Once Upon A Time – Season 3 Episode 16 – Recap: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Zelena is green with envy on tonight’s new episode of Once Upon A Time.

Read on for our recap of season 3 episode 16: “It’s Not Easy Being Green“.

Tonight’s episode is all about the Wicked Witch and just how she became so wicked. Through a set of flashbacks to Zelena’s youth, we learned that Cora (Barbara Hershey) abandoned her as a baby and she was found in a field after falling from a tornado. Her adoptive father despised her wicked powers and used her as a bit of a slave. One day, after learning the truth, Zelena (Rebecca Mader) decided to visit the Wizard of Oz for more information on her family.

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In return for something of Rumple’s, the Wizard gives Zelena a pair of slippers that will send her to meet Rumple. Rumple (Robert Carlyle) is delighted to see her. It was foretold that Cora’s daughter would cast that curse he was so eager to succeed in casting and he wonders if Zelena is the more powerful sorceress. Rumple was training Regina (Lana Parilla) to cast the curse and Zelena is eager to prove she’s the better daughter.

She wants so very much to be the one that Rumple chooses that she begins to turn green. Green with envy. Her jealousy of Regina is too much. It ain’t Regina’s fault! When Zelena tries to kill Regina (which is really just Rumple in disguise) he realizes she’s too emotional for the job. Her love for him is getting in the way.

Zelena travels back to the Wizard with the hopes he can send her back in time to change the past. Well, you know the drill. He’s a big old fraud. But, plot twist! The Wizard of Oz is actually Walsh AKA Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) fiance. She turns him into the flying monkey and sets out on her mission.

In present day Storybrooke, Zelena strolls through town and challenges Regina to an old west style duel. Did anyone else almost hurl from rolling their eyes when Zelena called it the “Wicked West”? Barf.

After learning that Zelena is telling the truth about being her half sister, Regina wonders what she did to piss her off so much. She was born. That’s pretty much it. After realizing a letter Rumple wrote to Cora claiming her daughter was more powerful than her was actually about Zelena, Regina begins to doubt herself. Can she win this showdown?

With a little encouragement from the love of her life, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), Regina shows up to the fight. Turns out what Zelena really wanted was Regina’s heart. Too bad because Regina wasn’t dumb enough to keep it with her. She literally and figuratively, gave it to Robin Hood. After taking David’s (Josh Dallas) courage and now hunting for Regina’s heart, Regina wonders if Zelena is gathering ingredients for a curse.

The viewers know that this is exactly what she’s doing. A second chance curse. With Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) spending time with Henry to tell him stories of Bae, is he the next one to be put in Zelena’s line of fire? The preview certainly suggests so. Watch the preview for “The Jolly Roger” here.

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