Once Upon A Time – Recap: Bring It, Greenie

OUAT 3x13

It’s Wicked VS Evil on tonight’s new episode of Once Upon A Time.

Read on for our recap of season 3 episode 13 entitled “Witch Hunt”.

With the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) settled in to Regina’s castle, the group back in the Fairy Tale Land of 1 year ago (these flashbacks are so confusing!), try to come up with a plan. It’s so nice to see Ruby (Meghan Ory) and the rest of the town again! When they are attacked by another of those crazy flying monkeys, Regina (Lana Parilla) shows her softer side by saving Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) son. Future lovebirds!

She announces that she can go through an underground tunnel in an attempt to destroy the protective shield currently keeping them away from the castle. Robin Hood accompanies her despite her objections and the two bond over their past. Once inside her castle, Regina uses her old potions ingredients to make her own sleeping curse. She wants to cast it upon herself because, without Henry, she has no reason to live. He would be the only thing able to wake her up. Awww.

Regina gets the shield down and her army of Fairy Tale friends moves in on the castle. The Wicked Witch shows up to put a stop on all the fun. Her makeup is still an awful poor shade of green, in case you were wondering. The Wicked Witch or “Zelena” drops a bombshell on Regina when she explains how she’s been able to break her blood magic. She’s her half sister. Ugh. Why is everyone on this show related?? This is one messed up family tree.

However, this now gives Regina something to live for. She has someone new to destroy. “Bring it, Greenie.” Amazing.

Over in present day Storybrooke, the townspeople are concerned when people start disappearing. When Little John is attacked by a mysterious flying creature and then turns into a flying monkey, it becomes apparent that Oz is attacking Storybrooke. But it wasn’t so easy at first.

Regina was the prime suspect and everyone but Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was against her. The two come up with a plan to set a trap for whoever cast the curse on the town. They put the word out that Regina is close to replicating the memory potion in the hopes that this would lure the culprit to break in to her office. Their plan works but the suspect, of course, escapes in a cloud of green smoke.

Regina was unable to recreate the potion so the question still remains: Who gave it to Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) in the first place? A bird with a message to find Emma and the potion visited him on his ship. With both Neal (Michael Raymond-James) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) missing, could they be part of this?

The Wicked Witch is indeed in Storybrooke and she’s got her regular pale skin. She tells Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) that she’s a midwife and offers to help her with her baby. Uhoh. What does she want with Snow?? At the conclusion of the episode, we see her enter a basement and hand someone some food.

Rumplestiltskin is alive and is being kept in a cage. Who else missed the giggle?

Watch the preview promo for episode 3×14 of Once Upon A Time, “The Tower” here.

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