Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Recap – Reunited And It Feels So Good

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1x08

This is it, you guys. We were promised that Alice’s never-ending quest to find her true love, Cyrus, would end tonight. They would finally find each other. But that doesn’t mean the writers aren’t going to throw in a few twists and turns before that happens.

Read on for our recap of the Winter finale of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: Season 1 Episode 8 “Home”.

With the promise of a flashback episode containing like…90% more Cyrus than we usually get, this episode is looking to be the best in awhile. Back in their Happily Ever After time, Cyrus wonders if this life is too much for Alice and whether he’s putting her in danger. To make sure they always have somewhere to come home to, Cyrus creates a hidden room in the middle of a field. It even has a bathtub! There’s no privacy, but still.

Jafar and The Red Queen have had a falling out. Looks like you’re not her “darling” anymore, Jafar. It’s just you and your curling iron, buddy. The Red Queen runs off with Cyrus and his bottle in an attempt to find Alice and flee from Wonderland. The poor White Rabbit (John Lithgow) is along for the ride while his wife (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) and kids are being held hostage in a wagon.

Jafar isn’t going to let them get away that easy. He casts a spell to kill the Red Queen and stop them from leaving Wonderland. This might be easy. They don’t appear to have much of a plan. Thinking that her man will just know to go to their safe place, Alice and Will head for the hidden room. Not long after they arrive, Cyrus and The Red Queen show up.

Finally! Cyrus and Alice are reunited. Longest love story ever.

The curse is approaching and time is running out. The Red Queen begs the rabbit to begin digging a hole but Alice and Will refuse to trust her. She pleads with Will to believe that her deepest wish is to change time so they could be together. Will doesn’t believe her and the curse strikes.

Instead of hitting the Queen, it hits Will. Because of Alice’s first wish, “If the Knave dies, I die”, Alice is dying as well. Will uses the wish he was promised to “end Alice’s suffering”. In doing so, Alice is now alive and Cyrus is also free. What a surprise!

In a twist ending, the bottle has disappeared…and Will is inside. Will is the new genie in the bottle. “Oh, bloody hell.”

At first, I thought this was ridiculous because I thought this was the season finale. But alas, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland will return with new episodes this March. Rumor has it we may be seeing some of our favorites in a certain little town called Storybrooke…

What did you guys think of the Winter finale?

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