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VIX – Top 5 – Results

This is VIX – The Voice of American Idol X Factor!

The Top 5 results are in.

The X Factor rules and a double elimination to form our Top 3.

Here we go:


The person with the lowest votes is: Lauren Alaina!

Lauren Alaina is eliminated.

Haley Reinhart is safe!

Pia Toscano is safe!

Who will the judges save? Dia Frampton or Melanie Amaro?

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The Votes:

JeffreyChrist saves Melanie
Noelle saves Melanie
Howard saves Melanie
Gabe saves Melanie

Melanie Amaro is safe!

Dia Frampton is eliminated!

Oh no! We did not get the Haley vs. Dia finale!

Anyway, our Top 3 Finale is between Haley, Pia and Melanie. Will post the poll tomorrow morning!


[polldaddy poll=”5969789″]

If the judges sent it to deadlock, Melanie would have gone home!

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