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This is VIX – The Voice of American Idol X Factor!

The results of the Top 6 are in: Chris Rene has been eliminated. Since there is no judges’ save, he’s out. We now have an all-female Top 5! Woohoo!

For this round we will go to The X Factor rules again. Double elimination to determine the Final 3. Lowest votes is eliminated automatically. Our panel of judges will select who goes home from the next 2.

Theme: Music Videos!

Please watch the videos and vote after. You can vote for as many singers as you want but only once. Good luck to your favorites! We’re finally getting an all-female final with been craving for years!


Pia Toscano – This Time

Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does

Melanie Amaro – Respect (Pepsi King’s Court)

Dia Frampton – The Broken Ones

Haley Reinhart – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I Vote For…

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Voting ends at 6 PM Thursday

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jeffreychrist moderator

There isn't even a contest here. Come on!


rickey you start the poll for xfactor vs idol vs voice now you forget about it and didnot close it and you wasting our time to vote .


rickey when are you going to close the poll for xfactor vs idol vs voice (melanie vs scotty vs javier)?


It's too low for zero to have used Melanie's Pepsi commercial.


I'd never seen/heard Dia's song. That was awesome!

Rickey moderator

@simaikhaw I'll close it at the end of this contest. Scotty already won that one, unless there's some come from behind vote. His fans invaded that post. I'm kinda disappointed because they didn't even become regular readers of the blog and just came here for that poll. It really doesn't reflect the tastes of the regular readers of to be honest.

Klope62 moderator

@ddevlin11 :D ..I saw a random person post it on Facebook awhile ago.