Twisted – Episode 7 – Video Preview – We Need to Talk About Danny

Here’s the video preview and sneak peek of Twisted Episode 7: “We Need to Talk About Danny” on ABC Family. We love this show!

Twisted 1×07 ‘We Need to Talk About Danny’ – Phoebe’s brother hosts a party at a cemetery, where Jo and Lacey spill a secret while pressuring Danny to open up about what he’s been hiding. Meanwhile, Danny makes a blunder on the soccer team; and a job interview goes poorly for Karen. Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2013 on ABC Family

Sneak Peeks

Things are rough at the Masterson home, but Jo still wants some answers.

Are things still tense between Danny and Archie? Things aren’t any easier with Lacey now in the middle.

Danny and Lacey need to talk… But Danny can’t stop thinking about one thing…

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OMG DACEYY!!! <3 <3 Love them together, they have so much chemistry! Hope the Janny kiss is a dream, because if not he really is a socio, playing them both!!


I think Jo might be the worst character.

NickRoman1 moderator

@Noelle See, I'm the opposite. I'm a total Jo fanboy who doesn't like Lacey, and in saying so, I realize I've offended a sizable contingent of the Twisted fandom in my reviews, so now I feel bad. I mean, I don't HATE Lacey at all, and I like Kylie Bunbury quite a bit, but the last  two episodes just left me with a sour taste in my mouth about her character.

I hope things start to turn around a bit now that the trio is more or less reunited and working on the same page.