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The Voice 5 – Results – 11/12/2013 – Top 12 – Video

Who went home on The Voice Season 5 Top 12 Results on November 12, 2013? Two acts are eliminated tonight, and one act will receive the first ever Instant Save! But who will it be? readers’ predictions for elimination:

Josh Logan is the overwhelming favorite to leave the competition, garnering 24.08% of the vote. He’s followed by Jonny Gray with 22.77%, Austin Jenckes with 15.18%, and lastly, Kat Robichaud with 14.27%. Given the 100% perfect predictions rating for readers last week, I’d start sweating if I were Josh and Jonny.

Let’s get on with the recap!

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC


-So here’s how it’s going to work: two artists are going home tonight, but first, the Bottom 3 will be revealed. America then has FIVE MINUTES to save one of the artists from elimination via Twitter using:

#VoiceSave “Name of Artist”

It’s going to be an intense results show for what is arguably the deepest roster of top 12 talent the show has ever had!

-So after last night’s performance recap, we kick things off with music.

Guest Performer

Sara Bareilles sings “Brave” with Jacqui, Kat, Caroline and Tessanne. It’s a fun performance, and I kind of wish Caroline had sang this last night if she HAD to do an uptempo song. With that said, I’ve always felt Sara Bareilles had one of popular music’s most underrated voices. She just doesn’t come up in conversations about great modern singers, and I have no idea why. “Gravity” should be evidence enough of her skill.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Cee Lo is sporting eyewear straight out of the Geordi La Forge Collection. Seriously, dude, you’re not Robocop. Put away the visor before it rots your brain and you end up giving Caroline “Play That Funky Music.”

9:12 PM

-We’re back from break with Carson asking Adam about what he feels about the loss of judge control now that America is in charge of the vote. Adam hates not having control, but understands that this is how the competition is, and he’s pulling for his acts. Cee Lo, meanwhile, says he liked his acts but he also liked James, Tessanne, and Jacqui, to name a few. Carson then asks if Cee Lo is watching a movie on those visors of his, and Christina takes the opportunity to put the specs on herself, in an amusing little moment.

The Voice 5 – Results – 11-12-2013 – Top 12 – Video

Christina says it breaks her heart to see anyone go home, but it’s time for America to have a voice, since she’s sick of being in the proverbial “hot seat.” Carson asks Blake if there’s any added pressure for him, being a three-time champion. Blake then steals my line about comparing Cee Lo to Geordi La Forge (“the blind guy from Star Trek!”) and he’ll be hearing from my lawyer before the night is through! Mark my words! (Please don’t) Blake says that each Tuesday is a mini-finale in terms of pressure.

-Christina talks about naming her dogs after the other coaches. Matthew reveals he wet the bed until he was seven. (He deserves to win this thing just for the bravery it took to admit that on national TV) Caroline can’t whistle, and tries repeatedly until she accidentally manages to do it, which is just a priceless little moment. Jonny gets mistaken for a girl all the time, while Blake says he gets mistaken for a girl…when naked. Meanwhile, James can juggle and do impressions (Kermit the Frog!). Cole hides stuff in his beard, Adam reveals he has a new puppy named Charlie, and Cee Lo reintroduces the audience to all of his various pets, such as Little Richard the Pig and Old Llama. Because OF COURSE Cee Lo has a llama. This segment was kind of adorable, no lie.

-And we get our first results of the night, as Carson reveals the first two artists through to the top 10…


America saves MATTHEW SCHULER!

Congratulations, Matthew! Urine the top 10!

Also congrats to my beloved Caroline, whose voice I need in my weekly life.

9:24 PM

-Back from break with Team Cee Lo joining their coach on stage to perform “Roam”!

I love Team Cee Lo if only because of its status as Team Nick Is Crushing On (and Jonny Gray, Whom Nick Would Probably Crush On If He Saw Him From Behind), but this just isn’t working for me. Like, at all.

And now Jonny is doing that weird Scotty McCreery thing where he holds the mic sideways like he’s blowing into the Ocarina of Time. Oh hey, look! Dancers! Wow, a lot of dancers, actually.

Okay, that was pretty alright by the end of it.

-And now we have more results, as two more artists will advance to the top 10:

America saves AUSTIN JENCKES!

America saves TESSANNE CHIN!

9:34 PM

-Back from break with Carson reading off tweets from celebs such as Alison Sweeney, encouraging people to vote on Twitter and save their favorite artist. During this segment, tweets are running at the bottom of the screen, including one from @Coles_Beard, which is just a fantastic Twitter handle.

-Carson then explains how the Instant Save will work. I had thought it would be #VoiceSave(Artists Name Here), but apparently you’re supposed to send out a tweet that has the artist’s first name somewhere in the tweet, and then you have the hashtag #VoiceSave at the end. For example, “Nick is in the bottom 3? Eh, no big surprise. But I like his sloppiness, so #VoiceSave”.

-We then get the boys performing “We’re An American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad, and it’s at least better than the Team Cee Lo performance. I especially like some of the notes James hits. And hey, nearly everyone has a guitar! It’s like these guys just got back from Oprah’s Favorite Things, where she handed out guitars to the entire audience.

-Time for more results! Who else made it through to the top 10?

America saves JACQUI LEE!

America saves COLE VOSBURY!

America saves WILL CHAMPLIN!

9:47 PM

-Back from break with Team Adam singing “A Hard Day’s Night” with their coach, Adam Levine!

-Adam on the drums! James on the guitar! Will on the keyboard! Tessanne on the microphone! Unfortunately, the audio doesn’t seem to be turned all the way up on their microphones, and they get pretty easily drowned out by the music towards the end. Do they have The X Factor USA sound designers working on this show or something?

Having said that, of all the team performances so far, this is easily the best one. These four just gel together so well. Come on, America! PLEASE tell me you saved James Wolpert. Because this relationship just isn’t going to work out if you didn’t.

-And now more results!

America saves RAY BOUDREAUX!

America saves JAMES WOLPERT!

The bottom three are KAT ROBICHAUD, JONNY GRAY, and JOSH LOGAN!

VoiceSave Instant Save

-Carson asks Cee Lo for his reaction, and he states he’s PISSED, while Christina says it’s always hard to lose someone at this stage of the competition.

Time to get tweeting! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m tweeting for Kat Robichaud!

9:57 PM

-We’re back from break with the final minutes of voting, as Carson gives America a little extra time by throwing to the judges for opinions.

Blake thinks this is a good idea to give America extra power. He says he sees a lot of tweets for Jonny, while Adam says this sort of thing changes from week-to-week. He says he’d probably tweet for Jonny because he turned his chair for him initially. But he loves all three contestants.


And now it’s time for the results…

America saves KAT ROBICHAUD!

JONNY GRAY has been eliminated from The Voice!

JOSH LOGAN has been eliminated from The Voice! readers nail it again! So both Christina and Cee Lo lose an artist. Kat’s reaction is wildly endearing, as she’s above and beyond relieved and thankful. I love it.

What do you think about these results? Hit up the comments and let me know! And keep checking back as I’ll be adding videos as soon as they become available! Thanks for hanging out, guys! I love chilling with ya’ll!


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