Ugly Betty – Recap – All The World’s A Stage

Betty is back at work and she’s bringing something new with her. A sense of style. Apparently she shopped for one after the fire. Her new non hideous wardrobe is so shocking that it sends Willie to the hospital with an ulcer. That’s a pretty powerful outfit. Even while confined to a hospital bed, Wilhelmina still finds a way to be the demanding diva we all know and love and continues to make sure she gets her way. Not even surgery could get in the way of her ordering Marc around. While at the hospital, an old, sickly, once upon a time big shot old lady gives Wilhelmina a reality check. Does she want to end up like this woman believing she has it all only to be a bitter lonely hag in the end? Of course not. Working for a major fashion magazine simply won’t do and one more time before the series ends, Wilhelmina will try her hand at taking over the world. Or at least Meade publications.

With Wilhelmina out of the picture and unable to stand in Betty’s way, she uses this opportunity to do a profile on a hot up and coming young playwright named Zach. He shows up as his smooth and dreamy self and I think Betty, me, and every other female viewer just fell a little bit in love. During their interview, he comes off rather seductive talking about being impulsive so who could blame Betty when she takes his advice and kisses him? She races out of there mortified by what she’s done, only to be more surprised the following day when he shows up at Mode ready to finish what she started.

He’s a tabloid hunk dating gossip girls, and Betty is worried about her job, so she agrees to go on a secret date with him. I would have smacked her if she said no to him. They date for awhile, thoroughly enjoying the sneaking around part of their romance. Betty wakes up and realizes that there is no reason for her to hide her relationship with Zach. Smart move. I’d parade the hell out of him. Under the impression that Zach is taking his mother to the premiere of his latest play (aww) Betty shows up with flowers to surprise him. Only, surprise! He’s not there with his mom anymore. He brought some hot celeb with him for press. Oh Betty. You should have seen that coming. He did seem so perfect and I’m a little heartbroken for Betty. My pity ends pretty quickly as soon as she knocks him out. Whoa. Go Betty. Who knew you packed such a punch?

Over in Justin land, he’s been a member of an acting class for awhile now, making new friends and branching out. He told Marc he had a crush on a girl named Lily and tonight we finally got to see her for ourselves. She exists! Only Justin’s other friend Austin likes her too. Awkward love triangle. Is it even a triangle? It seems like they all get along for awhile, working together in class and having movie nights. Things take a turn for the awkward when Justin announces to Marc he’s nervous about having his first kiss with Lily on stage. Is the stage the only reason you’re nervous Justin? Or are Austin’s dimples clouding your judgment?

Either way, he goes through with it and their play is a success. Yay for Justin’s first kiss! Justin later walks in on Austin and Lily kissing backstage and he looks heartbroken. Again, I wonder who he’s more hurt about. That gets a bit clearer when Austin and Justin confront each other and gasp. Kiss! Justin and Austin kiss! Yay! Embrace it! I don’t know how someone in neon green pants couldn’t admit this to himself sooner. I always thought Justin was very confident in himself and it was just an unspoken fact within his family. I was surprised when I learned that it wasn’t but I really like how the storyline is playing out. It’s very tasteful and realistic and it really makes you want to just reach out and give him a hug.

We love you Justin! And I want to just say another thank you to Rickey for getting me the shout out from Mark Indelicato. I still love it. I can’t wait for next week when Betty’s braces come off!

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