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The Vampire Diaries is back! After yet another hiatus, season four kicks it into high gear with an epic trip to the senior prom. Read on for the full recap of The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 19 “Pictures of You.”

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The episode starts us off with a trip down memory lane that reopens wounds that were literally just starting to heal. I was completely not ready to watch another tear-filled goodbye to Jeremy, but that’s what the opening scene delivers. Bonnie visits Jeremy’s grave, but then he visits her in person begging her to wake up. Turns out Bonnie is dreaming the whole thing and her blanket is actually on fire in real life. Some wake-up call, eh?

Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah have a kind of dysfunctional family meeting regarding the cure, where both Rebekah and Klaus make arguments as to who should actually get it. Rebekah wins in the end, but only if she can spend a day as a human without abusing any of her vampire powers. She takes Elena for a trip shopping where they just happen to bump into Bonnie and Caroline, the latter of whom is trying on a gorgeous dress for prom. Elena remains rude as per usual, and in the very next scene as she exits her house she is wearing the same dress Caroline left for later pickup.

Damon and Stefan show up as her gorgeous escorts to prom despite Elena’s protesting. For just a split second when they arrive at the prom, it looks like Elena might be having a breakthrough with her emotions. Pictures of her with Jeremy and her on the first day of school certainly look nostalgic, but Elena quickly mutters about how bored she is getting looking at the photos. Fail. Everyone tries to get through to her emotions once Elena arrives at prom, but she remains just as stiff and bitchy as ever. Damon tries to bring up the emotions she shared with him, but she concedes that it was only the sire bond that created the feelings. Bonnie even tells Elena that she has not given up on her and her friends still love her, and Elena answers like a classy lady by shooting down Bonnie in probably the meanest way possible. Stefan shares a very intimate moment with her which made me squeal like a fanboy. He recreates a moment when they danced together, trying to fish up her emotions. No go.

Caroline shows up to Klaus and begs him to fish out a worthy dress for her to wear to prom since Elena stole hers. He obliges with a pretty sly smile. I don’t care how or when but this coupling seriously needs to happen! Bonnie is so upset from Elena’s backstabbery that she takes a moment to herself outside of the prom and is surprised to see Jeremy in a tux, looking fine as hell. They have a nice dance and a nice moment… up until he reveals himself to be Silas, anyway. Hey, if Silas was always Jeremy would he really be so bad? I doubt it. Rebekah asks Matt if he thinks she would make a good human, a response which should speak for itself when you consider all the terrible things Rebekah has done. She still remains one of my favorite characters on the show no matter. Caroline plays nice when she sees Elena at prom despite what’s really in the back of her mind (and her dress is gorgeous too, in case anyone cares.) When Caroline has an alone moment with Stefan, he admits to her that all this effort to bring back Elena’s emotions has brought back some emotions for him in a big way.

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Rebekah simply asks everyone’s least favorite character April if she can change up the ballots to make her prom queen, but when the plank of wood refuses, Elena rushes her and scares April away. Despite wanting to be prom queen, Rebekah doesn’t want any help from Elena especially since she’s trying to be such a good human and all. Meanwhile Elijah tries to reason with Klaus by handing over the white oak stake, which doesn’t do much for Klaus since his main concern at the moment is Silas. Klaus even threatens to kill Katherine if Elijah won’t give him the cure, refusing to give his brother a moment’s worth of happiness. So much for that peace offering…

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Rebekah kind of guilts Matt into dancing with her, which is actually okay because she’s really not THAT bad. Sometimes. Kind of. She admits to liking Matt… a lot… but more eloquently and without straight-up saying it. Damon is all mopey and so is Caroline due to her lack of Tyler, so the two kind of pull a “misery loves company” routine and mope together. For a couple of minutes, anyway, since Bonnie shows up right after. She tells the group about Silas (a conversation that Elena lovingly overhears) and before anyone can get their footing, prom queen and king are announced: it’s Bonnie and Matt! Matt I can understand, but Bonnie? Who was voting in this school, honestly. Rebekah is kind of bummed that she lost, and Elena catches on quick because she vows to get rid of Bonnie for her.

Caroline is back at home and… SURPRISE! Tyler is there. They share a dance, and all is good for that small moment in time. Damon continues drinking the night away outside, staring at some pictures of Elena (the prom theme is rather nice, isn’t it?) when Stefan rudely interrupts and stabs him. It’s not actually Stefan, but Silas, who apparently had fun taunting both brothers just to get the message through to them to stay away from Bonnie. Elena goes to make her move on Bonnie when she is alone behind the stage curtain, but Bonnie uses her powers and they quickly spiral out of control, making the lights go all wonky and some wind rush in. Bonnie runs away, but April is an unlucky casualty to Elena’s torment. Elena bites her then leaves April in Matt’s arms to die, running after Bonnie.

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It turns out Rebekah is the only vampire nearby who can save April or else she’ll die (ask yourself: would this really be such a big loss?), so she does something human for Matt and actually saves April. Jeremy-Silas begs Bonnie to let him help her control her powers because they are growing far too strong and will soon be too much for her to handle altogether. Right as he disappears (after car alarms go off and wonky stuff happens), Elena bites Bonnie in the neck bigtime. Bonnie’s neck heals and Elena falls to the ground as if something poisonous or vervain-like was in Bonnie’s blood. Bonnie quickly loses control and starts breaking Elena’s bones. Stefan and Damon arrive just in time to save the day and before Bonnie really starts to get creative on Elena. What is in Bonnie’s blood now? What has she become? When Damon holds Elena, Stefan uses a vervain syringe on her, effectively putting her out of commission at least for the time being.

Matt is thankful to Rebekah for saving April and even promises that he won’t tell anyone she used her vampire powers. He even admits that maybe she wouldn’t make the worst human after all. Klaus comes out of the woodwork and tells Rebekah he heard/saw the whole thing, which conveniently happens as soon as April and Matt are gone. As Klaus toys with Rebekah to distract her from returning to Elijah, Silas poses as Rebekah and actually gets the cure from Elijah. As soon as the real Rebekah calls Elijah, it becomes immediately apparent that he gave away the cure to Silas-Rebekah instead of real Rebekah. This isn’t the final time this episode that Klaus appears from out of the woodwork…

Tyler and Caroline dance their final dance together and he bids her farewell because he’s fearful of who may discover them together. Cue: Klaus. He lets Tyler get away, but just barely. I was so sure this confrontation would end in death, but perhaps the writers didn’t want to clump two huge deaths together in such a short period of time? Tyler hasn’t been much of a presence this season, so I was expecting him to bite the bullet tonight.

Stefan and Damon ditch Elena in the basement (AKA the holding spot when anyone misbehaves) and the two of them realize something: Elena finally showed emotion through fear when Bonnie tried to kill her. Thusly, that might be the only way to get her to turn her emotions back on. Klaus gets a letter from Katherine telling him that a witch is plotting a move against him in New Orleans and he should head out there immediately because this witch is a much bigger threat than Katherine. Cue: pilot for the Originals spinoff. I’m so ready!

Despite all episode long resisting Silas, Bonnie hunts him down, probably because of how badly she felt about the situation with Elena. This time, Silas doesn’t hide his face but admits to her that he was left this way by a witch so “no woman could ever love him.” We get a small glimpse of his hideous face at the end, which instantly reminded me of Phantom of the Opera for some reason. Can Bonnie just settle with begging him to remain Silas-Jeremy forever? Or at least for once more episode? I’m not done oogling over Steven McQueen just yet.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? How do you think this is all going to play out as we are fast approaching the finale? I loved this episode personally. This season is non-stop thrilling and almost every episode ends in a cliffhanger. Why must you do these things to me?

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