It’s finally time to declare The Voice Season 5 Winner! Welcome to the recap, live blog and finale results for December 17, 2013! Who will be declared The Voice?

The Voice

Credit: NBC readers’ predictions for elimination: readers have yet to get the results wrong this season, so what are they predicting?

It’s looking like good news for Tessanne Chin. Our readers predict the Jamaican singer will be declared the winner of The Voice, as Tessanne leads the poll with a staggering 57.2%. Her victory would make this the first win for Team Adam since Javier Colon brought home the title in Season One. Next in the poll with 26.2% of the vote is Jacquie Lee, predicted to be the runner-up over Will Champlin, who earned 16.6% of the vote to earn him third place. It’s not too late to add your predictions, so head on over and vote!

The Voice

Let’s get on with the recap and results!


-We kick things off with Carson Daly hyping this as the biggest finale they’ve ever had, but before we can get to all the big acts tonight, we have to recap last night’s show…

Performance Recap: We see the performances and add in backstage footage, as Adam talks about what his teammates mean to him and how much he respects them. We also see some sweet moments, such as Adam telling “Tessie” he loves her after their duet performance on last night’s show. Christina gushes over Jacquie Lee, naturally, and I kind of feel as if Will is already being treated as kind of an afterthought.

-And then we get right into the music…

The Voice Top 20 sing “Tonight Is the Night”: The one thing that I love about The Voice above every other singing competition on TV is that, at the finale, they bring back EVERYBODY. Seriously, everyone who made the live shows is here. Preston Pohl, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Shelby Z, they’re all here. And I LOVE IT. I don’t think there was anything about this I didn’t enjoy. Hell, I even got a kick out of Nic Hawk.

Ceelo Green Disco Ball

-We return from break with Carson interviewing the judges, starting with Adam, who looks like intercourse in a black suit. He’s hopeful about tonight and proud of his artists. We then cut to CeeLo, who’s blinding me with his bedazzled shirt and bowtie, and he just seems so stoked to even be talking at all, especially after last night. Christina, who has a fondness for the wild bedhead look that I will just never understand, talks about how great it is to have been reunited onstage with the coaches last night (and keeps up her habit of singing her answers/critiques with “And it feels so good”). Blake then talks about getting gifts for the other three coaches in preparation how crazy tonight is going to get. However, he doesn’t actually say what those gifts are. “It’s Christina Aguilera. What can you get her?” Blake muses, theorizing he can only get her “a whole bunch of crap.” Amusing, I suppose.

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Jacquie Lee sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Caroline Pennell, Matthew Schuler, James Wolpert, Cole Vosbury: The “Bring Back” performance is another of those awesome things I just adore about The Voice, as the finalists get to bring back artists they want to sing with, no matter what team they were on. Jacquie gushes in her VT about Matthew’s voice while adding she occasionally wishes she had a voice more like Caroline’s. She also details her admiration for James and Cole, and it’s all incredibly sweet.

And this performance is much better than it probably has any right to be, given the song choice. Cole delivers a particularly badass guitar solo along with some killer falsetto, and Caroline gets to rock out with the mic stand. THERE ARE NO WORDS.

-After the performance, we throw to commercial on footage of Tessanne being told she’s going to perform with a legend, and she just completely breaks down. Through her tears, she talks about how much the legend means to her and how much she looks up to her, although we aren’t told which legend that person is. I’m guessing Celine Dion. But either way, this was such a wonderfully real moment.

The Voice

Special Profile of Adam “Sexiest Man Alive” Levine: We get another video profiling Adam’s sexiness in the wake of being named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, and it’s all set to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. It’s a cute video, but I’m kind of over the show continually harping on the Sexiest Man Alive thing. Adam’s good-looking, sure. Now move on, guys.

-And it’s time for our next musical performance, as Tessanne Chin will perform with FIVE-TIME GRAMMY WINNER (seriously, only five?) Celine Dion!

The Voice

Tessanne Chin sings “Love Can Move Mountains” with Celine Dion: It’s one thing for Celine’s voice to never age a day, but it’s INSANE how little she’s changed physically in twenty years. I don’t know what her regiment is, but at this point, she pretty much exists outside the processes of time. Kind of like John Stamos.

This is a vocal pairing made in Heaven, as Tessanne more than holds her own with Celine, who’s all too happy to rock out and do some crazy vocal flourishes. A damn good performance. And I like that they were given an upbeat song, since the usual M.O. for pairing a contestant and a legend is to give them some huge ballad to sing at each other like it’s the Battle Rounds.

Twitter Filler: We get tweets from fans impersonating the coaches, and some of them are really good, actually. The CeeLo dude is borderline uncanny. Suze Orman even drops in on the festivities with her awkward Christina Aguilera impression, which is hardly an impression at all (she fans herself with money).

-And we keep the music going! Carson references the winner’s single Ryan Tedder has written and says we’ll be hearing it later (good, so it wasn’t axed after all). But first, it’s time for Tedder’s band to perform their new single…

OneRepublic sings “I Lived”: I don’t love the song, but it sounds like the kind of track that’ll grow on me with repeat listens, particularly if it winds up on the radio and ends up being a hit. It’s not a bad song at all, but I think Tedder is going a bit too hard with the vocals, and it’s hurting the performance. I still think OneRepublic is a pretty underrated band though. I still listen to the “Waking Up” album fairly regularly.

Profile of CeeLo Green’s Wacky Wordplay: Kind of a random video, but it’s funny once it becomes a “poetry book” of CeeLo’s best lines, with relevant chapters such as “Big Words” and “Life Lessons”. However, my big takeaway from this video is just how insanely good-looking Christina has been this season. Whoever has been dressing her deserves some kind of award. Just achingly lovely. And while we’re talking about fashion, I kind of love CeeLo’s Undertaker hat.

Ray Boudreaux, Preston Pohl, Matt Schuler, Nic Hawk, and Josh Logan sing “Treasure”: I enjoyed this far more than I probably should have, but something about “Treasure” just gets me every time. Such a great throwback song. And these guys make a pretty good group. I felt like I was watching The Sing-Off for a minute with how well they were working the stage, crowd, and vocals together at various points. So…group name suggestions?

Will Champlin sings “Wagon Wheel” with Jonny Gray, Caroline Pennell, Austin Jenckes, and Cole Vosbury: Poor Josh, Kat and Ray. I feel like they’ll be picked last for kickball. But it makes sense why Will picked these four, as they fit this song and performance beautifully. They really could be a band and totally find success together. Hell, they’re already playing instruments as it is (with Caroline rocking that hardcore tambourine action). I just thought they gelled together so perfectly. Such a great performance.

-And now Carson is in the Sprint Skybox with the parents of the finalists. Jacquie’s mom says she’s so thankful for the long journey they’ve had together, and is so happy to have these moments and memories. Tessanne’s mother says she’s proud of her, and the nation of Jamaica is as well. Will’s father says that they’ve all been proud of Will for years, but now they have more company. (Oh that’s just PRECIOUS)

Profile of Christina Aguilera’s Random Singing: She really DOES sing a lot during rehearsals and critiques. Not that I blame her. Hell, if I had a voice like that, my life would be an opera for how I’d sing every line. We also get some silly line flubs from Christina that shows how quirky she occasionally can be (in an endearing way). I’m going to miss her come Season 6. Seriously, it hurts my SOUL how lovely Christina is. And how much Ed Sheeran looks like Rupert Grint.

Jacquie Lee and Paramore sing “Ain’t It Fun”: I love me some Hayley Williams, and she and Jacquie fit together wonderfully. In fact, Jacquie is such a natural performing this kind of music that I’d argue this should be the avenue she takes, post-show. This was really great, and I’m not sure I was even expecting it to be. But I was really impressed. Oh, and their dancing is adorable. Seriously.

Kat Robichaud, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Gray, Shelbie Z, Amber Nicole, and Timyra-Joi sing “My Life Would Suck Without You”: Not as good as the boys’ performance, but then, they were fewer of them, which made for a less cumbersome performance, as all six of these girls had to divide time fairly evenly. But it was still a pretty good performance, all-in-all. Really, I was just glad to see Kat again.

-Carson then throws to a video package of the finalists taking a trolley tour of Universal Studios, including a stop at WHOVILLE?! Oh come on! I wanna go! The Grinch is there and everything! I mean, yeah, it’s the creepy Jim Carey version, but I’ve seen creepier while waiting for the bus. At the end of the tour, Carson gifts the finalists with brand new Kias. Will calls dibs on the Sorento SUV because he has a little girl, while Jacquie takes the Optima, and Tessanne chooses the Four-Wheel Drive. You’ve never seen someone so happy to win a car as Tessanne Chin, although Jacquie is a close second.

The Voice Confessional: It’s the final confessional of the season, and the artists talk about what it would mean to win The Voice, and who they’re competing for. We also hear from the coaches, who speak poignantly about their acts. It’s a lot of the same stuff we’ve been hearing all night, but it’s still touching how much Adam and Christina have come to care about their artists, and it’s equally moving to see just how badly each of the finalists want this.

Celine Dion and Ne-Yo sing “Incredible”: Seriously, does Celine Dion just not have to answer to time? She looks AMAZING and sounds more or less the same now as she did fifteen years ago. It’s insane. I’m not crazy about the song, but both Celine and Ne-Yo deliver on the vocal end of it. In a big way. So no complaints from me. I think I’m generally too grumpy anyhow, so might as well find the positivity, even in the things I’m not necessarily loving at the moment. (Let’s see how long the optimism lasts! Currently taking bets)

-Back from break and Carson talks with Ryan Tedder about the winner’s single he co-wrote, and he explains that he didn’t necessarily want to write a big victory, “I climbed the mountaintop” song. He wanted to write “a real song” that the winner could release as a legit single. He also reveals that he’ll be working with the winner after the show, starting in January. And now, back to music!

Will Champlin and Aloe Blacc sing “Wake Me Up”: I love this song, but it’s bordering on oversaturation at this point. Of course, that has no bearing on this performance, as both men sing the hell out of it. But as good as Aloe Blacc is, I actually found myself wishing Will had this song to himself. He hasn’t had a whole lot of opportunities to do more folksy arrangements in the competition like this, and I really enjoyed the nuance he got to display in his voice. It’s always been there, but it came out more prominently here. Loved it.

-We return from break with Carson thanking the hundreds of crew members for their work. And then we head on to the next performance…

Tessanne sings “Hold On, I’m Coming” with James Wolpert, Preston Pohl, Grey, and Olivia Henken: EVERYBODY LOVES JAMES! And it’s easy to see why, particularly when Tessanne’s VT includes a quick clip of “A Case of You,” which is my pick for performance of the season. “Hallelujah” was good, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was great. But I just felt like James set a standard that was never matched for the rest of the season, not even by himself. But enough about that. This performance was really fun, as James awkward, nerd-swag moves are incredibly endearing. I even found myself enjoying Preston’s weird “hey baby” catcalls. I also feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention just how up-to-the-task Olivia and Grey are when it comes to matching Tessanne’s vocal power. I solid group performance, although I admit I enjoyed the others better.

Carson: “I can’t wait to hang with Preston at the wrap party.” I don’t think Preston is waiting for the wrap party.

Profile of Blake Shelton: And we close out the coach profiles with Blake’s silliness, primarily his awful, nonexistent dancing skills. We see Nic Hawk teaching him “The Naked Chicken,” Blake rocking the moonwalk, and then doing some line dance moves in front of a mirror in a little skit that is basically a Blake body-double reenacting the choreography from Footloose. Absurd. And tremendous.

-And now it’s time for our last musical performance before we learn our winner…

Lady Gaga sings “Do What U Want”: By Gaga standards, this was fairly subdued from a theatrical perspective, but it’s a great, great vocal. She looks ridiculous in the gold dress with the ridiculous shoulder pads, but she more than makes up for it with how solid she sounds.

AND HERE’S CHRISTINA to join in on the duet! And this basically becomes a Battle Round, as they use their voices like axes against each other. It gets a bit over-the-top towards the end, but it kind of reminds me of two best friends singing their asses off during karaoke at a bachelorette party. They even finish it off by drinking champagne and smashing the glasses. Good times.

-After the performance, Gaga talks about how excited she was to get the call to perform on The Voice, and said she’d do it if Christina would do it with her. This is apparently the first time they’ve met, and Christina is thrilled, talking about how much she respects Gaga’s artistry as well as her genuine personality. I now both want and expect a duet to come out soon with these two.

The Voice

-And now it’s time for…


-Carson asks the finalists what they want to say to their coaches. Jacquie fights back tears talking about how much she loves Christina beyond this show. She’s grateful for everything Xtina has taught her. Will reflects on the wild ride he and Adam have been on. Lastly, Tessanne thanks Adam for all that he’s done for her, saying she couldn’t have found a better coach.

-And now we reveal the finalist in third place…

WILL CHAMPLIN finishes in third place!

-He seemed to expect it, as did the crowd. Still, a hell of a run for Will. He gets a standing ovation from Adam. And now, the final result…

JACQUIE LEE finishes in second place!

TESSANNE CHIN is the winner of The Voice 5!

Tessanne Adam Win The Voice

-This reaction belongs in the pantheon of great winner reactions, right up there with Fantasia Barrino breaking her shoe. She completely breaks down and hugs Adam, and then her family, before kissing her husband, and the entire time she just has this huge “O” reaction on her face, mouth agape as if she really didn’t think she had a shot at winning. Such a wonderful response. And we now hear the winner’s single for the first time!

The Voice winner Tessanne Chin sings the winner’s single, “Tumbling Down”: It’s a decent song, although I wouldn’t have thrown that shade on Idol winner’s singles if I were Ryan Tedder, since I don’t see this as being any appreciably different from the standard “climbed the mountaintop” winning moment songs. Sure, it’s about relationships, but it still feels like a coronation song. Not a bad thing though, as it’s a pretty good fit for Tessanne, who sings the hell out of it through her tears, and even throws in some body rolls (which amuse Adam). The confetti rains down, and it seems to really be sinking in: Tessanne Chin has won The Voice! She celebrates as her mother sheds tears, and it’s just such a beautiful winning moment.

Tessanne Chin wins the Voice

Tessanne wins the Voice

Download: Tumbling Down

-And that’s a wrap on The Voice 5! Tessanne Chin wins The Voice! And Adam Levine wins his second Voice title! Also, we now have more female winners than male (although I’m not sure that’s a statistic anyone really gives a damn about at this point)! So what do you think of this result? Did the right act win? Sound off in the comments!

-That’s it for me! Thank you to EVERYONE for hanging out tonight! I’ve had an absolute blast tonight, and an even bigger blast getting to cover this season of The Voice when my schedule allowed for it. It’s been a total pleasure interacting in the comments and reading your thoughts.

Check back for videos of the night’s big moments and performances, and be sure to stop by tomorrow as I’ll be live-blogging The X Factor USA Top 3 finale, and then following it up on Thursday night as we declare a winner!

Goodnight, Everyone!

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