TV Listings for Wednesday 03/11/2015 – ‘Survivor’, ‘The 100’ Finale, ‘American Idol’, ‘Empire’

Survivor: Worlds Apart is all-new! But what else is on TV tonight? Here are the TV listings for Wednesday, March 11, 2015:

8:00 PM ET

NICK’S PICK: Survivor: Worlds Apart (“Crazy Is as Crazy Does”) – A hard-working tribe is impacted by a division of labor; a contestant’s strategy ends up backfiring during the immunity challenge. (CBS)

American Idol XIV [LIVE] (“Top 12 Revealed”) – The Top 12 finalists are announced. (FOX)

Melissa & Joey (“Gone Girl”) – Lennox wishes to follow her professor to Colombia; Joe wants Dani to tell her mother about her irresponsible behavior. (ABC Family)

Mob Wives (“Reunion (Part 1)”) – Drita, Renee, Ang, Karen and Natalie sit down to look back at the past season; new accusations and shifted alliances. (VH1)

8:30 PM ET

Baby Daddy (“You Give Real Estate a Bad Name”) – Bonnie competes with her former boyfriend Brad for the right to sell Jon Bon Jovi’s New York penthouse; Danny suspects his new girlfriend may have a better connection with Ben. (ABC Family)

9:00 PM ET

Criminal Minds (“Breath Play”) – The BAU tracks a serial killer in Wisconsin; Kate is faced with trouble when her niece, Meg, starts acting out. (CBS)

Empire (“Sins of the Father”) – Andre starts a musical relationship with Michelle; a woman from Lucious’ past comes back into the picture; Hakeem wants to show his father he’s an artist and a businessman; Cookie gets ready to state her own agenda. (FOX)

The 100 [SEASON FINALE] (“Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2”) – Jaha makes a shocking move; Octavia receives an unexpected visitor; Lincoln gets revenge; Cage puts his mission into action; Bellamy and the group try to break free. (The CW)

Little Women: LA (“New Orleans, New Engagement?”) – While in New Orleans, the group anticipates the arrival of Terra’s boyfriend; Todd and Christy argue after he sides with Briana instead of backing up his wife; the other women are concerned about Briana’s Internet boyfriend. (Lifetime)

Love Thy Neighbor (“Just the Way You Are”) – Hattie throws a surprise party for Linda to make her feel more appreciated by everyone. (OWN)

My 600-Lb. Life (“Joe’s Story”) – An 800-pound man who lost his job and is mostly housebound looks to find the strength to face his past and save his own life. (TLC)

9:30 PM ET

Blackish (“Bloopish”) – Footage from behind the scenes include a tour of the set with members of the cast; previously unseen outtakes and interviews. (ABC)

Mystery Diners (“Private Chef Sting”) – Having already been helped by Mystery Diners in the past, Nico, owner of Capo’s Speakeasy in Las Vegas, contacts Charles to help with a personal problem at his new home. (Food Network)

10:00 PM ET

CSI: Cyber (“CMND:/Crash”) – Ryan and the team look into a roller coaster crash that seems to have been caused by illegal access to the ride’s internal computer. (CBS)

Donnie Loves Jenny [SEASON FINALE] (“Sweet Home Chicago”) – Donnie organizes a McCarthy family reunion at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Ill., which causes Jenny to reconsider where she and Donnie should put down permanent roots. (A&E)

Broadchurch – The people of Broadchurch struggle to come to terms with the devastating turn of events. (BBC America)

The Americans (“Walter Taffet”) – Philip and Elizabeth feel the weight of a new family secret while following up on the KGB’s interests in South Africa; Stan faces struggles both at work and at home; Martha confronts a shocking development. (FX)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (“Frank Retires”) – Frank decides to retire; the foursome begin to plot and plan ways for each of them to take control of the bar. (FXX)

Catfish: The TV Show (“Harold & Armani”) – After a guy finds his match in the same neighborhood, but never meets her, Angel Haze and Nev offer help in getting the couple together. (MTV)

Workaholics (“Wedding Thrashers”) – Adam says goodbye to the single life with Ders and Blake. (Comedy Central)

Hindsight (“Auld Lang Syne”) – Lolly is shocked when she sees Becca and Kevin kiss; Sean wants Paige to be his date at his art show; Becca and Lolly are shaken by a moment at a New Year’s Eve party. (VH1)

10:30 PM ET

Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny – The comic/actress is joined by four hilarious female colleagues for a national stand-up comedy tour beginning in Las Vegas. (A&E)

Man Seeking Woman (“Teacup”) – Leo breaks up with Liz, leaving her to wallow; what’s worse is that she can now empathize with her brother. (FXX)

Broad City (“Coat Check”) – Abbi is determined to return a lost coat; Ilana explores a new romance that feels oddly familiar. (Comedy Central)

11:00 PM ET

Watch What Happens: Live – Singer Shania Twain; actor Penn Badgley (“The Slap”). (Bravo)

E! News – Entertainment news. (E!)

Truce Special – A woman refuses to accept her daughter’s sexual orientation, and their once-close relationship is in danger of being irrevocably ruined. (MTV)

Guy Code – Juggling multiple relationships; being tough; breasts; Tough Mudder. (MTV2)


The Wendy Williams Show (“Spring Fashions”) – Kevin Nealon (AOL’s “Laugh Lessons With Kevin Nealon”); spring fashion trends. (BET)

At Midnight With Chris Hardwick – Brendon Walsh; Emily Heller; Randy Liedtke. (Comedy Central)


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is joined by Hip hop artist and actor Common. (11:00 PM, Comedy Central)

The Nightly With Larry Wilmore welcomes a panel of guests with unique views on pop culture. (11:30 PM, Comedy Central)

Late Show With David Letterman features Actor Kelsey Grammer; Stevie Wonder performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Jimmy Kimmel Live has Actor Liam Neeson; actress Octavia Spencer; AWOLNATION performs. (11:35 PM, ABC)

TV Listings for Wednesday 03112015 - 'Survivor', 'The 100' Finale, 'American Idol', 'Empire'

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