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The Voice 2014 – Recap – Blind Auditions #5

It’s the final week of the Blind Auditions on The Voice 2014 Season 6. It’s Night #5 and the teams are almost full!

Here are the standings so far:

Team Artists
Adam Levine Cary Laine, Christina Grimmie, Dawn and Hawkes, Delvin Choice, Joshua Howard, Patrick Thompson, Sam Behymer
Shakira Clarissa Serna, Dani Moz, Deja Hall, DeShawn Washington, Emily B., Jeremy Briggs, Kristen Merlin, Lindsay Pagano, Music Box
Usher Biff Gore, Bria Kelly, Brothers Walker, Madilyn Paige, Melissa Jiménez, Morgan Wallen, Stevie Jo, Tanner James, T.J. Wilkins
Blake Shelton Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington, Lexi Luca, Megan Rüger, Noah Lis, Ryan Whyte Maloney, Sisaundra Lewis

Adam and Blake need 5, Shakira and Usher need 3 to complete their teams.

It looks like we are going to get a lot of auditions tonight!

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 605 -- Pictured: Usher, Josh Kaufman, Adam Levine -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” Episode 605 — Pictured: Usher, Josh Kaufman, Adam Levine — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blind Auditions

Kat Perkins – Gold Dust Woman

Kat is 33 from Minneapolis, MN. She was a yodelling cowgirl in a country review show for 5 years. She was also part of a band with her ex-husband. They opened for Bon Jovi, but things fell apart after her divorce. She is now a nanny. 3 chairs!

Kat Perkins chooses Team Adam Levine

Gabi Ramirez – The A Team

He works in the Kitchen Appliance store. He’s a busker in Fresno, California. His dad wanted him to be a soccer player but he really wanted to sing.

The judges said there was no dynamics. I guess they were bored.

No chairs.

Paula Deanda – The Way

She wrote “Too Much” when she was 16 — and was signed by Clive Davis. She opened for Rihanna and recorded two albums. Only one was released because she was dropped. 2 chairs: Shakira and Blake.

Paula Deanda chooses Team Blake Shelton

Jake Barker – When I Was Your Man

Jake posted a video on YouTube in 2010 which landed him a chance to record in a studio in New York. It didn’t work out and now he’s currently working in a bar. This was his first ever live performance. 3 chairs.

Jake Barker chooses Usher

Tess Boyer – Wings

One chair from Usher.

Tess Boyer is on Team Usher

Josh Murley – The Freshmen

One chair from Adam Levine.

Josh Murley is on Team Adam Levine

Austin Ellis – Drift Away

One chair from Adam Levine.

Austin Ellis is on Team Adam Levine

Cali Tucker – Black Velvet

One chair from Blake Shelton. Tanya Tucker is her aunt!

Cali Tucker is on Team Blake Shelton

Luke Cooper – Radioactive

This was too affected for me, honestly. This song is so overdone now.

No chairs.

Ria Eaton – Cups (When I’m Gone)

She’s had some tough times recently with her family. They lost their house and Ria works as an ear piercer at the mall. 2 chairs: Shakira and Blake (again)

Ria Eaton chooses Team Blake Shelton (OMG Blake again!)

Cierra Mickens – Crazy

She’s from Alaska! 3 chairs: Shakira, Blake and Usher. Shakira gives her a hug!

Cierra Mickens chooses Team Shakira

Tyler Montgomery – I Wish

People are always surprised to hear him sing because he has a raspy voice and he’s a country boy. His father died in a fire.

No chairs

Alaska and Madi – Barton Hollow

They met in the organization called the American Kids. Blake won the American Kids singing contest.

Alaska and Madi choose Team Blake Shelton

Ddendyl – Stand By Me

She lives in a town in New York where there are more cows than people. Her dad plays bagpipes. She’s now a lounge singer in DC. One chair from Shakira.

Ddendyl is on Team Shakira

Theresa Payne – Crazy Right Now

No chairs

Bryson Dunn – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

No chairs

Brea Teel – We Don’t Need Another Hero

No chairs

Josh Kaufman – One More Try

He’s 38, a father and a musician. He tutors on the side.


Josh Kaufman chooses Team Adam Levine


Artist Adam Shakira Usher Blake
Kat Perkins Push Push Push
Gabi Ramirez
Paula Deanda Push Push
Jake Barker Push Push Push
Tess Boyer Push
Josh Murley Push
Austin Ellis Push
Cali Tucker Push
Luke Cooper
Ria Eaton Push Push
Cierra Mickens Push Push Push
Tyler Montgomery
Alaska and Madi Push Push
Ddendyl Push
Theresa Payne
Bryson Dunn
Brea Teel
Josh Kaufman Push Push Push Push

Bold indicates winning coach

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